Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My best 2014 Telugu Movies

A hit for me is if I enjoy the movie, if I personally enjoy the movie
-        Ridley Scott

Now that the curtains are almost going down for the 2014 year, I thought of enlisting my favorite Telugu movies I watched in this year.

1 Nenokkadine
The year started with a bang from Math Mentor Sukumar through his 1 Nenokkadine. This movie has given a new rise and hope in Telugu cinema. Breathtaking performance from Mahesh Babu and other cast, Intensive thriller experience made this movie more flamboyance to movie freaks.

2. Race Gurram
Though the movie is commercial flick, but Surender Reddy executed well with gripping story and screenplay. The wonderful story of two brothers (Allu Arjun and Shaam) and lots of laughs from Kill bill Pandey portrayed by Bramhi made this movie watchable by audience.

3. Chandamama Kathalu
Chandamama Kathalu is an amalgamation of eight sub stories to form a complete story. If you used to enjoy reading Chandama stories in your childhood, you will enjoy this movie too. This anthological movie is made by Praveen Sattaru.

4. Manam
Manam is one of the rarest gems made in recent years. Oh my God what should I tell more about this movie? Starring 3 generations of Akkineni family, Director Vikram has made the family drama intensifying and astonishing through Time factor and Eternal Love. This movie is a felicitous sendoff to Akkineni Nageshwar Rao garu. కాలంలో వచ్చిన తెలుగు చిత్రాల్లో ఒక అద్భుత వర్ణం #‎manam ...

5. Oohalu Gusagusalade
Admirer of Woody Allen movies, actor Avsarala Srinivas debuted as director through Oohalu Gusagusalade. This romantic comedy has the spirit of woody allen as Srinivasa Avsarala told. The more interesting part of this movie is Narration of the story and screenplay presence and melodic music from Kalyan Konduri.

6. Drushyam
Though it’s a remake of Jeetu Joseph’s Malyalam movie Drishyam, Debutant director Supriya made the story to keep intact as original. Back to form acting from Victory Venky and perfect family thriller made this movie more laudable. Venkatesh babu acted as good as the original star Mohan lal.

7. Run Raja Run
Short film maker Sujith became noticeable person in Tollywood through Run Raja Run. Though the story is regular but writing and well execution made this movie more impressive. This one is a perfect comeback to Sharwanand. Oh yeah the refreshing music from M. Gibran made this movie a music entertainer too.

8. Oka Laila Kosam
Oka laila kosam is a Rom-Com, as simple as that. Again though the story is regular but the writer & director Vijay Kumar Konda made this more refreshing through tight screenplay.  This one is a debut for lead actress Pooja Hedge in Telugu.

9. Karthikeya
The subject is simple, but good narrative style and curiosity factor gave breath to this movie. This bilingual film (Telugu & Tamil) is made by debutant Chandoo Mondeti. Lead actors Nikhil and Swathi are choosing the right scripts making them more successful in the industry..!

10. Mukunda
The contemporary making of cinema is highly impressive from Srikanth Addala's Mukunda. Interesting conversations and the genuineness of characters reflects to make the movie more magnificent to cinematic lovers.  Debutant actor Varun Tej proved that he is capable of acting. The Year 2014 ended with a delightful watch of Mukunda.

The other movies which I felt as best as the above are Debutant director Prashanth mandava’s Prathinidhi, Sampoornesh Babu starrer Hrudaya Kaleyam from Steven Shankar(Debutant) and Chandra Siddharth’s Emo Gurram eguravachhu. We have seen many debutant film makers and actors in the year 2014. Also many short budget movies tasted great success in Box office. Hoping 2015 will be a great year for Tollywood. I’m looking forward to watch the most awaiting movies I from Shankar and Bahubali from Rajamouli in 2015.

P.S - The movies drafted above are the films I watched. For some reason I couldn’t able to watch some critically acclaimed and positive feedback movies like Ala Ela, Geethanjali, Minugurulu, Naa Bangaaru Talli and Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayya. Going to watch these films once the original DVD’s are released.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Something vs. Nothing

"From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing." 
                                                                                           - Jean de LaFontaine

There is always an act of connection with the adverbs Something and Nothing which behaves in its specific way when associated with Individuals aka Human Beings. We sometimes start like there is Something I need to know about the subject which implies the Curiosity of that Something. At the same time the subject can be said as there is Nothing I knew about the Subject. Yes we can bring the Anything factor here but it implies on act of more dominance but the line of my subject is between Something vs Nothing. Let’s start discussing about it.

