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Week Days Connectivity with a Software Techie

        In today's world , the mankind is so connected to advanced technology  in such a way that he is not having enough time to spend with his family or friends or children(all in all relaxation time or what ever you may call),and in most of the cases only  weekends are relaxation hubs for connectivity.I for sure believe that most of them will connect to my statement. Sometimes  my mind makes me to knock with a question like 'How are these 7 week days are connected to a Human Being? So following are the funny connections I made to a Software Techie to week days , have fun reading     1.Moody Monday    Monday Morning will be moody as  weekend gets completed and everybody needs to get set for work.Moody day in the office,obviously that's true for most of the men. 2.Talkative Tuesday                              The Guy just starts to talk with colleagues  and will connects to work.(Before leaving from office he feels that everything is good to go and may be there v