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Khaleja Review

Movie Name - Khaleja Release Date - Oct 7 2010 Cast - Prince Mahesh ,Anushka , PrakashRaj , Kota,Sunil, Ali ,Rao Ramesh, Tanikella,SubbaRaju ,Raghu Babu etc. Story,Screenplay and Direction - Trivikram Srinivas Producer - Singanamalla Ramesh and C.Kalyan Music - Mani Sharma Stunts - Peter Heins and RamLakshman Choreography - Ahmed Khan and Prem Rakshith Lyrics - Rama Jogaih Sastry and Sirivennala Editing - SreekarPrasad( 7 time National Award winner for best editing.Mahesh's Pokiri is also edited by him) Cinematography -Yash Batt ( Winner of the prestigious 2007 Kodak Award for Excellence in Cinematography ) and Sunil Patel(Sunil is claim to fame for his bolly movies HumTum ,Salam Namastey, PyareMohan , Meri Yaar ki Shadhi hain , Bachna yeh hasino etc ) Previewed in  - Reading Cinemas , San Diego Video Source -- Story Line in Precise.... Alluri SeetaRama Raju alias Raju is a Taxi Driver.Unaccidently he meets Subhashini(Anushka) w

Robothetical flick - Robo Review

       Robo....this word is revolving all over the world these days (Enthiran in Tamil and Robot in Hindi ). In my case , my tongue and my mind is having all jiglo conversation with each  other with  Robo songs and dialogues right from the day I watched this movie. Furious to know why..? You may say that arey Bhaiyya..Mein already yeh movie dekha bolke..This is for the folks who haven't watched this movie yaar and for the other folks who watched the Robo just hv a time pass reading about this Rajni's Robo.   Movie Name - Robo Genre - Sci-fi WorldWide Released On  - October 1st 2010 Released under the Banner - Sun Productions Produced By   - Kalanidhi Maran Directed By - Shankar(Turn your page back and try to get his earlier movies like GentleMan , Bharateeyudu , Oke Okkadu , Jeans , Aparichudu , Shivaji etc) Starring - SuperStar RajniKanth , Aishwarya Rai , Danny Denzogpan ( Claim to fame for his bolly movies 16th December , Kranthiveer , Vijaypath , O

Khaleja Update......

Hii folks ...  Recently Sony released official song of Sada Shiva in their Sony player as well as you can hear in the  Radio . Here is the link of the song ....Enjoy folks The  insiders say that Khaleja songs are going to release next week  and  movie is going to release by end of September or October first week . Movie is going to release almost after 3 years . Don't knw hw da movie gonna be....But letz hope for da best folks..... The positive  points in the movie in terms of technicians are  1.Trivikram and Prince Combo. 2.Manisharma Music(Go  bak to the earlier movies of Mahesh...) 3. Gorgeous beauty Anushka (1st time she is acting against Mahesh)  4.Dialogues and Story writtten by Trivikram . 5.Editing By Sreekar Prasad(7 time National Award winner for best editing .Mahesh's Pokiri also edited      by him) 6.Distribution by Geetha Arts 7.Cinematography by Yash Batt ( Winner of the prestigious 2007 Kod

Funny Store Procedure

 Hi folks , today I am posting a funny store procedure , where I got it from  my friend  Shiva who works with me.Hum office mein wrk kam karthe hain..lekin batheein jhyada. lol...Chalo hv fun reading the following Store Procedure . CREATE PROCEDURE MyMarriage Bride_Groom Male (26) , Bride_Female(22) AS BEGIN SELECT Bride FROM India_ Brides WHERE Father-In-Law = 'Millionaire' AND Count(Car) > 20  AND House_Status ='ThreeStoreyed' AND Bride_Status IN (B.TECH ,BE ,Degree ,MCA ,MBA) AND Having Brothers= Null AND Sisters =Null SELECT Gold ,Cash,Car,Bank BalanceFROM Father-In-Law UPDATE MyBankAccout  SET My_Balance = My_Balance + Father-In-Law-Balance UPDATE MyLocker SET My_Locker_Contents = My_Locker_Contents + Father-In-Law-Gold INSERT INTOMyCarShed VALUES('BMW') END GO Then the wife writes the below query:    DROP HUSBAND; COMMIT So boys be prepared and alerted before getting married.The folks who already married..hmm hum tho kuch bhi nahi kar sak