So to frame about these two adverbs let me bring the nouns first. There lives two people Something and Nothing. Something always fights and creates a havoc with no appropriate reasons. To put in short Something always does something which is of no use. When it comes to Nothing he knew he can act smart to do Something(optimistic) but he does Nothing.

Ok now let's bring the story into reality. Do you really think people should behave bizarre and do something nonsensical when we are talking about the movie PK.?  The hashtag #boycottPK is trending in Twitter to boycott the movie but if you think in the logical way this movie is satirical humor on absurd people who bring faith and fear to people for their own causes in name of Religion. Other incident where people are beaten up by bringing #Caste and #Religion as point of interest. Accepted if it hurts people bring the subject to the Police in form of complaint for justice. Why do we need to do something which doesn't make rightly justified to support the matter?

So what about Nothing?  Yeah many of us do nothing in action mode to make subject Justifiable and acceptable for the purpose of making the havoc in reduced state. We have seen many muted administrators who haven’t done anything except a few for the sake of country pride and they act as Nothing for the sake of Power and Pride. Common man does do anything keeping the fear as state of mind and withdrawn sometimes keeping the life security as state of subject. Yeah this is called as Nothing.

On a same note I read somewhere that in our Country we have two kinds of people
1.     People who lacks courage (Nothing)
2.     People who identify the loopholes and take advantage(Something)

So whatever is the matter Nothing and Something always follow the path towards advantage line to make selfish more of rising than bringing it down. From school days I learnt that Something is the strong impact factor applied in our brains. Our parents/Teachers/Elders say that I should do Something which makes the country Proud. But the fact to be known is we are using this Something more for our self-comfort in wrong path. Yeah I also read that we shouldn't do anything until we know the subject or we are confident enough to that. And so the Nothing factor came into existence.   

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Friday, December 19, 2014

PK is all about praising!

When there is always a movie from Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan the excitement flows to make me eagerly wait and watch the movie. Not to mention they have already tasted the success mantra through 3 Idiots. The wait is over at last as I got a chance to watch the beena ek boondh bhi nahi peene wala Peekay alias P.K. Raj Kumar Hirani is always known for bringing the satirical humor in his films.  He brought the same act of satirical humor in PK too. Story can't go into vein when you make it with sense and humor. Sometimes to be smart we need to think smart and so here is the amazing Script from Raj Kumar Hirani and Amith Joshi. Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan as PK is aleinic,whimsical, freakish with the confused looks, jocose,cheerful with his paan ki mitas ka bhojpuri wala talk and wanderer, nomad, traveler with his fast moving acts. Anushka as Jagat Janani is witty, tomboyish and bizarre sometimes.  The Cameo performances from Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput is compelling and connecting to the story. Cinematography from CK Muriladharan is classy. Music from trio oops actually four Ajay-Atul, Shantanu Moitra and Ankit Tiwari is pleasant and so the lyrics from Swanand Kirkire is pleasing. Oh God! Please stop me here. Am I here to praise about the movie or write something about this movie? I don't easily write something about the movie until and until I absorb the movie. I absorbed the movie so deep that all I am doing now is praising, praising and praising. The start of the year 2014 is kicked off with the impressive performance from Kangana Ranaut in Queen and now its Aamir Khan's who amazed me at the end of year 2014. Hope my predictions are accurate if I say the best performers of 2014 are Aamir Khan for PK and Kangana for Queen (Wait for the Film-fare next year!).  What will be the excitement and fun for you guys if I write the hint of the story here? Go and watch in your nearest theaters to experience the absolute classic piece from Raj Kumar Hirani.

You can watch the Trailer here 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Intelligence of Interstellar

