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Thank You Anna Hazare

          Many of the younger generation and the children yesterday just know about Gandhi and his Ahimsa movements during India's Independence through History and textbooks.But,we found a new face of Gandhi in India today.Ask who is Gandhi to the Youth and children today and one word which comes out is 'Anna Hazare' .Most of the youthies don't know about the Anna hazare till yesterday(even me too)and the limelight of Anna's Success and History came to be known through's Anna's hunger strike for LokPal bill.            Anna Hazare a 73 year old chap started his fast for a better  and efficient LokPal Bill  to be drafted in the parliament having a committee to be formed with 50% of Civic Society and 50% of  Sarkari ka aadmi .An initiative from a Social Activist made a wake up call  to  India to stand on the shoes of Anna Hazare for a better and transparent bill.              The Janthar Manthar Avenue in Delhi  rocked up with Songs and Chantings of Raghupa

TeenMar Review

Released On - April 14 2011 Cast - PowerStar Pawan,Trisha,Kriti Krabhanda,PareshRawal,SonuSood,Ali etc HandsOnDirection -Jayanth Paranjee(Claim to fame for Bavagaru Bagunnara,ShankarDada MBBS,Takkari Donga,Premante Idera etc) HandsOnMoney - Ganesh Babu(Stepped into the shoes of production ..claim to fame for his earlier prodo Anjaneeyulu) Under the Banner - Parameshwara Arts Dialogues - Trendy Trivikram Srinivas Music - Mani Sharma Cinematography - Jayanan Vincent (Claim to fame for his earlier movies like TakkariDonga,OmShanthi,Raja Kumarudu ,Premante Idera etc) Premier Show Screened - Reading Cinemas,San Diego               Presentation As this one is the remake of the Bollywood  Flick ‘Love Aaj Kal’,so story is replica of the same. 'Arjun palwai Uddham lo gelichinavadu..Micheal Velayudam Uddhaniki velthunnavadu....' So through this statement..I think most of the readers can analyze about the story...  In short mein  bole tho       M

Time for the Celebration of Cricket......

        If we ask our father or yesterday's youth(Ofcourse Gen Next too...) like what's so important about year 1983.. The first and last thing comes from an Indian is that it's the year,where Kapil Devil's won the Cricket world cup.If we ask same question in future ,like what's special about 2011,the answer would be same,that India won the World Cup and emerged as World Champions after 28 years,(I hope no one will  answer  that 2011 is prominent for 2G scam,CommonWealth Games Scam          Even though Cricket's birthplace is England,but this game was so mad in India in such a way that may be sometimes Britishers feel jealous...Yes,we give a separate and special place to the game of Cricket than other games(ofcourse that's bad too...).If we ask a little kid to list out 5 games you play mostly, in an average mostly he would list from 1-5 the word or in the other ways if we ask a Little kid What is Cricket?The kid may answer as Sac