Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sunshine Girl

Train number 12604 Chennai Express from Secundrabad to Chennai is expected to depart from platform no -6

Run boy run is what I am saying myself from past 3 mins after hearing the announcement from outside the Railway station. The way I am running is like Marathon 5k run.  I may lose in Marathon but I won with my late time to get into train.

Once I sat on my allotted berth, I realized that the sun shine which not sparked outside, but sparked in front me. This is all because of a beautiful sunshine girl who sat in front of me. She was drinking water, while I am like aww with my mouth open looking at her like a statue. She saw my weird and pagal looks and gave me a typical bewildered look. Do you want water is what the question came from her…? Hello Mister….I am asking you only are you thirsty? Do you want water sir?(Thank god she didn't welcomed me as bhaiyya…lol)

I came out from my shock and said yes ye…I’m thirsty, where my words started stammering automatically. Lady: I know this is summer and moreover I am observing you from 1 min you are running like mad dog to catch the train. She handed the chilled water bottle to me.
My quench for thirst was satisfied, but my quench for heart didn’t satisfy

Me: This is Deepesh Premal. Nice to meet you 
The Lady: This is kyra .Same here ..:) :)

Me: kyra ..very sweet name(The problem with boys is that even if the girl say her name as yadamma or surpenaka(Devil name) still we say wow. Sweet name….:) ). For a while I went into dream for a duet...:) :)


Silence aroused for 10 mins don’t know what to speak, how to start any topic. I picked a book to read, it’s  love guru Chetan Bhagat’s 2 states. To my sudden surprise and coincidence Kyra also started picking the book named 2 states from her bag. At last silence broke through Chetan Bhagat’s book. Ohh wow so even you like to read  Chetan Bhagat’s books is what the question came from Kyra.

Me: Yes, I like his books a lot. After all his stories have cupid love stories and movie appeals. So what do you do kyra ?(is what the question I added from my end)
Kyra: I am a Teacher in primary school. My subject is Science. How about you Premal..?
Me: I am a tension engineer.
Kyra: Tension engineer, what kind of profession it is mean are you Psychiatrist..?
Me: Ha ha.. No I mean I am a software engineer.
Kyra: Ha ha..Now I got you .why you said that you are Tension Engineer.(When she smiled  I could see the Rainbow in her face…)
Me: I have one question, can  I ask you Kyra..?
Kyra:Yes please..
Me: From my childhood I experience and what  I heard in generalized way is that its always English teacher who looks pretty. How come a science teacher is so pretty..?
She started blushing again. Oh my God not again. My heart is dancing more than my smile.
Kyra: So you traveling to Chennai?
Me: Yes I am going to visit my sister..How about you..?
Kyra: I came here to meet my sister..:):)..Now I am going back. Then she started about her experiences in Hyderabad, How she enjoyed the Hyderabad food and the must see places she visited.

The so called typical train conversations are going on like a rapid fire where I ask One line question and in reply she bounces back with essay type answers with her nonstop blah blah glib talking about her likes in Music, Vacations and food etc. Lot of selling vendors moving from compartment to compartment to sell food, drinks, snacks etc,But I am so busy that I am keep on looking and listening to Kyra's bubbly talk. At one time even I didn't cared when TC came and asked me about the ticket. I am so deeply involved in her conversation and at-last TC had to shout like a politician in Assembly. He gave me a serious look  while checking my ticket(After 3 hrs train stopped at Warangal Station, could hear the people selling chai and samosas  etc)
The Train started moving again and at last I got a chance to talk from my side about my likes and dislikes etc. At one movement she realized the dinner time and opened her Tiffin box . She offered me chapathis and while eating she started the health benefit class this time. What to eat ,what not to eat, which food has high protein etc .
Me: Now I came to know , why you are into Science..OMG so much of health info.(Again the close up smile from her). 
Finally its yawning time she went into sleep. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Someone turned off lights in my compartment and that's how I finally closed my lids. Next morning while we are up..seems that we reached Chennai. With much disappointment I had to get down from train. I thought of talking to Kyra but all my guts went into vein. Went to my sister place with disappointment.
After couple of days I went to Marina Beach to overcome the hot temperatures with cool breezes. By the way Marina beach is the 2nd largest beach in the world which has wide variety of sand foreshore. At one side young children are playing in water, at one end newly married writing their names in their sand,  even though in these much sounds and hungama I felt like tranquilized where I can sense only two. One is the physical effects of the shores silencing sounds and the other is virtual movement I started thinking of Kyra..:) 

Like every Bollywood movie(Or whatever wood you like), In a cinema style I could see Kyra who  sat 20 foots away from me who was in intensified mood looking over the lovely flowing waters. My heights of ecstasy was in a such a way I jumped into sky with joy filled in my heart and shouted  Eureka ,Eureka I found her again..(Like Archimedus who shouted Eureka.. ). As I shouted like a lion, the children beside me who are in play mood suddenly scared and so Kyra.

