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Released On - April 14 2011
Cast - PowerStar Pawan,Trisha,Kriti Krabhanda,PareshRawal,SonuSood,Ali etc
HandsOnDirection-Jayanth Paranjee(Claim to fame for Bavagaru Bagunnara,ShankarDada MBBS,Takkari Donga,Premante Idera etc)
HandsOnMoney - Ganesh Babu(Stepped into the shoes of production ..claim to fame for his earlier prodo Anjaneeyulu)
Under the Banner - Parameshwara Arts
Dialogues - Trendy Trivikram Srinivas
Music - Mani Sharma
Cinematography - Jayanan Vincent (Claim to fame for his earlier movies like TakkariDonga,OmShanthi,Raja Kumarudu ,Premante Idera etc)
Premier Show Screened - Reading Cinemas,San Diego


As this one is the remake of the Bollywood  Flick ‘Love Aaj Kal’,so story is replica of the same.
'Arjun palwai Uddham lo gelichinavadu..Micheal Velayudam Uddhaniki velthunnavadu....'
So through this statement..I think most of the readers can analyze about the story...
 In short mein  bole tho
      Micheal VelaYudham is a chef in Capetown who falls in love with Trisha.But he doesn’t believe in long term relationships and hence breaks the love with a cheerio.Trisha goes to India for her career in Art restoration,where she falls in love with local chap,a young politician(Sonu Sood) and the same with Micheal who falls in love with the foreign girl(Donah).Micheal meets the Naradha kinda of person SenaPathi(Paresh Rawal),where he explains the classical story happened 30 years ago of  his friend Arjun Palwai(Sri Ram ka avathar) to Micheal(Sri krishna ka avathar...lol).This story sticks in the mind of Micheal about the long love relationships and commitments.So the rest of the story is how Micheal get backs his love..?

Artist Performance
       PawanKalyan is back in form.He has given 100% performance to his character as a Happy going jolly Micheal and  unruffled and revolutionary Arjun Palwai like surface of water.The Present and Classical cuties  in the movie Trisha and Kriti Karbhanda  respectively involved well in  their characters with Charishma. Paresh rawal as SenaPathi is superb where the conversation between Micheal and Paresh is cool and funny.

        Music by Swara Bramha ‘Mani Sharma’ is rocking.Initially the music revolved with negative talk ,but you guyz know about the Mani’s Music Magic,where the music slowly spreaded like a poison. 
      ChiguruBoniya song is Catchy and Chirpy.The Voice of viswa is amazing.The classical youthie song ‘Vayyarala’ sung by Karunya is strings attached  to classical love. Barbi Bommaki song is jazzy and rock and roll kinda with  pawan’s rocking  steps .Sri Ganga song sung by HemaChandra and Saindhavi is highlight of the movie.Don’t know about others ,but for me the most liking song  is ‘Sri Ganga’ which mixed with serenity and divinity.Aala Bhale is almost similar to Love Aaj Kal song ‘Chor Bhazari’ is flicky and flingy.The last song  'Gelupu Thalupule..' sung by Sri Ram Chandra is calm and spirited.

In an Nutshell
    It’s Pawan Kalyan’s energy and execution which made this movie to be good.Trivikram's Dialogues were icing on the cake to the Pawan Kalyan's performance.Its a feast to all Pawan Kalyan fans and to the movie lovers.The talk will be of  mixed responses because of Love Aaj Kal effect(who already viewed gets struck to the original flick).Overall its a one man army show.So go for Pawan Kalyan....

Rating - 3/5

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  1. heyyy...vajra...gud review man... like the way u present..keep gng....

  2. Nice review bro ... will watch this sunday :)

  3. @Aditya and @Mahesh

    Thank You very much guyz......

  4. good review deep,so basically its a remake of love aaj kal and u have compared both,interesting

  5. @Anusha and @Siddhartha
    Thankz fr u r compli's....

  6. how in the world can you give 3/5 rating for such a pathetic movie. It is a torture. Nothing is interesting in the movie. Story has no power and if power star continues to select such story lines, it will soon be an end of his film career.


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