Gabbar Singh Review

Naku konchem tikka undi,daniki konchem lekka undi(I was little erratic,but it has its own calculations(relations)) is what we listened from past days from Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh teaser.So what are his calculations and did his calculations matched our happiness?Let’s get into details….

Released on – 05/11/2012
Cast – Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Ajay, Suhasini Maniratnam, Nagineedu(Maryada Ramanna fame), Abhimanyu Singh(Rakta Charitra fame),  Kota, Tanikella, Brahmi, Ali etc
Director and Dialogues by  - Harish Shankar
Produced By - Bandla Ganesh
Music By - Devi Sri Prasad 
Editing By - Gowtham Raju
Cinematography- Jayanan Vincent
Preview watched in - Serra Theatres

Story in precise
This movie is the commute from Hindi Dabaang.
From childhood Gabbar Singh(Pawan Kalyan) gets discriminated by his father(nagineedu) as he shows much love to younger son(Ajay). This hurts Pawan and hence he lefts the place and comes back to village as Powerful Cop. So how he shows his villanism to the cruels and  love towards the village people is rest of story….

Cast  Performance

Powerstar pawan has given his powerful performance once again. As I said that he is powerful police in movie(don’t go back to his earlier movies like Puli or Gudumba), because here he showed his sarcasm expressions in impressive and elegant style.Others done pretty well as per their roles.
It’s not that others didn’t performed well, but the reason I couldn’t elaborate more on others because its Pawan Kalyan who showed his magic and mania throughout the movie.

Something about Director
Though he got shock (His first director debut)from his first movie, he proved his success through Mirapakay. With much success and his fanism towards Pawan  cameback again with  eloquent and rich direction. He is the one who polished pawan  again (brought back Pawan’s  Tammudu,Kushi performance). Dialogue’s penned by him are so catchy and laughable.

Music Beats
Devi Sri Prasad succeeded with his jalsa music again to Pawan movie. All songs are amplified with perfect music and magic. Pawan kalyn steps added more flavor to the music. Background music is so awesomely good .

Finally what is Gabbar Singh?
It's blend of Pawan's stalwart act and humor. To say in different way its Power packed comedy performance with powerful performance. Will get good laughs and feel happy once you come out. A big festival to Pawan fan’s as the hunger for 10 years have been carved with this fine appetite. :) :)


  1. sounds like a fun movie!! unfortunately, i won't understand the language. if it comes with subtitles, i am definitely going to watch it :)

    hey, excellent review :)

  2. Very nice review..:-)I have seen Dabang..Let me see how it worked in Telugu..:-)

  3. why you not put title to your review dude ??

  4. Gabbar singh movie is superb, pawan kalyan done a good and superb acting during this movie.Thank you abundantly for Parameshwara Art
    Productions Gabbar singh movie review

  5. @debajyoti .. Thank you for u r kind words..Yeah the movie is fun a coming days dvd will be released with subtitles..u can watch at that time...:) :)

  6. @Home Maker's Utopia
    Nagini sister,assalu cinema supperandi...Though the theme is from Dabaang, Pwan kalyan keka comedy watch for fun...:)

  7. @Shashi
    Tnq for reminding dude..Will do..:) :)


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