Jago Youngistan

Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed                            - Cicero  Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods                        - Artistotle Hii guyz  ,as today is friendship day I am writing this blog to throw in your minds, what really  friendship means in my approach.After reading this kopidi ka funda , Juz keep u r hand on your heart and think are we going in the right path.So Happy reading Guyz.. Can u imagine a life without friends? Do u think u can be happy? Ofcourse not , u may spend happy life with family , u may share u r sorrows and happy movements with your family. But you cant's share all of the things, itz a  friend who gives you a hand in da case when you are in troubles. Will you get the awareness of  what all the things going in the  life without any friend..? No , right?.Hmm, yeah , I know you  guyz are nodding u r heads. So , I think my statement is tru

Inception Review

Movie Name - Inception Genre - Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Drama/Thriller Released On - July 16 , 2010 Director - Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Fame) Cast - Leonardo Dicaprio , Marian Cotillard ,Ken Watanabe , Ellen Page(Juno fame) , Callian Murphy, Dileep Rao etc Watched At - Ultra Star , San Diego The Plot Cobb(Leonardo) is a specialist,android,intellectual in extracting the ideas from other minds through the method of Inception .The movie is the process of planting Ideas in other minds , hence by the name Inception.Here the guys are made to go into dream , where they have the chance to create a new world or they can go to their yesterdays life  in their dream where ideas are extracted by making to think through sub conscious mind .Some disaster incidents makes Cobb to stay in the dream world . He has the desire of coming back to real life where he wants  to meet his children . Fate comes to him through Ken Watanabe a businessman,who approaches Cobb to implant Ideas on

The Karate Kid Review

Movie Name - The Karate Kid Genre - Action/Adventure Director - Herald Zwart   Producer - Will Smith,Jada Pinkett Smith,Ken Stovitz,Jerry Weintraub Cast - Jaden Smith,Jackie Chan,Taraji P Henson etc Released On - June 11 , 2010 Watched At - Amc Theatures , Mercado

Vedam Review

Hello bloggies , here is my  review on Vedam  . Hope you guyz like it . Movie : Vedam           Banne r : Arka Mediaworks Story,Screenplay,Direction  : Radha Krishna (Gamyam Fame ) Produce r : Prasad Devineni and Shobu Yarlagadda Cast : Allu Arjun , Manchu Manoj , Manoj Bajpayee , Anushka ,Deeksha Seth , Lekha Washington , Raghu babu, Satyam Rajesh etc Music : M.M keeravani Fights : Ram Laxman Watched At : Imc6 Big Cinemas , SanJose , CA What's the story all about? Vedam connects with 5 diffrent people having their own problems . 1.Cable Raju ( Allu Arjun) is a cable operator from slums and he makes Pooja(Deeksha Seth) a rich lady to fall in love with him, so that he feels that he can live happily in the future . 2.Vivek Chakravorthy(Manchu Manoj) is a upcoming futuristic singer,where he has the dream to become a Rockstar. 3.Saroja(Anushka) is a whore who works in the brothel house for the need of the money. 4.Ramulu(nagayya) is a wool weaver (chenetha karmikudu) f

My Weird flight incidents

  Hii guyz , vanakkam . Hw r u guyz ? hoping that andaru(Evrybody) chilling life.This time I am coming up  with topic something refreshing and something  humorous . All this topic is pertaining to my journey in the flight . Chalo  guyz , letz get into it and see what happened to this fantoosh guy. During my first journey in the flight,where I am about to leave  from India  to US, initially I travelled from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,Hyd to Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport,Mumbai in domestic flight. As itz my first flight journey , I  felt much happy and at the  same time I was quite tensed. To be frank, I am unable to put my seat belt tighten , itz a foreigner who helped me out in this factor . I was seated in the middle.To my other side there is a desi. May be he taught in his mind  in this way " Manodu ippude erra bus digi flight ekkutunnadu kavachhu ani (may be dis guy just nw got down from Red bus (RTC bus) and travelling in the flight for first time).This  is the first 

Golimaar Review

Hello Bloggies. I am here to write the review of Golimaar as Reviews dena padtha hain humara bloggies ke liye . Cast GopiChand as Ganga Ram , Priyamani  as Pavithra  , Nazar , Roja Selvamani , Ali , M.S Narayana , Kelly Dorjee  , jeeva etc Banner Sri Sai Ganesh Productions Directed By   Puri Jagannadh Produced By Bellamkonda Suresh Music by Chakri Released On  27th May Thursday Watched At  Big Cinemas IMC6 , San Jose  , CA Story GangaRam (Gopi Chand)  is a orphan who has a dream to become police from childhood .  With his sheer success and hardwork Gangaram becomes Encounter Specialist. His target is to eliminate the gangs of Khaleel ( Kelly ) and Talwar . Pavitra is a event organizer who hates boys always , as its comes from her mother Roja . So , how pavitra falls in love with tough cop and how GangaRam Succeeds in eliminating the bad boys is rest of the story . Artist Perfomance Gopi Chand as tough cop impressed well with his extraordinary performance .His dialogue

