PK is all about praising!

When there is always a movie from Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan the excitement flows to make me eagerly wait and watch the movie. Not to mention they have already tasted the success mantra through 3 Idiots. The wait is over at last as I got a chance to watch the beena ek boondh bhi nahi peene wala Peekay alias P.K. Raj Kumar Hirani is always known for bringing the satirical humor in his films.  He brought the same act of satirical humor in PK too. Story can't go into vein when you make it with sense and humor. Sometimes to be smart we need to think smart and so here is the amazing Script from Raj Kumar Hirani and Amith Joshi. Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan as PK is aleinic,whimsical, freakish with the confused looks, jocose,cheerful with his paan ki mitas ka bhojpuri wala talk and wanderer, nomad, traveler with his fast moving acts. Anushka as Jagat Janani is witty, tomboyish and bizarre sometimes.  The Cameo performances from Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput is compelling and connecting to the story. Cinematography from CK Muriladharan is classy. Music from trio oops actually four Ajay-Atul, Shantanu Moitra and Ankit Tiwari is pleasant and so the lyrics from Swanand Kirkire is pleasing. Oh God! Please stop me here. Am I here to praise about the movie or write something about this movie? I don't easily write something about the movie until and until I absorb the movie. I absorbed the movie so deep that all I am doing now is praising, praising and praising. The start of the year 2014 is kicked off with the impressive performance from Kangana Ranaut in Queen and now its Aamir Khan's who amazed me at the end of year 2014. Hope my predictions are accurate if I say the best performers of 2014 are Aamir Khan for PK and Kangana for Queen (Wait for the Film-fare next year!).  What will be the excitement and fun for you guys if I write the hint of the story here? Go and watch in your nearest theaters to experience the absolute classic piece from Raj Kumar Hirani.

You can watch the Trailer here 

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