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Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Padanisala Sandhadi

Recently  Seetamma Vakitlo sirimalle chettu audio got launched  on a grand scale in Ramanaidu studios(Dec 16th,2012) through Aditya Music. I know it’s almost 2 weeks from now the audio got released and everybody are rhythmic to the songs. But just want to give a glimpse of the songs from my end.   There are total of 7 songs in this movie and the lyrics were penned by the Great SeethaRama Sastri garu and Anath Sri Ram. Music for this movie was composed by Mickey J Mayer.                                              1. సీతమ్మ వాకిట్లో సిరిమల్లె చెట్టు The title song makes us to go back to classical songs of Telugu industry. Chitra sang so beautifully in such a way we go in to the trans world. Her voice starts with the following    పండిన చేతికెన్నో సిగ్గులచ్చి ఆ సిగ్గంత చీర కట్టింది . చీరలో చందమామ ఎవరమ్మ ఆ గుమ్మ సీతమ్మ ....          Wow how beautifully written by Ananth Sree Ram. May be my expectations are far beyond   from now but I can say Chitra Ga