Tuesday, December 23, 2008

India Ranked 2nd in ICC tests

The Indians celebrate their series victory, India v England, 2nd Test, Mohali, 5th day, December 23, 2008

After series win against England India moved up to Rank 2 in the ICC test ratings with 118 points after Australia who is ranked 1 in the ICC test ratings with 130 points.Alternatively after
the magic win of South Africa against Australia in Perth test  made SA to move to 3rd position with 117 points.Now the question is who is going to move down Aussies down..
Whether India or SA...,future decides it.
The following is Updated as of Dec 23 2008

South Africa
Sri Lanka
West Indies
New Zealand

Anyway India played 15 tests this year ,the most tests by any country within the year.
SA stood 1st this year with 71% winning rate and Aus stood 3rd after Sa and India.
India has a unique record in Eng tests with 4 batsmen crossing 1000 runs with in a year
when Gambhir crossed 1000 runs in 2nd test against Eng.

Indian batsmen who crossed 1000 runs within a year ..
1.Sachin Tendulkar

2.Gautham Gambhir


Monday, December 1, 2008

Tribute to all heroes

It's really tragedic incident in mumbai on 26/11/08 when terrorists attacked on mumbai.Not only mumbaikars got angry ,but whole India,indeed we have to say that whole world got angry.
How many times we the innocent people bear such kind of bloody incidents.
We don't know when ,where blasts going to take place...yesterday there were blasts on banglore,hyderabad, jaipur etc, today they attacked on Mumabi...Where it happens in future?
Whom should we blame for this incidents? Everybody point their finger onGovernmant.Ofcourse they are, everytime begging for votes,quaralleing with opposition and not concentrating on development.That's the reason why our country is still a developing country but not developed country.Indeed we should point our finger to ourselves for this incident.If we choose right person who always stands on public,then we may not face such kind of incidents. I don't know why always new govt blames on opposition for development and vice versa.In every incident politics is involved,whether it is releated to it or not? If police force is assigned to the tasks on their own ,and make it as an independent zone instead of everytime involving politics, whole system will be changed.
Today a common man is getting fear to go outside to hangout with his family.If police force always busy in scheduling ,monitoring the politicians ,then who will take care these common people.So whole system has to be changed.The police force has its own guts and can tackle these kind of situations,if politcs is not involved.Take example of NSG ie those commandos who successfully completed the operation bravely entering into Taj hotel , Narmen house and saved lot of foreigners and others by sacrificing their lives.

As an Indian let's all pay tribute to the heroes who struggled against terrorism
starting with (Sorry guys....I'm doin plagarism....I got a mail frm my friend I'm putting that mail here...wch is following)

1.Hero's death : Tribute to ATS Chief Hemant Karkare

He wore a helmet, talked on his cellphone and finally put on a bullet-proof jacket before he met his deathly fate in the country's biggest terror seize.Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare, who was probing the Malegaon blasts case, suffered three bullet injuries in his chest as he was leading the offensive against the terrorists in one of the places the ultras had holed out early in morning.The last television visuals of the 54-year-old officer showed him in a light blue shirt and dark trousers surrounded by uniformed policemen armed with firearms and walkie-talkies.Incidentally, the Pune ATS on November 26 reportedly received phone calls threatening to blow up the residence of Karkare "within a couple of days".Originally from Madhya Pradesh, Karkare studied mechanical engineering in Nagpur and worked at the National Productivity Council and Hindustan Lever before making it to the IPS in 1982. Known to be an upright officer who served in the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as well as the Indian mission in Vienna, Austria, as a counselor, Karkare did not hide his love for Mumbai or his discomfort with the predominantly political-bureaucra tic culture of Delhi where he was posted.

He had proved himself in many incidents before.His life is a true example of being a honest hero proving to be a example for the youth.
2.Vijay Salaskar: Life and death by the gun
He was said to be the last of Mumbai's encounter specialists until a hail of bullets brought him down on Wednesday. He is supposed to have killed nearly 80 alleged gangsters.
A 1983 batch officer, Salaskar started off as a sub-inspector. But his ability to sniff out criminals quickly made him a favourite with the police top brass, who used him and other cops to get rid of many underworld criminals.
His first encounter was in 1983, when he shot dead one Raja Shahabuddin, who had a number of cases against him. Gangsters like Amar Naik, Jaggu Shetty, Sadhu Shetty, Kundan Singh Rawat, Zahoor Makhanda ended up as statistics in Salaskar's growing encounter list.
In 1997, he was accused by underworld don Arun Gawli of trying to eliminate him in a fake encounter after the cop gunned down his aides Sada Pawle and Vijay Tandel. Gawli went to the extent of writing to the government that Salaskar would bump him off in a fake encounter. But Salaskar did not face any departmental proceedings. He, however, was frequently in the news for alleged fake encounters.

