Journey to the Nature

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Visit

We have many beautiful things in our world, it’s just that we need to have the love for the sight to experience the inner soul. In this radical fast running world, sometimes it’s good to leave the shackles of our chaotic life and live the simplified life close to the Nature. Nature is not complex than the Life frankly speaking. I invite you all to the beautiful Journey I had visiting Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. The journey wouldn’t come into the reality without the initiation sparkled from my good friends Pradeep and Gayatri and of course my wife, who backed me for the journey. We departed from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole town . The Journey is around 2 and half hours through flight. The clouds welcomed me giving me the hint that you are nearing to some Mother Nature creations on earth.

రెక్కలు కట్టుకొని ఎగిరి పోతుంటే
ఎటు వైపు ఈ ప్రయాణం అని ప్రశ్న మదిలో మౌనంగా
అడుగుతుంటే ?
ప్రకృతి ఒడిలోకి అని పిచ్చి మనస్సు చెబుతుంది
మొదట మేఘాలు స్వాగతించాయి
తరువాత తరువాత కొండల్లో , కోణాల్లో విహరిస్తుంటే
కొత్త విషయాల శోధన
హృదయ భరిత ఉల్లాసం
ప్రకృతి అందాల పరవశం
పసుపచ్చ ఆకాశం
పచ్చని పర్వతాలు
ఇదే పారడైస్ ఏమో ?

 Day 1 (Grand Teton National Park)
A wise man (Wayne Newton) said you have to go through the Mountains and Valleys to understand the Life, that’s the Soul Growth. Mountains are the friends like books if purity of heart is desired. We started heading to Grand Teton National Park in the morning. As we have planned only 1 day for Grand Teton we have tried covering most of the places in park, and so the reason starting early is required.  

We stopped at Jenny Lake Visitor Center. This is one of the most popular spot in Grand Teton National park. The parking is limited here, so as the Day goes towards noon the parking might be full, so it’s always recommended to come to this place early in the morning. From here we can either hike (around 4.5 miles total) to cascade canyon to visit the Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point or do boating via ferry. We have done boating in Jenny Lake to have the pristine water view and enjoy the serenity. This ferry leaves other side of Jenny Lake for every fifteen minutes. This saves 3 miles of walking trial. From here we hiked around 2 miles to view the Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. From Inspiration Point you can have the beautiful landscape of Jenny Lake and scenic nature. On our way back we hiked all the way back around 4 miles. 


We later headed to Colter Bay, on our way we stopped near Jenny Dam. Snake River emerges from the dam and flows about 800 miles through Wyoming. Snake River is 1078 mile long, a major river in fact largest North American that empties into Pacific Ocean. Purpose of this dam is to provide water in Snake River Basin, Idaho. The maximum lake level raised to 30 ft. after the construction.

Colter Bay is the Village in Grand Teton most convenient for camping and boating. We just roamed and relaxed for sometime in the bay.

Colter Bay
Coming back from colter bay towards Jackson Hole town again we stopped near the Oxbow bend. This is the incredible view and easy pull out from the road. This is the place we can spot the wild life as animals on the other side come here to drink the water. Unfortunately we didn’t spotted any wild life but spending some time here listening to birds chirping, calming waters and relaxing harmony feels you get when the gentle wind touches you. This is one of my favorite spot.

Cunningham Cabin Historic Site

Cunningham Cabin Site
This is another spot usually tourist visit. This was a homestead earlier built by trapper John Cunningham in 1885. He and His wife grew around 240 acres to feed Horse and other cattle. By 1924 the ranch consists about 560 acres. In 1928, Cunningham’s left the valley for Idaho and later the ranch was acquired for the development of Grand Teton National Park. 