KITES Review

Hii guyz , back again this time to fly kites in the sky . Letz see hw kites flies in da sky (lol). Crew Director - Anurag Basu ( Life in a Metro , Gangster fame) Produced By - Rakesh Roshan Music By - Rajesh Roshan Under Banner - Film Krafts Productions Pvt Ltd Cinematography - Ayanka Bose(Tashaan , Dostana fame) Cast - Hrithik Roshan as J , Barbara Mori as Natasha , Nicholos Brown as Tony, Kabir Bedi as Bob, Kangana Ranaut as Gina(Guest Apperance) etc Story Jay(Hrithik) is a green card holder in US where he teaches dance classes and at the same time works as a temporary husband to others for da sake of money.In the dance class , Gina(kangana) a ameer ladki falls in love with Jay . As money plays vital role for Jay , he gets ready to engage with Gina . Unfortunately he falls in love with Natasha(Barbara) a mexican gal who is going to get engage with Nicholas Brown (Tony) . The kites of love blooms between Jay and Natasha . So , what are the consequences they face after they lov

Andari Bandhuvayya Review

MovieName-Andari Bandhuvaiyya Banner-Filmostav & Utopia Direction & Screenplay By -Chandra Siddhartha(AaNaluguru fame) Produced By -Chandra Siddhartha and RK(Angrez fame MAMA) Released On - 14th May 2010 Cast - Sharvanand , Padma Lakshmi , Naresh , VijaySai , RK(mama) etc Watched At - Big Cinemas Imc6 ,San jose . Hi bloggies , hw r u guyz ? Hope evrything is fine . I am back again here to share my review on Andari Bandhuvayya .Chalo guyz feel free and have fun reading the review. So what's da story? Nandu(Sharvanand) is a youngistan who comes from Village to Hyderabad for Job . In the office he meets padma(Padma Lakshmi) who is a niggard(miser) . As by the movie name , nandu wants to help others who are in the need , where he gets the helping nature from his father(Naresh) . So what are the consequences he faced , while helping others is rest of the story . Hmm , So how artist's performed their roles? Sharvanand has done right to his role as a youthie , where his

What's gone wrong in T20 World Cup?

Hii Guyz , you all guyz seems to be disappointed because of poor performances of our boys in ICC T20 worldcup which was held in west indies . So actually what's gone wrong in all of the matches,we can consider the following factors 1.Poor Selection 2.IPL Parties 3.Most of the players doesn't have good fitness. 4.Lack of commitment in the team. 4th can't be considered much ,but all the other 3 factors are for sure ,the reasons behind the failure of our boys . Dhoni confessed that this is all because of hectic schedules in the IPL ,without any rest . Sunil Gavasker , thrown away the Dhoni's statements just as a pranks . He said that , what about the other teams like SriLanka ,which is also part of IPL , and why do they entered into Semis? But regarding the Captaincy ,Sunil confessed that Dhoni is still one of the best skippers in the world . Anil Kumble also rightly stated that ,IPL is the main reason behind the failure of our team .He

Guyz please vote..

Hi guyz, as the American Govt is yet to approve the bill regarding the immigration reforms where foreigners in the US , especially students pursuing Masters has the chance of getting Green Card easily , so as voting is going on for this process , so as a Desi , plz guyz vote for the Green Card Bill... bill/111-h4321/show Thank you Guyz

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Review

Movie Name -->Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Released on - May 12 2010 Watched premiere on May 11 in Serra Theatures, Milpitas , CA Banner Sri Venkateshwara Creations Produced By Shirish Laxman & Dil Raju Directed By Srivaas (Lakshyam Fame) Music By M.M Keeravani Lyrics By - Ananth SreeRam Cast Ram , Priya Anand (Leader fame) , Bindu Madhavi (Avakaya Biryani fame) , Action King Arjun, Nazar ,Vineeth (Vikramarkudu villian) , Brahmanandam ,Srinivas Reddy, Gracy Singh(Guest Appearance) etc . Story Rama Krishna(Ram) is a village junkie who jollies with mischevous things who'z da son of Nazar who seems to be Village head of Gandhipuram . As by the village name ,nazar wants his village to follow Ahimsa rule and wants his son to be in disciplaned manner. So Rama Krishna does the same thing like behaving like a Rama in front of his father and like krishna behind him. Ashok Deva(Arjun) is a Mumbai Don who comes from Mumbai along with his sisters and gets settled down in