3.Ashok Kamte-he dared to dare
Daring, but with an exceptionally cool head made Ashok Kamte an excellent negotiator in crisis situations -- a quality for which he was summoned late Wednesday night to deal with terrorists holed up in Mumbai buildings.
Kamte, a 1989 batch IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre, who died fighting terrorists near Mumbai's Metro cinema, was one of the brightest of his batch, and one of the few officers who dared to take on challenges directly.
Having undergone special training for negotiating hostage situations, Kamte was chosen to tackle one of the worst crisis faced by the financial capital of the country.
The Mumbai Police specially summoned him to undertake the operation at Metro Cinema near Cama Hospital in the city where he laid down his life fighting terrorists along with encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar.
Deputy Commissioner of Police in Mumbai, Kamte was a key officer in the state police. He had also served as the Commissioner of Solapur where he became a hero among locals.
This great people of maharashtra police sacrificed their life for DHARMA indeed being honest to their post and people.

and following

4 Shashank Shinde (P.I.)
5 Tukaram Hombal (A.S.I.)
6 Nanasaheb Bhosle (A.S.I.)
7 Baburao Bodvaje (P.S.I.)
8 A.R.Chitte (P.S.I)
9 M.C.Chaudhari (Rail Police)
10 Jaywant Patil (Police Constable)
11 Ambadas Pawar (Police Constable)
12 Vijay Khandekar (Police Constable)
13 Yogesh Patil (Police Constable)
14 Sandeep unnikrishnan
& many more

May u r souls rest in peace...Come on lets all salute them for their bravaries........................

We Salute you.....Mera bharath Mahan.......................

Friday, November 21, 2008

Trip to Stinson beach

Trip on- 11/19/2008                                                                                                                           After coming to US, for the first time I had a good trip from past 3months.I along with my friends went to Stinson beach.Firstly I should thank Birthday boy Vishal&Co (for arranging this trip) and Hasti Raju(As he was out for the trip for some circumstances,so I was opted).
                                                           Zigzag roads on the way
HISTORY                                                                                                                                      Stinson Beach, California is an unincorporated community in Marin Country, California, on the west coast of the United States. The population of the Stinson Beach CDP (Cesus Designated Place) was 751 at the 2000 census.It's near important attractions are Muir woods National monument, Muir Beach and Mount Tamalpais .It has a long beach with occasional opportunities for surfing, although the water is cold and fog is common throughout the year.
Hilly Area in Stinson Beach

Stinson beach is about 2hr drive from sunnyvale where I 'm located through car.Stinson Beach is about a 30-minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge. On our way to stinson beach we faced a 10 mile distance road in zig zag way.My mind deviated to my home country when I saw such zig zag roads on My way to SriSailam with my family.On my way to trip I came across companies like ,Oracle etc in SFO.

The flowing water sounds,beautiful sunshine,foggy clouds,whispering sounds of birds,beautiful scenaries made me to fly in the air.We had fun there by playing cricket in the beach.We all friends gathering in the beach made me to remember the Happydays song "Oh My Friend".
On my return to home I was experienced to see the fabulous and magnificent Golden Gate bridge. Joy filled my heart on this blissful day which my mind went into tranquility state after visiting Stinson beach. Overall our trip ended with fun and pleasure.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yuvi rocks again in 2nd ODI

Yesterday waked up so lately,because I slept on satuarday lately as we had a party on saturday night.After that we played a cricket match,so after long time we palyed cricket again in US(played long back, ie before 2 months).In the evening ,thaught of watching cricket ie India vs England whichheld on Indore.This time I thaught that England will bounce back on India .India bat first ,it lost 3 early wickests ie sehwag,rohit and raina.It's Yuvi and Gambhir who played consistently ,ie they both hold for 4th wicket for 134 runs.Yuvi once again played exquisite innings with 118(122 balls) with 15*4's nd 2*6's . Lastly Yusuf Pathan smshed in slog overs(ie 50 in 55 balls),so India ended the game with a score of 291/9 50 overs.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni takes Yuvraj Singh on a ride around the ground on the motorbike Yuvraj won as the Man of the Match, India v England, 2nd ODI, Indore, November 17, 2008

Next England started their game losing their ealry wicket ie Ian Bell.2nd wicket holds for 96 runs between Prior and Shah.This time Yuvi also done magic with bowling with 4/28.
At some movement ,Game is on england side when KP and Flintoff are in the field to bat.But those partnership was broken by Yuvi.He took key wickets(Shah,KP,Flintoff,Prior).Sehwag took 3 wickets.England was allout on 238.Yuvi was again declared as man of the match.

Friday, November 14, 2008

India won the first ODI against England

Yuvi's scintillating century made India to post 387/5 in 5o overs. Yuvi scored 138* (78 balls),
Sehwag-85 nd Gambir(51).In the return Engaland was allout for 229(37.3 overs).England suffered
third ever highest loss in ODI's. Peterson played few strokes in his 63.In the end Ravo Bopara struggled for the game with 54*(2 fours nd 5 sixes).KP is unlucky ,in which he was runout by excellent throw by rohit sharma,ofcourse it ws Ravi's fault who called for the run.If Kp would be still in the crease ,we don't know how match would be turned......
Yuvi was awarded man of the match for his 138*(16 4's nd 6 6's)
This was his second best in ODI's .His best is 139 and even this was against England.