Finally Sunset in the mountains

The sunset in the Grand Teton’s is magnificent. The sun rays glittering from the mountains, splendid mountains that visible is something heart admires for artistic beauty. After the sunset we drove towards West Yellow Stone. We stayed near Island Park,Idaho in the beautiful home booked through Airbnb  (Around 30 miles to West Entrance of Yellowstone, Montana)

This is the beautiful home we stayed in Idaho
Yellow Stone National park

Next morning we started to Yellow Stone National Park. As we are driving inside the park my curiosity of what I can see here became frisson of excitement. This very place millions years ago Super Volcanoes are discovered here and so this place known for a hot spot of caldera. The caldera in Yellow Stone is in almost constant motion. So we will be having many Geysers in Yellow Stone. By the way what are Geysers? They are hot springs that basically gush water and steam into the air.  We have visited many geysers and hot springs throughout the park. The exploration and excitement started with world’s best known geyser Old Faithful Geyser. The name was given because of its frequent and predictable eruption. It usually erupts for every 1 hr. in average. This was the first geyser that given name in the Park. The average height is about 140 ft.

Later we began walking to Upper geyser basin a walk trial close to Old Faithful, we happen to see many hot springs, geysers, and fumaroles. Witnessing these bubbling, steamy, gurgling, bright color hot springs is a panoramic pleasures to our eyes. This is the Crested Pool 42 ft. Though it’s a spring sometimes it erupts as a Geyser.

Crested Pool

Morning Glory
This is Morning Glory Hot Spring in upper geyser basin. This is the one of the beautiful hot spring that we saw in Upper Geyser Basin. The colors are formed due to bacteria. Millions visit the Yellowstone every year, the hot waters are reducing here due to clogging as tourist threw objects inside earlier, resulting to a sign that Morning glory is becoming faded glory due to vandalism and ignorance. So my dear friends, it’s in our hands to preserve the nature and protect the Mother earth, else there will be nothing for future generations to visualize the beauty of Nature.

Midway Geyser Basin
After visiting the Old Faithful and Upper Geyser we started to Midway Geyser basin. This Midway basin is smaller than other basins, but it has 2 largest geothermal features in Yellowstone, Grand Prismatic and Excelsior Geyser. Around 4000 Gallons /minute pours into Fire-hole River through Excelsior Geyser. Walking the trial in Midway Basin, one thing dominated here is the blue colored view of spectacular pool, The Sapphire pool .

Sapphire Pool

The other best thing we felt a worth a visit to Midway Basin is Grand Prismatic Spring. This is the most photographed feature in the Yellow Stone. Taking a short hike around 1.5 mile hike to the top you get the most visualized scenic view experience watching this Prismatic view. As mentioned earlier the colors are formed due to bacteria called microbial mats that’s lying around the surface of hot spring. The biggest hot spring in US and 3rd largest in the world, the colors reflect the Rainbow distribution.

Grand Prismatic
Churning Cauldron
This hot spring once used to be cool spring with magnificent colors (again due to bacteria called mats). But the earthquake in 1978-79 lead to destroy the bacteria and the waters are super heated by then. (You can watch the video to see Churning Cauldron under paint pots section)

Paint Pots/Mud Pots
We later went to Paint Pots before visiting Norris Geyser Basin. We had done a small hike to visit the Paint Pots. We discussed about the water gushing, bubbling but did we discussed about the stew form of mud?  Paint Pots also called Mud pots are extremely hot. The bubbles you see here are formed by Steam and CO2 gases. The water it receives are either from Snow fall or Rain fall.

Norris Geyser Basin
Visiting the Norris Geyser Basin in the evening is best thing happened to us as we have experienced amazing sunset here. This is the hottest and most changeable thermal area in Yellowstone. The boardwalk here, all you can see is beautiful Sky, many Steams gushing, different colors on the land and sounds of Nature. The sun going to hide away soon, the emptiness in the sky is filled with the steams.

There are some hiking trials here that you go down through steps, uneven road and paved path towards Back Basin.  Always remember that being cautious and watching the steps is always required when watching the thermals and hot springs.

Sunset in Norris
2nd Day
On the 2nd day of our trip in Yellowstone, we visited Mammoth hot springs and Lamar Valley. Almost half a day is finished visiting the Mammoth. Mammoth are another must visit feature in Yellowstone as the thermals here are different from the Geysers and other thermal places. The limestone being soft rock allows to make the rock formations due to acidic waters down under and cold from snow on the rock allowing to give the natural forms of these mammoth.Having lunch in the Nature is always amazing. Small water creek on one side and trees on other side, it’s amazing to enjoy the food.