But after seeing me, she started laughing and that's how we met again. This time I didn't lose her. We went again into those blissful conversations and she took to me to all the for sure attractions of Chennai. I couldn't bear the hot temperatures but this sun shine girl is so happy..she didn't cared of the hot summer. 
Me: How could you manage this hot summer
Kyra: The secret behind this is Lakme's Sunscreen.

Enough is Enough, finally the dare question came from my heart to mind..
Me: Can I Marry you? 
Kyra: What..Are you mad(This one is the common answer girls say when this question arises.  They give a weird look as if they say No..:) :) )
Me: Yes my heart was mad for the first time I saw you in the train and thus how my heart became abnormal..but your smile made me normal.
Kyra:  I already gave my heart to you during our first visit in our
Me: So  weird. How come you like this monkey..
Kyra: Keeping facts into existence we human beings come from monkeys ..he he he.Got it..
Me: Oh come on Sun shine girl.Not again...Don't start your science classes again..
We started moving forward to enter into restaurant.......
The Turning Point
When I am back in to my home in Hyderabad , My mom said that she looked a beautiful bride for me.Pelli cheusko raa vedhava..Ammayi kundanapu bomma laga untundi is what my mother said.(Marry this pretty girl idiot..She looks like an angel)
Me: No amma..Please don't raise the marriage matters again.
Mother: Her name is Kavya Ramani. Her name is as beautiful as her picture. Check this picture beta.
Me: No amma..i don't want to marry any kachara kavya or rubber ramani .
Mother: Can you tell me one reason behind your rejection. You will say Yes after looking her picture. Look here..
When I saw the pic of her, I was astonished. I felt so happy. Its none other than Kyra..the beautiful Sunshine girl...Ohh science..So u didn't revealed your real name aah..And I went into dream mode
Mother: What happened..Do you like her not..?
Me: When are we going to the bride's house to meet her..? I like to marry her is what  I responded...
My mother is on cloud 9 , but she don't know that I am already flying high..

After 4 days I am  again at station(with my Parents) and I could hear the announcement again
Train number 12604 Chennai Express from Secundrabad to Chennai is expected to depart from platform no -6
This time I reached the station early( Because parents have Good time management skills over children)

I'm on my way to meet the SunShine girl...Good Bye...:) :)

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Gabbar Singh Review

Naku konchem tikka undi,daniki konchem lekka undi(I was little erratic,but it has its own calculations(relations)) is what we listened from past days from Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh teaser.So what are his calculations and did his calculations matched our happiness?Let’s get into details….

Released on – 05/11/2012
Cast – Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Ajay, Suhasini Maniratnam, Nagineedu(Maryada Ramanna fame), Abhimanyu Singh(Rakta Charitra fame),  Kota, Tanikella, Brahmi, Ali etc
Director and Dialogues by  - Harish Shankar
Produced By - Bandla Ganesh
Music By - Devi Sri Prasad 
Editing By - Gowtham Raju
Cinematography- Jayanan Vincent
Preview watched in - Serra Theatres

Story in precise
This movie is the commute from Hindi Dabaang.
From childhood Gabbar Singh(Pawan Kalyan) gets discriminated by his father(nagineedu) as he shows much love to younger son(Ajay). This hurts Pawan and hence he lefts the place and comes back to village as Powerful Cop. So how he shows his villanism to the cruels and  love towards the village people is rest of story….

Cast  Performance

Powerstar pawan has given his powerful performance once again. As I said that he is powerful police in movie(don’t go back to his earlier movies like Puli or Gudumba), because here he showed his sarcasm expressions in impressive and elegant style.Others done pretty well as per their roles.
It’s not that others didn’t performed well, but the reason I couldn’t elaborate more on others because its Pawan Kalyan who showed his magic and mania throughout the movie.

Something about Director
Though he got shock (His first director debut)from his first movie, he proved his success through Mirapakay. With much success and his fanism towards Pawan  cameback again with  eloquent and rich direction. He is the one who polished pawan  again (brought back Pawan’s  Tammudu,Kushi performance). Dialogue’s penned by him are so catchy and laughable.

Music Beats
Devi Sri Prasad succeeded with his jalsa music again to Pawan movie. All songs are amplified with perfect music and magic. Pawan kalyn steps added more flavor to the music. Background music is so awesomely good .

