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Patience is virtue When the circumstances cross the limits, when the news channels/media broadcast the monomania shows to get into the hysteria , when we look the YouTube videos all highlighted with junk thumbnails (to urge and tempt users to click the videos) by thirsty money-grubbing persons, Do you think we can keep calm and go on with our life?   When the leaders promise the voters and speak of development to the country, but still the promises adhere to falsehood (From years) , when the people confused of what is right and what is wrong in terms of facts and ultimately feel the facts as ostensible(In a perception that the fact is actually Right, but comes out to be false) then how can the patience can be virtue?                       World seems to behave as a cruel monster compared to what it used to be earlier (actually same). Today we are living and leading the life in a way that advancing in Technology to more advanced and speaking/experimenting of life survival in