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 Life is becoming easier and easier because of the advanced technology today. Even though our life is easier still we feel we are missing those golden happy movements that we wish to come once again and again.

Any experiences an average human being face today or any dialogues or reflections that occur today tend to make them to go back to their golden days transit. There is a psychological nature every  human being faces  where we don’t know the importance of occurrences that happens at that time, but we feel regret afterwards as we know how much we are missing those priceless and precious days.

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Let’s get into those wonderful Once Again movements I wish to come now or will happen in coming days (May be these are the golden movements which spark for most of them)

The clock ticks 6:00 AM where not only parents but even we like to wake up on that day as it is Sunday. Not only family members but also surrounding area children and families used to gather to watch the programs like Rangoli, and then they telecast the Great epic The Mahabharata.As we have only one channel i.e Doordarshan our scope will be specific to this hence we used to get more knowledge.Whether it is R.K Narayan’s Malgudi Days, Surabhi, exemplary serials like Alif laila, Tippu Sultan, ChandraKantha etc  all are classical show which are remembered till now.Even the ads that were telecasted were classical ads which makes us to go back to those nostalgic days.

People today are really fed up with the flooded channels that we have today. Because they screen much of hype rather than reality. For instance take serials that are telecasted today.They are screening the serials for years. Above that they showcase the emotions and quarrels beyond the reality. Yesterday’s programs (DoorDarshan) were so simplified and precise which used to finish in weeks max an year. Serials today showing much of hatred with in families and hence the scape goats (Unknowingly the Serial lovers) showing the same in families which leading to more and more quarrels.

Today’s news channels are also so competitive in such a way that most of them are paid media. Don’t know which one to believe, which one to neglect. They focus the scams of a poor, middle class but they don’t dare to put the scams of Politicians or high class corrupted members.Ofcourse some social causes are solved through Media but there are more of Downs than Up’s

I want those blissful life to come Once Again where hatred used to be less and Peace is more, yesteryear Movies which are meaningful with typical stories ,not borish, show more of Human values and social causes, joint family culture, those happy environment shows where people easily gets connected not only to history but human values.

There is much contrast between Villages and Cities.Earlier if we go to villages our followers are Fresh Air, Fresh natural vegetables, serenity. What if you are in city..? Your followers are toxic air(In a way more pollution where intake is more of CO2),Noise Pollution, Hybrid vegetables etc. 

There is more of scarcity of villages today (Not in terms of physical names but in terms of people).Some reasons for this kind of effect is because of Factories, Duplicate seeds ,Government  as they are showing fox skills to the deer’s(Innocent villagers)by taking lands in low price and allotting the land to the Corporates in High Price  and also Government not taking necessary action on the vendors who take the vegetables cheap from farmers with no fixed price but they in turn sell in more price. These all things affecting the farmers which not only making the corps to be vanished but also themselves.

Earlier everything used to be greenery with exemplary vision and natural springs. But now due to factories, Special Economic Zones we not only loosing oxygen and natural life but we are increasing more of Carbon Di oxide and living in so called advanced life which is nothing but the Artificial Life.

Earlier festivals are celebrated on high esteem where everybody used to visit each other. But today its happened in such a way that even family members are not gathering together for Celebration of love. How can we expect the comeback of Joint Families..?Most of them are migrated to Cities for better life. But are we comfortable living this life? We are busy in such a way that everybody living tensioned mechanical life with much of mechanical life .The corporate life making us to stick on the work with much tensions where we not only missing our family but also cultures.

I want those sparking happiness Once Again where it is kind of barnburner effect to go to villages every time. It not only gives us self-satisfaction but also an appetite for what we called as Zindagi.The cool breezes, flowing waters ,Showing spiritualism because of Temple Utsavahams(Festivals). Whole village used to be kind of family, wherever you go you are welcomed. Rather than eating 3 times a day it’s like eating 6 times a day. Bath in the Ganga Rivers with cousins and friends in mornings is like fun and frolic, where you visualize the bonny Sun Rise makes us to tranquilize.The joint families are much popularized olden times and today it’s connected to neutral families. Villages also played a key role in terms of bond of Joint families.

