No 1 in F1 racing championship

It's a glorious movement to F1 racer Lewis Hamilton. In brazil grand prix which was held on sunday, Lewis Hamilton became the youngest person to get F1 championship.Even though if he get's 5th position he would have get the F1 championship. But during last lap lewis
was in 6th position.Tension prevailed during last minutes ,and everybody thaught that Felipe Massa would win the title.But lastly Lewis crossed the Glock from 6th position and became
the Youngest ever racer (23 years 301 days) and won F1 chamionship.

Position Titles in British Grand prix
1.Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
2.Fernardo Alonso(Renault)
3.Kimi Raikkonen(Ferrari)

Race winner Felipe Massa (Brazil) Ferrari celebrates on the podium

Fernando Alonso (Espania) Renault celebrates his second position on the podium


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