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Journey to the Nature

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Visit We have many beautiful things in our world, it’s just that we need to have the love for the sight to experience the inner soul. In this radical fast running world, sometimes it’s good to leave the shackles of our chaotic life and live the simplified life close to the Nature. Nature is not complex than the Life frankly speaking. I invite you all to the beautiful Journey I had visiting Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. The journey wouldn’t come into the reality without the initiation sparkled from my good friends Pradeep and Gayatri and of course my wife, who backed me for the journey. We departed from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole town . The Journey is around 2 and half hours through flight. The clouds welcomed me giving me the hint that you are nearing to some Mother Nature creations on earth. రెక్కలు కట్టుకొని ఎగిరి పోతుంటే ఎటు వైపు ఈ ప్రయాణం అని ప్రశ్న మదిలో మౌనంగా అడుగుతుంటే ? ప్రకృతి ఒడిలోకి అని పిచ్చి మనస్సు చెబ