Makes me feel to get revival of those amazing movements spent during engineering days. Those days can be called as Paradise days. Bunking colleges, Friends gatherings, Cricket hungama,Watching the regional movies on 1st day it got released ,Combined studies, Copying exams etc. This is the period where friendship values are known.

Zindagi mein choti choti pal humko kuch toh kuch ghatana ko yaad dilathe hain(Small things in our life reflect to incidents happened old times). In today’s fast paced advanced life its happening that we are just going to remember history but couldn’t get those golden days in future. What do you think our children say about their Once Again movements? They will not say about above Once Again movements but they replace it with technology. If we still close our eyes or don’t take this problem seriously there will be nothing to say other than regrets.

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  1. U have justified the title :-) Nice Thoughts .
    seriously, i want to go bck to those innocent moments

  2. Thank you Bharathi..Those old times are always memorable...everybody wants to get those movements now..:) :)

  3. you are so correct about the lack of reminiscence we employ when it comes to feeling the 'pleasure' of those good old days. It frets me out to see kids & teens of this generation often falling out to glamor,glitz, computer & internet by shunning their surplus power of imagination. It's sad that they refrain themselves from watching mythological serials by calling it as 'boring' and 'illogical'. but very soon they will realize that one fine day, applying logic to everything will only fetch them a disturbed mindset.
    wonderful thoughts . loved reading it :)

  4. Very nostalgic writing and very true. It took me to the past . and the pleasant old lanes of life. We need such moments once again!

  5. @Viva_andya Thank you for u r breif thoughts...U r true buddy..today's youth are slightly turn little but..feel pity abt tomarrow's generation...Anyways thkz again dude...:)

  6. @aativas Thank you..Yes nostalgic times are always memorable...:) :)

  7. @Ashish ...Thank you bhaiyya..Comments from bloggers like you mean a lot to me...:) :)

  8. //Earlier festivals are celebrated on high esteem where everybody used to visit each other. But today its happened in such a way that even family members are not gathering together for Celebration of love.//

    Thanks for the read Vajra, it was a post that everyone had on their minds but it never materialized - such is the authenticity of what you have penned.

    Once Again moments we all crave for. I am still surprised that I watched "Duck tales" only once in a week (Sunday mornings) when I was little and my appetite for cartoon was satisfied. Now there are umpteen channels, but are kids happy?

  9. I love the way you have directed th e title to a very different outlook, its simple yet beautiful . The realities of life , the changes, have been well mentioned

  10. Very nice, Vajra. Lot of people have begun to feel like this these days. I actually came across a magazine called roots which focuses on this tendency.

  11. @Kappu

    Thankyou for u r warm and wonderful words.:) :)
    Everybody wants to carve the Once Again movements.Its our to preserve and bring back those golden days to make them alive..

  12. @Menachery
    Thank you very much.Do read my writings...:) :)

  13. @TF

    Thank you dude.Will try to look over the book Roots...

  14. Good one, liked reading your post and special thanks for that video you shared

  15. @Harsha Chittar
    Thank You for reading and kind words...:) :)

  16. well said dude,miss those good old days where most things were much simpler.wish v could relive them again.but still hav to keep moving on with life

  17. aaah. such strong nostalgia Vajra. For one, though i come into the tag of 'teens of this generation' i have never been into TV. mainly because we never had cable at our house. so Doordarshan it was and it was better to read novels than watch it :P
    though i and my brother used to watch all the devotional serials a lot with our grandparents :)
    i wont say i could relate with your post cuz your idea of nostalgia is different than mine but it was a great read :)

  18. I can so relate to your post. I had also been having the exact same thoughts a few days ago. You have expressed your thoughts very thoughtfully in this post.

  19. @Kirti .. Thank you for your wonderful comments..Though u belong to this generation ,good that you saw devotional serials and know the values of old times...Keep reading my blogs often..:) :)

  20. @DewDrop Thank you for your comments.
    Old times are golden movements which always gets in our mind everytime..keep reading..:) :)

  21. Very well said. nice post...:)
    Good luck for BAT.

  22. @clouds
    Thank you very much.....Wish u gud luk too...Keep reading...:)

  23. @Dishit D
    Thanks a ton..Wish u gud luck for BAT...


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