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Patience is virtue
When the circumstances cross the limits, when the news channels/media broadcast the monomania shows to get into the hysteria , when we look the YouTube videos all highlighted with junk thumbnails (to urge and tempt users to click the videos) by thirsty money-grubbing persons, Do you think we can keep calm and go on with our life?  When the leaders promise the voters and speak of development to the country, but still the promises adhere to falsehood (From years) , when the people confused of what is right and what is wrong in terms of facts and ultimately feel the facts as ostensible(In a perception that the fact is actually Right, but comes out to be false) then how can the patience can be virtue?


World seems to behave as a cruel monster compared to what it used to be earlier (actually same). Today we are living and leading the life in a way that advancing in Technology to more advanced and speaking/experimenting of life survival in other planets (Mars) but looks like our humanity is diminishing. Rather than speaking about the reality or focusing on the right aspects, the human (esp. Media) making the minds to connect to tawdry shows and unrealistic events.  With plethora of TV channels today, I am feeling loathe about ourselves. Wish I got back those days where we used to watch only one channel (Doordarshan).
Coming to the smart phone days that we are living today, how good it may be in receiving the valuable news and updates in faster way, but at the same time, we are receiving the junk. There is a thin line between comedies vs. humor. However, people are mixing up all things.  For example if you receive any video from someone, which they consider it as a funny, but when you play the video, actually you do not find it funny. I mean you feel it as a funny one but actually the real story is it is kind of prank video to fool the people depicting as humor. Again, this is to grab attention to the users. Actually, viewers are taking comedy as humor and the later as comedy. This is not just relating to the fun context but other things too. Share or like to get the blessings from God, really? The fake smiles, fake content, feigned blessings hmm and goes on.

Here comes another type of wickedness of the evil-minded people to sell the education. The best gift anyone can give to others is wisdom/knowledge. Pity is that education has changed to materialistic from eternal. The private schools are charging the fees beyond our imagination. For a first grade student the fee is ~ 1- 1.5 lakhs (100 thousand), what? Does first standard kid needs to learn the rocket science? The foolish answers from these corporate thugs when asked about the reason for this huge fee is that they talk about classes equipped with high-class fiber Internet, Air-conditioning, Science labs, Artificial Intelligence etc.

Recently, I saw a picture from a parent posting in Instagram regarding his/her child posing in graduate dress (along with other kids) with a note saying successfully graduated to next grade(may be 1st or 2nd grade) and congratulations flooding in the comments. I can understand parent love towards their child but seriously graduate in 1st or 2nd grade? Tomorrow if the same child becomes actual graduate or post – graduate does the child really feel the happiness of what s/he achieved? My impression is that the word graduate becomes cheap/downgraded L. Capturing the photograph of all the kids with graduation dress is what the school is charging high fee? Education should grounded that is when the success/achievements fly high tomorrow. (For those people who didn’t watched, please watch the movie Hindi Medium which shows the plight of our current education system)

After watching the movie Bharat Ane Nenu, I felt of writing my thoughts that’s been pondering for a while. This movie from Siva koratala much needed based on cacophony events happening in our society today. The events addressed sharply and that particular scene I liked when Mahesh Babu ripped off the specific Media targeting the TRP’s rather than focusing on actual social causes. The despair and anguish of a common person is clearly superior over the cunning smiles of crooked, filthy, greedy persons. The blood is bubbling with anger all these days watching the pandemonium (chaos) of events and I hope after watching the Bharat Ane Nenu people realized of what’s actually going on and broke the barricades of their anger over this ruthless society. Am I daydreaming, may be?

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