Thursday, March 28, 2013

జవాబుల శోధన (In Search of Answers)

నా ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు ఎక్కడ ?
నా ప్రశ్నల ప్రవాహానికి పలుకరించే పిలుపు ఎక్కడ ?
సమాధానాలు దొరికే సెలయేరు ఎక్కడ?
పొగరుగా ఉండే ప్రశ్నలకు జీర్ణించుకునే జవాబులు ఎక్కడ ఉన్నవి?
మెదడులో నుండి వచ్చే మేలుకొలుపు జవాబులకి ..మనస్సుకి నచ్చే జవాబు ఏది?
ప్రశ్నలు అనే చిక్కుల్లో ..సమాధానాలు అనే స్వర్ణాలు ఎక్కడ ఉన్నవి...
తెగువ గల ప్రశ్నలకు తేలికైన సమాధానాలు దొరుకును ఎలా ?
ప్రశ్నకి పరువు ఎక్కువ..జవాబుకి జంకు ఎక్కువ..
పరువు,జంకు కలిస్తే  నాకు  మిగిలేది కరువే...
అదిగో పలుకరించెను ప్రయత్నాలు (జవాబులు) ..చిగురించేను చిరు ఆశ...
జవాబుల జల్లెడ పట్టెన..! విరబుసేన విజయ పుష్పం .

In search of answers for my questions… 
From whom I can receive a call for the flow of questions I get?
Can I find a stream of answers somewhere?
From the proudish questions,do I get the digestible answers..?
The lightening answers I get from mind/brain…
Which is the best/better answer that my soul/heart loves to choose..?
In the encumbered queries,Can I find the jewel type of answers…
Questions show dare and Answers show disillusionment…
The dare and disillusions leads to the drought..
What should I do?Where can I get the answers..?
There you go..Aah I got the response from the attempts (Answers)…
Little bit of hope sprouted again..Filtered the answers for the fruitful answer..
The showers of Victory I(we) will get…!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Truth vs Fiction

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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
This idiom is fascinating. Yes sometimes the incidents that we see in our day to day life makes to reflect this idiom.

Meteor striking in Russia, Humans proliferating the evil with Advance in Technology, Global warming effects, did aliens came to know that humans are evil? This was my FB status msg on the day when meteoroid stroked earth.

Yes we have seen many star war kind of fiction movies about the planets world, asteroids etc. Yes the statement is a fact that the meteoroids will fall from space on Earth. From my childhood I have been listening about asteroids and meteoroids in my text books, fiction films. But I was wonder-struck with the news on that day and even watching in the video made me to shout. Oh very strange..!


But my point is why should I feel wonder. A kind of analogical process is already going on our Mother land; sorry I should say our Mother Earth. We millions of humans stay on Planet Earth. In psychological way we show kind outwards but there is superfluity of wickedness that hidden behind our outer good-nature heart. We are already experiencing many blasts in our country (many countries). So why should I feel wonder-struck or heights of awesomeness?  

Yes we feel very bad because of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods etc. But already the merciful lady (Earth) is suffering from the meteors kind of blasts from senseless humans in the name of Religion, selfishness, jealousy, and wealth.Where is our World going?Are there will be only moron’s staying on Earth in coming future? 

The picture says more than the words.
Our Mother Land agony?
Why Inhumane?Why Cruelty? 
On whom are you showing your Vengeance?
On Innocent people..?

The altruistic people can be compared with tennis ball. You know why? Let me explain. Let me refer two tennis players as evil minded people. Let us call them the people with wicked minds called as caste, corruption, hatred religion. And we are getting humiliated from both ends. The ball wants to stay on a world of line called as kind world which is nothing but called as Net. My comparison is idiotic but we all should believe in this fact? There is no place for good in this crime World. The humans who are salt of earth are trying to take country in their hands to purify it with kind and good nature from malevolent worms. But the lunatic minds throw satirical comments if we follow rules. Hence only the thin line (net) is referred as good place.

Now a day’s it’s very hard to find a truth in our world, sorry not world this time I should refer our country. From childhood I have been watching many Fiction oriented movies where justice stays until and until the culprit’s punished, good rulers showing good over bad and administrating the country in a better way for the welfare of the people.

Why don’t we fight on this evil for liberation and spread peace throughout the world. Why can’t we all be promising persons to this world? Do we still need to elect those uncivilized persons to run our country? We can’t blame politicians or poor administration because of the effects and happenings we are visualizing in our day 2 day life.We all are living in uncivilized society and hence we should blame ourselves to elect them.  

Beneath the Fear lies Procrastination.
So scientifically here Fear is called as Fiction and the Truth is called as Procrastination. Beneath the Fiction lies Truth. Theoretically Truth is immortal but Practically Fiction is immortal and bounded throughout the world. As a result of threatens/warnings and havoc produced by the Political/Caste Based/Religion squeamish people it’s hard to produce a truth for a common man.

So finally what is my justification all about?
Because of the obstacles and hindrances we are experiencing in this fast running moving world from the mad maniacs it’s very hard to give life to truth. The people are in perplex state when any truth is showing its presence in the world..For instance the expressions they are showing are..Really! Are you kidding me…those culprits got hanged..? Are they got convicted for being involved in corruption? Hmm..Truth is Stranger than Fiction…!

 video credits: Youtube@Bollywoodguru
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