Finally what is Gabbar Singh?
It's blend of Pawan's stalwart act and humor. To say in different way its Power packed comedy performance with powerful performance. Will get good laughs and feel happy once you come out. A big festival to Pawan fan’s as the hunger for 10 years have been carved with this fine appetite. :) :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Internet Is Fun

Feeling bored? Do you want your face to get smiled instantly. Open you will find the doodle of the day. The title speaks that Internet can be fun. Yes Internet is funny in many ways and also useful in many ways. The use of Internet many ways makes Internet as Fun for the world. 

In childhood days we learn the Transitive Dependency Rule
--->B  B  --->C Then A--->C
In human beings language A is Human being, B is the Resource and C is Internet
For any kind of research and to get the particular resource we opt Internet.
So in a way Human beings automatically connects to Internet.
So Human  ---> Internet
I hope my logic of explaining didn’t confused even non math readers over there.

In a fast running world today, we are running very fast to compete with time to finish the tasks allotted to us or to do list that we have. So in these environments we are winning against time because of Internet. This is all because we are finishing lot of tasks through Internet.

Sometimes I feel that the hikes in fuel prices are controlled by Internet. Don’t you guys accept my statement? Are you guys confused with my statement? Let me explain what I mean to say.

You want to pay your current bill? Get the food from outside restaurants? Want to deposit or send money to other recipients?  Check the online transactions in Bank? Shop something for yourself or for Home to decorate? Want to book tickets in advance for tomorrow’s show .No need to take your bike or car to roam over the streets where you face heavy traffic. You are getting A-Z from Internet. Yes highlight the word Internet. The online system is making your tasks to be finished easily.

You may think or ask how the above facts relates to Internet Is Fun title. Yes even though we are doing some serious things we are finishing everything through Internet in rapid way. Doesn’t your soul feel pride or joy for the things done swiftly? Not only you are getting things done through Internet but also you are maintaining the important piece which is part of life of everybody called as Time Management.

Like the caption ‘Wherever You Go Our Network Follows’ by the Hutch-Essar group(Now Vodafone). Internet is following the human being in many ways.
A few examples to say...
Ask 3rd class kid what he will do when he browse the net. The answer would be Play Games, zig zag his mind with puzzles, watch their favorite cartoons etc. Ask lady what she will do when she is on computer. She says she is trying to find the matching colors for her skirt. Find products for makeup. Watch their favorite serials that they missed yesterday.

How about guys? Play some action movies. Browse their favorite actress wallpapers (of course gals browse actors…).So that they can put it as their desktop background wallpaper. How about our fathers..? They browse for the latest current affairs, listen to classical songs and watch movies. Tweak the financial news section etc. How about our Mother? My God, she will be too busy to find different recipes to cook. They not only watch T.V to get recipes but Internet too. 
 Source Image - the captions based on the title)

Ask a software professional, who is the Father of Software coding? Don’t expect that they answer as James Gosling(Father of Java Programming), Dennis Ritchie( Father of C, Unix) or Watts Humphrey(Father of Software quality) etc. The collaborative answer from everyone would be Google. Ha ha yes I’m true they will say Google. You know in such a competitive world it’s hard to memorize or store the syntax's in software people brains. All software people are Gajinis if you ask me. So the easy way they are getting the code or any syntax for accomplishment of task. Its not any Rocket Science brains behind the application that are running today. For all the things its Google where the rocket science for it is Internet. If there is no Internet there will be no Google and hence the software industry stops.. :) :)

Even parents are making the use of Internet in efficient way to make fun of their children. The hunt for brides and grooms are happening through online portal matrimony.

Source Image - captions based on the title) 

Mom: Beta Rahul ..Tere Shaadi karne ke liye kuch socha ki nahi. Mein ne tumko ek acchi ladki doonda(Son Rahul,did u thought about your marriage, I found a pretty girl for you)

Son: Maa,Mein abhi shadhi karne ka mood mein nahi hoon.Tum ne Shaadi walo ko kab mera photo bheja.(Come on Mom,I don’t want to get married now. I need to enjoy my freedom some more time.When did you send my copies to marriage consultants)

Mom: Nahi Rahul, mein ne tumko mein ladki dekha….( I picked the pretty girl from online marriage portal

Like how the Vodafone’s ZooZoo became a big hit throughout the world .Not just because of its uniqueness and humorous part but the concept which they brought with much Innovation. Today people are becoming innovative not just from outside world but also inside world called as Internet. Internet is making the zoozoo effects to the people. There are still some people who are using Internet in bad ways like morphing, portraying bad image on Good people etc. So if the society throws those kind of  gloomy things in thrash, Internet can have more flavors of Fun.. :)
This is the entry for Vodafone’s Internet is Fun contest. For more details check 

Saturday, May 5, 2012


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 27; the 27th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'Once Again'.

 Life is becoming easier and easier because of the advanced technology today. Even though our life is easier still we feel we are missing those golden happy movements that we wish to come once again and again.

