Chennai Express

Cast - Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, SatyaRaj, Priyamani(Special Appearance  in 1 2 3 4 song) etc
Director - Rohit Shetty
Produced by - Gauri Khan, Ronie Screwala, Siddhart Roy Kapoor
Studio - Red Chilli Entertainments
Music - Vishal Sekhar
Release Date - 08/09/2013 (Released on EID)

Deepika Padukone debuted in Om Shanti Om with Shahruk Khan. Now after 6 years the duo paired again in Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express. A Typical DDLJ type of movie but in southern style. Rohit Shetty want to prove his southern spice like the way he made Singam and iska baap Singam 2. But I think Rohit lost his pace in terms of action sequences. Is Southern cinema is really blunt of making those kind of typical south movies. yes it was used to where hero fights even though villain makes him to die like nuts still Hero wins. Rohit just following his principle of commercial elements. There are still some south directors who wants to apply rules based on commercial elements rather than subject and pioneer effects. Pity that we still have those kind of commercial minded directors in south esp Tollywood.

Songs are not like regular Shahrukh khan type. Only songs which are haunting are the Deepika's /Shahrukh's melodic song titli from the Voice of Chinmayi and gopi sundar. Priyamani's  special appearance song 1 2 3 4 get on the floor has some ravishing tunes and steps to dance on the floor. Shahrukh is known for his acting but this time its Deepika Padukone who overshadowed Shahrukh khan here. Finally to say that how is the movie, it is reliable to say that there are many express trains( Action,Emotion,Drama, Horror) but Sharukh this time want to apt comedy express and Chennai Express is what it is.   



  1. first i wonder why he became friend with salman that's because he was allowed to release chennai express in eid so that people can come and pay money for this lame movie, chota bheem on pogo is having good story than chennai express

  2. Nice review..


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