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Hii blog readers....., So after a long gap....I'm writing my new blog.Coming 2 me ,My Life is OK routine life..So that's the reason why my mind haven't captured any new topics to write the blog.So this time I'm here to share the review of KIKK ie Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam starring Siddharth and Tamanna which I watched in IMC6. The Cast includes--> Siddharth Tamanna Nazar Prakash Raj RamyaKrishna Brahmanandam(GachiBowli Diwaker) Coming to story... Sidhhu is kind of spend thrift person who flirts gals.The thing is siddhu's parent's stays apart from each other in diffrent places.Tamanna a typical village girl loves her father very much.She comes to city for her studies,whom she stays wid her friend who seems to be friend of siddhu.As usual love blossoms between Siddhu and Gita.When they approach Gita's father about their proposal, he put's up a protocal, that if Siddhu's parents live together, than only he'll move forward about the proposal.SO