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 The rays of ride…the shine of hope…The dawn days they are..
Tring Tring...
Cycle bells are ringing…Birds are chirping
little baby in our neighbor house is in lullaby
Sunday sunshine made my friends to come early

The greenery trees…Flora of grass with tiny flowers...Perky pitch..
Time to play cricket with dearly..Flow of heat quickening the body
Made to realize bit of sweat as I’m running badly…
Hurray we won

Cheering crowd..Wisecracking whistles…Dazzling dances it is...
Movie madness made us to catch the cinema.
We are on the edge of the seats to sense the drama.
Larkish mind and biting teeth trying to catch the enigma..
Hola we had fun
Fear flows...tension turmoils...
This sudden occurrence is due to my failure in examination
All the fun went to vein…The flow of blood is in ignition
Last day (Tomorrow) for the progress report submission
Recollected the warnings from the Teacher
and also Scolding’s and beatings earlier form the father.

The poise of prayers…The divine of eternity
Ohh Lord Save me...Shouted Rohan with cry
Man Proposes and God Disposes…
Make a wish my child asks the Almighty..
Please sign my progress report which matches my father signature responses the child

Floating in the dreams...With the waves of happiness
Rohan… Wakeup... Wakeup…
(Vociferous voice waking me up)...Get me the progress card ….
(Oh No’s a dream)I'm waking up; I felt the fear in my bones
Being myself an Idiot..received the treat(scoldings from father) all I want  

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  1. Beautiful flow in the poetry and glimpse of all the wishes of childhood. Nice one.

    1. Thank you Binzy for u r grateful words. Childhood memories are always nostalgic to remember again and again..

  2. isn't that what we all wished for!!! nice!

    1. The reminiscence of revisiting to older memories is always refreshing to our mind...Thank you

  3. I always wished for that to happen and rarely it did !

    ATB for BAT :)

    1. May be you are too Intelligent Rahul,so no need to make a wish..:).Thank you for your words..Keep visiting....

  4. nice one.. childhood revisited :)
    All The Best :)

  5. flawless poetic verses,great job

    1. Thank you for u r lovable comment. It means a lot to me..Just testing my waters in the poetic version of writings. Hope I didn't bored the readers..;) :)

  6. oh all those little childhood wishes just came to life.. lovely :)

    1. Yes those childhood memories are always haunting which are priceless movements. Thank you for your comment and welcome to Lost In Thoughts...I'm glad you liked it....:)

  7. Areyy very nice, enjoyed it thoroughly :) Very nicely composed :)

  8. Oh! that's so sweet and full of innocence :)
    Enjoyed it thoroughly dear... all the best! :-)

    1. @Simran -- Welcome to Lost In Thoughts. Thank you for your grateful words...Keep visiting..:)

  9. Full of childish innocence...
    Nice work!

    All the best for BAT!

    My entry:

  10. I like it! Very novel poem!
    Specially the 1st 3 stanzas brought smile on my face :)

    1. Thank you for u r valuable comments.I tried my best to make sure have appropriate stanzas to coordinate each other..:):)

  11. Replies
    1. @Asteria Thank You. Yes we always feel nostalgic of the sweet memories of the childhood days that spark everyday....


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