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The Sunshine Girl

Announcement Train number 12604 Chennai Express from Secundrabad to Chennai is expected to depart from platform no -6 Run boy run is what I am saying myself from past 3 mins after hearing the announcement from outside the Railway station. The way I am running is like Marathon 5k run.  I may lose in Marathon but I won with my late time to get into train. Once I sat on my allotted berth, I realized that the sun shine which not sparked outside, but sparked in front me. This is all because of a beautiful sunshine girl who sat in front of me. She was drinking water, while I am like aww with my mouth open looking at her like a statue. She saw my weird and pagal looks and gave me a typical bewildered look. Do you want water is what the question came from her…? Hello Mister….I am asking you only are you thirsty? Do you want water sir?(Thank god she didn't welcomed me as bhaiyya…lol) I came out from my shock and said yes ye…I’m thirsty, where my words started stammerin

Gabbar Singh Review

Naku konchem tikka undi,daniki konchem lekka undi(I was little erratic,but it has its own calculations(relations)) is what we listened from past days from Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh teaser.So what are his calculations and did his calculations matched our happiness?Let’s get into details…. Released on – 05/11/2012 Cast – Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Ajay, Suhasini Maniratnam, Nagineedu(Maryada Ramanna fame), Abhimanyu Singh(Rakta Charitra fame),  Kota, Tanikella, Brahmi, Ali etc Director and Dialogues by  - Harish Shankar Produced By - Bandla Ganesh Music By - Devi Sri Prasad  Editing By - Gowtham Raju Cinematography- Jayanan Vincent Preview watched in - Serra Theatres Story in precise This movie is the commute from Hindi Dabaang. From childhood Gabbar Singh(Pawan Kalyan) gets discriminated by his father(nagineedu) as he shows much love to younger son(Ajay). This hurts Pawan and hence he lefts the place and comes back to village as Powerful Cop. So how he s

Internet Is Fun

Feeling bored? Do you want your face to get smiled instantly. Open you will find the doodle of the day. The title speaks that Internet can be fun. Yes Internet is funny in many ways and also useful in many ways. The use of Internet many ways makes Internet as Fun for the world.  In childhood days we learn the Transitive Dependency Rule A  --->B  B   ---> C Then A ---> C In human beings language A is Human being, B is the Resource and C is Internet For any kind of research and to get the particular resource we opt Internet. So in a way Human beings automatically connects to Internet. So Human  ---> Internet I hope my logic of explaining didn’t confused even non math readers over there. In a fast running world today, we are running very fast to compete with time to finish the tasks allotted to us or to do list that we have. So in these environments we are winning against time because of Internet. This is all because we are finishing lot o


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27 ; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.  Life is becoming easier and easier because of the advanced technology today. Even though our life is easier still we feel we are missing those golden happy movements that we wish to come once again and again. Any experiences an average human being face today or any dialogues or reflections that occur today tend to make them to go back to their golden days transit. There is a psychological nature every  human being faces  where we don’t know the importance of occurrences that happens at that time, but we feel regret afterwards as we know how much we are missing those priceless and precious days.   Photo Source - Let’s get into