I know many people wrote or discussed on Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Interstellar from the day one it released. Thinking of what to write now……Ok, I am writing for the sake of myself to enlighten the passion of my excitement when I came out of the cinema hall. I believe in the fact that when I watch Nolan movies I assume to think as Nolan. This is a fact to be known as there are many assumptions we need to be assumed in the process of random thoughts arrival after watching the movie. I felt the same after watching the Interstellar. During the Inception release I was not mature enough to think and get the advance sci-fi but I am happy I gained both knowledge and ecstasy to know the reason behind the incidents happened during the story telling process. There may be many How’s, Why’s and What’s that arise after Interstellar but most of them I got clarified based on assumptions I made and some known facts I came  from other journals and blogs. Like many other people Science is not my cup of tea to understand the relativity principle or the Space terms. No wonder why the daughter of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) was named as Murphy (Jessica Chastain).I read Murphy’s Law, Morse code in my school days but learned again through Interstellar. Though enjoyed the Visual effects of Space, Village, Wormholes and other scientific objects of space, I am in a state of half known dude when coming to understand the logic and complexity of the film. The curiosity factor made me to go through many explanations and discussions on Interstellar in many other websites and journals that helped me to feel amazed. Nolan apart from keeping the subject (Regarding the Space) alive also built the emotional characters of Father – Daughter bond. Yes the Cooper/Murphy, Prof Brand (Michael Caine)/Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) relationship and emotional binding tells the Father – Daughter love.  Wait am I missing something here? Yes I felt amazed and thrilled with reference to Time dilation factor, 5 dimensional spaces over 3 dimensional, Wormhole, Black hole etc. Yes apart from the amazing visionary experience in the IMAX, the background music from Hans Zimmer is exceptionally good. I watched the movie in the morning, had a good lunch and came back home. The first thing I done after reaching home is opened YouTube and searched for Hans Zimmer Interstellar soundtrack. I hope this explains the beauty of Hans Zimmer music. This movie wouldn’t fall in the hands of Christopher if the script was not in the hands of Jonathan Nolan through Producer Lynda Obst and Theoretical Physicist Kip Thorne.  Combined with Christopher Ideas along with Jonathan Nolan helped the script to be well written by the brothers. Do I know the names of Kip Thorne or Lynda Obst if I don’t read about Interstellar or watched the Interstellar?  Yes Lynda Obst is the executive producer of the Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey starrer Contact which is again a Science Fiction movie. (No, I don’t know about the Contact Movie. I should watch it soon).  I wouldn’t have heard about or known the word bootstrap paradox if I missed the Interstellar. Whatever said, there may be unknown answers or loopholes but I still feel this one as great movie and I am reconsidering myself to watch again to analyze and understand the ooh effect that I learned from other websites, blogs and Social Network discussions about this movie.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

నాలోని నేను - Part 1

: 7:00 ... పక్షుల కిలకిలలు
               ఉదయించే రాగాలు
           Jazzy Beats...Wake up from the morning dreams అనే తరహాలో వచ్చే హాయి అయిన సంగీతం .. అదే నా Phone Alarm!
అంత మంచి సంగీతానికి స్పందించక .. ఫోన్ ని మళ్ళి  snooze లో పెట్టి పడుకునే నిద్దురను నేను.
ఊహ లోకానికి దగ్గరగా ఉంటూ .. ఉషోదయాన్ని ఆస్వాదించే ఆశని నేను!
కోయిల కూతను ఆనందించే గాలి పటాన్ని నేను
ఎన్నో కళలను  అభిమానించే అభిమానిని నేను!
ఎన్నో తీపి స్మృతులకి తియ్యని కావ్యాన్ని నేను
నా లోని అంతరంగానికి అవకాశమివ్వక .. ప్రతి రోజు పరుగులు తీసే  అవకాశవాదిని నేను!
తప్పును ఓర్వలేని పంతాన్ని నేనే!
తప్పును తెలుసుకునే ప్రాశ్చతాపాన్ని నేనే!
లోకానికి బెదరని భావ పౌరుడు అనే భ్రమలో ఉన్న 
కంటికి కనపడే కన్నీటి ధారను నేను!  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Laughter vs Happiness

Happiness does not depend upon what you have or what you are; It solely relies on what you think
                                                                                                                                              - Buddha 

Where can you find happiness? Listening to music or loving to do your own art. Imagine yourself being isolated without any thoughts. It's hard to stay yourself without thoughts. What is the best way we attain the prosperity of happiness and enigmatic energy to lead the life? Well it lies in our perception in what way we want to walk to the path.  Though happiness and laughter are synonyms but sometimes there is too much variance and difference between them when we bring good and evil respectively. Happiness is the true way of being jovial, trying to get the peace of serenity through our senses. Whereas laughter can be satirical with more nonsense and more pain. That laughter is attained in devils mind but happiness is attained from a true human being who is a true believer of benevolence of kindness and spirited enigma. Sometimes laugh can be worse to give pain to the innocents. Happiness is non volatile that spreads the purity of joy throughout the world. This post may seems to be nonsensical in obtaining the reality of understanding the truth of Happiness vs. Laughter.  This world has become more cosmopolitan forgetting the culture of human kind essence. OK let's make it simple. You don't need be over smart and being shallow in understanding others. There is no need for you to laugh at  others by showing sarcasm. You will not get any happiness when you mock and laugh over women and vice versa. Well you may get some understanding on the current context of the topic. I am not here to give any great understanding on what I am presenting. All the thoughts are just flew randomly and I hope there is a sense of understanding on the essence of this subject. I smile and laugh with purity in my mind and gratitude from heart to attain the happiness when I write this kind of writings. I hope you attain a healthy happiness and lovable laugh to show what mankind really means.

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