Mammoth Lower Terrace Hot Spring
Does the Mountains Speaks to us? Well if are a Nature lover you would say, yes. The Mountains in Yellowstone hisses. Because of multiple fumaroles on the slope back in 1900’s the roar was so loud enough and so the name Roaring Mountain.
Roaring Mountain
Lamar Valley
Later we headed to Lamar Valley, this is the place you can see as many as Bison’s. Yellow Stone is the only place in the US where Bison’s are lived from Prehistoric times.  The nation’s largest population of Bison’s live in Yellowstone and they are allowed to roam freely. The large number of Bison’s can be seen either in Hayden valley or Lamar valley.

Bison in Lamar Valley
I always enjoy watching the sunset. In the vast area of open grounds in the Valley, enjoyed the sunset while driving back to our Airbnb rental place. That night we enjoyed our amazing dinner at the local most popular Pizza place in West Yellowstone, the Wild West Pizzeria. The owner politely came to our table for the feedback and I am quite confident to say the Pizza we ate was heavenly.

3rd day
On our last day of our trip in Yellowstone Park, we visited this beautiful tiny place Museum of National Park ranger. The staff is friendly and informative to give us the history of park rangers in Yellow stone. Sometimes Paintings give the mood of thought. I loved this canvas in the museum, the mood tells how lovely and friendly the Park rangers are. Looking into the painting I felt she is not the Queen, but for all the lovely children she is the Queen.
Later we drove to Canyon village to visit Yellow Stone falls. The 2 major falls in Yellowstone are lower and upper falls, we couldn’t go to Upper falls as the trial to Upper Falls was closed but the falls can be visible while going to Lower Yellowstone. The hike all the way down to Lower falls is worth to look at the majestic water fall. The falls are 300 ft., nearly twice as Niagara Falls.We stopped at Artist Paint View point to watch the lower water falls again. The Canyons on the both side and glance of falls in the front, what to say but the visual is artistic. Looking over these canyons here the inner feeling is they are Grand Canyon of Yellow Stone.

Artist Paint view of lower Yellowstone falls
The final stop for us in Yellowstone is West Thumb geyser basin located in shores of Yellowstone Lake. The largest thermal feature along the lake it has many features underneath. Many gallons of hot water pour into lake every day. The hot waters under can melt the ice over the surface. Though the excitement in us watching these amazing picturesque feature not going away, there is a slight mood of sadness we felt as we are leaving the Yellow stone soon. But it’s never a good bye again there will be always tomorrow.

Yellowstone Lake
By evening we came back to the Jackson town again, as there was still some day light in the sky we got opportunity to stroll around the streets in the Jackson. The feel of beautiful arts around and aesthetic lifestyle, this beautiful western town reflects the expression of poetry and to get the inspiration in you. The arts and crafts on the walls and buildings, food, music, gallerias nothing beats looking around under the orange sky. You will be living in halcyon days surrounded by Nature, Arts and tranquility if you visit this beautiful town Jackson-hole. Enjoy some beautiful snaps of this wonderful town below.
The only place we get Indian food in Jackson(Wyoming). More than Indian I liked the Drunken Noodles here in this Asian fusion restaurant called Teton Tiger. The Samosas we ordered are the best I had in US which in fact have the closer taste of actual authentic samosa in India. Uber cool dining place with the game I liked Cricket things on the wall decor. I enjoyed the food here but the other side, bit expensive.Next morning we had early flight back to LA, while flying back I am lost in thoughts wandering in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks.

Wall decor of cricket theme in Teton Tiger Restaurant in Jackson

Entrance of Jacksonville Airport.

Mountains in the background ,the view looks amazing during boarding the flight back to LA.Imagine how would the landscape looks when the flight is landing or taking off between mountains? Panoramic


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