Any experiences an average human being face today or any dialogues or reflections that occur today tend to make them to go back to their golden days transit. There is a psychological nature every  human being faces  where we don’t know the importance of occurrences that happens at that time, but we feel regret afterwards as we know how much we are missing those priceless and precious days.

  Photo Source -

Let’s get into those wonderful Once Again movements I wish to come now or will happen in coming days (May be these are the golden movements which spark for most of them)

The clock ticks 6:00 AM where not only parents but even we like to wake up on that day as it is Sunday. Not only family members but also surrounding area children and families used to gather to watch the programs like Rangoli, and then they telecast the Great epic The Mahabharata.As we have only one channel i.e Doordarshan our scope will be specific to this hence we used to get more knowledge.Whether it is R.K Narayan’s Malgudi Days, Surabhi, exemplary serials like Alif laila, Tippu Sultan, ChandraKantha etc  all are classical show which are remembered till now.Even the ads that were telecasted were classical ads which makes us to go back to those nostalgic days.

People today are really fed up with the flooded channels that we have today. Because they screen much of hype rather than reality. For instance take serials that are telecasted today.They are screening the serials for years. Above that they showcase the emotions and quarrels beyond the reality. Yesterday’s programs (DoorDarshan) were so simplified and precise which used to finish in weeks max an year. Serials today showing much of hatred with in families and hence the scape goats (Unknowingly the Serial lovers) showing the same in families which leading to more and more quarrels.

Today’s news channels are also so competitive in such a way that most of them are paid media. Don’t know which one to believe, which one to neglect. They focus the scams of a poor, middle class but they don’t dare to put the scams of Politicians or high class corrupted members.Ofcourse some social causes are solved through Media but there are more of Downs than Up’s

I want those blissful life to come Once Again where hatred used to be less and Peace is more, yesteryear Movies which are meaningful with typical stories ,not borish, show more of Human values and social causes, joint family culture, those happy environment shows where people easily gets connected not only to history but human values.

There is much contrast between Villages and Cities.Earlier if we go to villages our followers are Fresh Air, Fresh natural vegetables, serenity. What if you are in city..? Your followers are toxic air(In a way more pollution where intake is more of CO2),Noise Pollution, Hybrid vegetables etc. 

There is more of scarcity of villages today (Not in terms of physical names but in terms of people).Some reasons for this kind of effect is because of Factories, Duplicate seeds ,Government  as they are showing fox skills to the deer’s(Innocent villagers)by taking lands in low price and allotting the land to the Corporates in High Price  and also Government not taking necessary action on the vendors who take the vegetables cheap from farmers with no fixed price but they in turn sell in more price. These all things affecting the farmers which not only making the corps to be vanished but also themselves.

Earlier everything used to be greenery with exemplary vision and natural springs. But now due to factories, Special Economic Zones we not only loosing oxygen and natural life but we are increasing more of Carbon Di oxide and living in so called advanced life which is nothing but the Artificial Life.

Earlier festivals are celebrated on high esteem where everybody used to visit each other. But today its happened in such a way that even family members are not gathering together for Celebration of love. How can we expect the comeback of Joint Families..?Most of them are migrated to Cities for better life. But are we comfortable living this life? We are busy in such a way that everybody living tensioned mechanical life with much of mechanical life .The corporate life making us to stick on the work with much tensions where we not only missing our family but also cultures.

I want those sparking happiness Once Again where it is kind of barnburner effect to go to villages every time. It not only gives us self-satisfaction but also an appetite for what we called as Zindagi.The cool breezes, flowing waters ,Showing spiritualism because of Temple Utsavahams(Festivals). Whole village used to be kind of family, wherever you go you are welcomed. Rather than eating 3 times a day it’s like eating 6 times a day. Bath in the Ganga Rivers with cousins and friends in mornings is like fun and frolic, where you visualize the bonny Sun Rise makes us to tranquilize.The joint families are much popularized olden times and today it’s connected to neutral families. Villages also played a key role in terms of bond of Joint families.

Makes me feel to get revival of those amazing movements spent during engineering days. Those days can be called as Paradise days. Bunking colleges, Friends gatherings, Cricket hungama,Watching the regional movies on 1st day it got released ,Combined studies, Copying exams etc. This is the period where friendship values are known.

Zindagi mein choti choti pal humko kuch toh kuch ghatana ko yaad dilathe hain(Small things in our life reflect to incidents happened old times). In today’s fast paced advanced life its happening that we are just going to remember history but couldn’t get those golden days in future. What do you think our children say about their Once Again movements? They will not say about above Once Again movements but they replace it with technology. If we still close our eyes or don’t take this problem seriously there will be nothing to say other than regrets.

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