Thank You Anna Hazare

          Many of the younger generation and the children yesterday just know about Gandhi and his Ahimsa movements during India's Independence through History and textbooks.But,we found a new face of Gandhi in India today.Ask who is Gandhi to the Youth and children today and one word which comes out is 'Anna Hazare'.Most of the youthies don't know about the Anna hazare till yesterday(even me too)and the limelight of Anna's Success and History came to be known through's Anna's hunger strike for LokPal bill.

    Anna Hazare a 73 year old chap started his fast for a better  and efficient LokPal Bill  to be drafted in the parliament having a committee to be formed with 50% of Civic Society and 50% of  Sarkari ka aadmi .An initiative from a Social Activist made a wake up call  to  India to stand on the shoes of Anna Hazare for a better and transparent bill.

             The Janthar Manthar Avenue in Delhi  rocked up with Songs and Chantings of Raghupati Raghava RajaRam,Vandematarm.,JaiHind,Bharat Matha ki Jai etc.The place is so patriotic in such a way that  everybody's nerves crossed the scales of Patriotic heights,whether it comes to a  rich or poor were united and supported Anna Hazare.Not only in Delhi,but all over India's voice raised against Corruption and support for Anna Hazare.

     After a long gap we are seeing such a scintillating and patriotic movement in India against corruption war.Sab Netha Chor hain in India(There are many who are  honest,but the political disease and the environment made them to bow their heads and low down thier voices).Thanks to all the middle class and the youth who raised their voices and supported Anna Hazare.

So what is LokPal Bill....?

After 98 hours of Anna's hunger strike,Government finally accepted the LokPal bill draft having 50% of civic society and 50% of government officials.Sarkari wale said that the bill draft would be expected to be issued in the parliament in the coming Monsoon session(let'z wait and see...Aug15th is the Deadlock(technical mein bole tho..)given by Hazare Saab to Govt..If not by that date,then again Andolan...Wtch out guyz.......).

Because of Anna Hazare's Hunger strike = Hazare log ka United Support all over India made the Government to come down from their political power and got bowled through Hazare's Ahimsa.All in all its a People's victory.

        Everybody point's the word 'Corruption' but no one cares and  fights against Corruption.Thanks Anna  Hazare for your great efforts and hardcore nature against the cunning and money eater Sarkari.We should also thank Anna's back end soldiers like RTI activist 'Arvind Kejriwal' a Ramon   Magsaysay awardee, Fearless Lady who's inspirational to most of the women in India 'Kiran Bedi',Swami Agnivesh,Art Of Living Guru Sri RaviShankar etc. 

     Above all lets Thank to  the India for coordinating and supporting Anna Hazare.Lets hope this Lokpal bill changes the face of India in the coming days.This Anna Hazare movement proved that its the Voice of the Youth which awakens the sleep of the politicians.Apart from Cricket World Cup,India tasted  the success of Anna Hazare's  Lok Pal Bill.Thank You Anna Hazare...Long Live Hazare...Yeh joh des hain tera.Swades hain tera......Jai Hind

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