Monday, November 10, 2008

India won Border Gavaskar trophy

Yesterday I've watched the 4th test between India and Australia .With 381 as target Aus batsmen Hayden and katich came to bat. During lunch it was 91/3 ,but after lunch Dhoni introduced Mishra to bowl , which made sucess. On his first over he removed hussey.Upto
lunch he haven't made mishra to bowl.After lunch spinners has shown their ability .Harbajam took
4 wickets nd mishra 2. Ishant bowled well ,overall in the series.This time ricky haven't got out in Bhajji's or Ishant bowling.He was runout by excellent throw of mishra.Haddin was caught out by Sachin in mishra bowling.Sachin took his 100 catch ie haddin's catch.Even this test is Laxman's 100 test.And even ganguly's last match is this test.So Dhoni at the end of the match ie on last wicket he asked Dada to do captiancy.Lastly johnson was out in harbajan bowling.Ofcourse he was out as lbw.So india regained the trophy after 6 years.During presentation again Dhoni asked Jumbo to take the trophy..

Farewell to DADA

On delhi test it is JUMBO ie kumble who retired from tests.Now it's dada who retired from test cricket .He played his last test against Australia in kanpur.
We can say saurav as most splendid cricketer with grudgeness in his voice.
He debuted in tests in 1996 against England.He shots towards off side are exquisite.
He can be said as "God of off side". On debut match he scored a century becoming the third
person to score a century in debut in Lords after Harry Graham and John hampshire.
In the 2nd innings he agained scored century ,thus becoming the 3rd person to scored century in both innings in debut.After that he did'nt look back and played memorable innings.
In 2000 he was handed over the captiancy.He was a successful man as a captian over Azaruddin and sunil gavaskar in tests.He is active in the field, dare-devil to others , rigidness in his captiancy.During his captiancy India reached to final in 2003 world cup.In 2004 he has a poor form , and he was expelled from the team due to some circumstances between coach and captain.All critics said that it would be better if he gives retirement.But Dada does'nt care about the critics.He struggled a lot and fought back . He answered all his critics through his bat.He had a good form in tests.So he thaught it's right time to give his retirement and so he announced his retirement. On his last test ie against Austalia he scored 85 in 1st innings and
0 (bad luck ) in 2nd innings.
On the last day , ie on 10 th wicket , dhoni asked Dada to do captiancy. Who can miss his game tactics and his shoutings in the field during captiancy. His movements in the field made us to remember his captiancy days.Once India won the watch , It was little master Tendulkar who directly came to dada and hugged him.
Farewell to The Royal bengal Tiger DADA

Monday, November 3, 2008

No 1 in F1 racing championship

It's a glorious movement to F1 racer Lewis Hamilton. In brazil grand prix which was held on sunday, Lewis Hamilton became the youngest person to get F1 championship.Even though if he get's 5th position he would have get the F1 championship. But during last lap lewis
was in 6th position.Tension prevailed during last minutes ,and everybody thaught that Felipe Massa would win the title.But lastly Lewis crossed the Glock from 6th position and became
the Youngest ever racer (23 years 301 days) and won F1 chamionship.

Position Titles in British Grand prix
1.Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
2.Fernardo Alonso(Renault)
3.Kimi Raikkonen(Ferrari)

Race winner Felipe Massa (Brazil) Ferrari celebrates on the podium

Fernando Alonso (Espania) Renault celebrates his second position on the podium

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Salute to JUMBO

It's a tearful movement to Indian cricket when Kumble announced his retirement in tests.
He annonced his retirement during 2nd test againstAustralia at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi.

He said he had decided to quit at the end of the series but brought forward the move once he realised he would not be fit for the final test starting on Thursday.

He is one of the greatest ever spin bowler in world cricket after Shane warne and Muralitharan. He was the third highest wicket
taker in tests after Warne and Muralitharan. He scalped 619 wickets in tests with an average of
29.66.A qualified engineer, Kumble has also taken 337 wickets from 271 one-day internationals and quit the shorter form last year.

He is the 2nd bowler after Jim laker to took 10 wickets in an innings against pakistan in feroz shah kotla (10-74)

KUMBLE's Marvellos 10 wickets

Any way what we can say about Jumbo.He was always cool and calm in the field and a Inspirational cricketer to others. Cricket can be said as Gentleman's game if we have cricketer's
like Kumble.

Let's all salute the greatest cricketer ,down to earth person JUMBO.............................
We all hope that U 'll come back agian and serve the Nation as a Spin bowling coach.

Who will be the successor of you in bowling ...can we think of Piyush Chawla, Amit mishra ?
What do u say guys?


Hiii Guys.. Back Again

Hii guys.....
I'm vajra back again blogging
I've done my blogging in yahoo... ,but thaught of changing my mood to gmail. I haven't done blogging from past 3 months......
Nw I hope I'll do best for myself to totally involve in blogging.....
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