100 movies you must watch before you die

Hii guyz ,Just want to say hii 2 all of da bloggies . As I am also a twitteree I do follow CNN IBN's film critic Rajeev Masand . So he pepped a link of 100 movies we need to watch and I am posting here the same link So juz watch all these movies and kick your N.B --> Don't forgot to have a snack while watching the

Telugu Bhasha Pramukyatha(తెలుగు భాష ప్రాముఖ్యత )

  అందరికి శుభవందనం!ఇదేంటి ఈ వెధవ ఇలా తెలుగులోకి మారిపోయాడు ఏంటి  అని అనుకుంటున్నారా? ఎం లేదండి ..జస్ట్ ఫర్ Change ..కొంచెం మార్పూ కోసం ఇలా రాస్తున్నాను అంతేనండి.మన సమాజంలో కొంచెం మార్పూ రావాలి అంటే మనం కూడా మారాలి కదా.అందుకే అలా ఇళయరాజా గాణాలు వింటూ నా గగనయంత్రం(కంప్యూటర్) నుండి ఈ వ్యాసం రాస్తున్నాను.  ఎందుకో ఏమో కానీ చిన్నపుడు బుర్ర పెట్టలేదు ఈ అచ్చులు,హల్లులు,గుణింతాలు ఇంకా వగైరా వగైరా మీద. అందుకే మన తెలుగు బాష మీద ఎంత పట్టు ఉందో తెల్సుకుందామని ఇలా ఈ వ్యాసం తెలుగులో రాస్తునన్నమాట!ఇప్పుడు అర్ధం అయ్యింది అనుకుంటా...ఈ పింజారి వెధవకి మార్పూ ఎందుకు వచ్చిందో(lol)!తెలుగు భాషలో ఉన్న నేర్పు,స్పష్టత,కూర్పు,భావం నాకు చాలా బాగా నచ్చుతుంది.అందుకే అనుకుంట మన శ్రీ కృష్ణ దేవరాయలు చెప్పారు " దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స " అని.నిజమే కదా !       ఎందరో మహనీయులు మన తెలుగు భాష ప్రాముఖ్యత గురించి చాటి చెప్పారు. అప్పటి తరం నన్నయ,తిక్కన నుంచి మొన్నటి తరం గురుజాడ,వీరేశలింగం పంతులు , నిన్నటి శ్రీ శ్రీ నుంచి నేటి సి.నా.రే ,వేటూరి,సిరివెన్నెల మన తెలుగు భాష మ

Yem Maya Chesave(Wt Magic you hv done ?)

hii guyz...recently I watched Yem Maya Chesave..I'm here again 2 share my review on dis movie. Yem maya da name we can analyze..,the title is for sure opted.Earlier Indira productions thaught of keepin diff titles lik jessie etc.Yeah nijangane Samantha(actress)mana andari Boyz ni maya chesindhi.I'm quiet sure amg da 10 boyz ..7 opt Samantha as best as of nw.Mari ala maya chesindhi movie lo.May be datz da reason y she was offered 2 act against Prince Mahesh Babu and Jr.Ntr .She is acting in Brundavanam opp Jr.N.T.R nd unamed proj opp Prince Mahesh. Directed by Verastile,andriot,intellectual person" Gautham Menon "( go 2 flash back,fr his previous movies lik Gharshana(kaka kaka in Tamil),Raghavan,Surya s/o of Krishna ). Produced By Manjula and Swarup under Banner Indira Productions Cast Naga Chaitanya,Samantha,Kriushnudu etc. Special Apperances Puri jagganath,Shimbu,Trisha Music by A.R Rehman Lyrics Ananth Sree Ram Presentation Da story goes around Karth


Hii guyz...,I'm bak again after a lng time.Yest I watched Leader screened in Big Cinemas in SanJose.Here is da review of leader. Cast --Daggubati Rana(Debut),Richa Gangopadhyay(Debut),PriyaAnand(Debut),Suhasini Maniratnam,Suman,Kota,Subbaraju,Gollapudi etc. Productions--AVM Director->Shekar Kammula Music-Mickey J Mayer Wt'z all Leader about? The story goes around ArjunPrasad(Rana), who is son of late CM(Suman),where his last wish is dat he should become CM.Then itz Arjun's turn who faces da challenge.Hw he becomes CM?Hw he faces da tasks and problems from others who tries for da hot seat,Hw he reaches da target to eradicate corruption free state is rest of da story. Presentation Even though Rana is debutant,he acted in such a way dat as if he is experienced actor.Suhasini Maniratnam who plays da mother of Rana ,has done well to her role.As usual Kota fitted in da role as party president. Shekar Kammula ,once again proved dat he is remarkable director.HE showed da sce