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Bahubali The Conclusion - Pre and Post Effects

Pre Effects

Many of you might knew that the Part 1 of the Bahubali the Beginning is a grand success throughout the world and also when the movie is connected to your soul, so it’s casual like every other movie freak for that Eagerly waiting movements to watch for part 2, Bahubali The Conclusion. It’s been a wait from 2 years to watch the sequel of the Bahubali Series from the Visionary director S.S Rajamouli.  Within these 2 years (Post Release of Part 1 Bahubali the Beginning) there was much happened in the Bahubali world. Whatever news you Watch or Read about Bahubali is either excitement or the delighted movements. Whether it’s regarding the Movie going rounds internationally in Movie festivals, Prequel of Part 1 released as a book titled The Rise of Sivagami, THE VR experience, entering into Comic World as Bahubali:The Lost legend or Interesting news about the VFX, Art and camera etc. I was expressive/excited when I told about this movie to my fellow colleagues (Non-Indians) after watching part 1 and before release of the Part 2. Why shouldn’t I? When you knew this is a pride to Indian Cinema besides India’s Biggest Motion picture and also this fictional periodic drama is closure enough to compete the Hollywood type of movie.

When the Audio (of Part 2) launched a month ago, the excitement went bit higher (You knew movie is going to release soon). Whenever I got a chance to listen to music its Bahubali every time. After the theatrical trailer of Part 2, I was spell bounded. I almost watched ~ 50 times (In all Indian released languages) with in 2 days of the release.  Before 1 week of the release the craze was beyond than what was already hidden and it’s like a festive week. Whatever you read, heard and shared is all about the Bahubali The Conclusion. The thoughts keep welling to write something about this movie before the release and so identified My 10 reasons for Why Part 2 of Bahubali is a Must Watch. Finally, day before the release its half sleep movement(I know this should happen to the film makers, but for me this is not of worried syndrome but the joy of going to watch). In order to not to get the reveal factor of #WKKB I made sure to mute all the active what’s App groups (Muted for 8 hours) and at last the wait to watch the Bahubali came to an end now. 

Scene from Bahubali the Conclusion

Post Effects
Watching Bahubali 2 on the big screen (IMAX) is the joy to my heart movements I felt for Telugu Cinema. Part 1 is all about introducing the characters and now the part 2 is to get immense into the story. The nice way of storytelling process with visionary scenic experience makes you to glue towards screen. After watching the movie I went into the meditative state to identify what I like most in the movie but hard to find out what’s good vs. what bad after all the good won over the bad(ignoring the few). My expectations were way off what I thought of how Kuntala Kingdom looks like (Before the release) vs. what visualized in the movie. It’s like you are listening to the lullaby looking into the beautification of the Kingdom. The icing of cake to this is that background music you get absorbed when Kuntala kingdom is introduced. There were other instants of BGM from M.M keeravani which knocked my heart to feel that movements.

I do experienced many goose bumps effects throughout the movie. The vibrant is so high it hits you instantly. There is one scene I liked relating the embracing movements of Prabhas(Amerendra Bahubali) and Anushka(DevaSena). Devasena tries to get into the boat and Amerendra Bahubali acts as a bridge through his shoulders to get her into the boat (Not much explained now). Thinking of that scene it looks so normal but when you get to that mood, it’s situational and interesting. This simple scene defines me what kind of sheer brilliance Rajamouli has to convert the normal scene to an extraordinary one. I was not disappointed anywhere in terms of VFX, CGI, Cinematography, Music, Production Values, Costumes etc. All the 10 reasons I had for Why Bahubali The Conclusionis a Must Watch didn’t failed. This is what I like in S.S Rajamouli movie, everything is a refined process to make the action of that work glorifying by respective heads of that department.

Prabhas as Amerendra Bahubali/Mahendra bahbuali is a role he can remember for many future years. The royalty of character has more inclination to the subject. Anushka as Devasena has a head to head supremacy with Ramya Krishna as Sivagami. The powerful women characters are evolved and the performance is stellar.  Daggubati Rana as antagonist is not just to ground but core to heights. The bad man character has all that feelings needed for the power of supremacy in kingdom. Naseer as Bijjaladeva mesmerized in his performance. His role reminds us to remember the Shakuni. Satya Raj as Kattappa as usual acted with guts and perfectness to the character he portrayed. The other interesting character that was introduced in Part 2 is of Subbaraju as Kumara Varma.

Why Katappa Killed Bahubali is finally revealed(Phew), but we have more than this WKKB curiosity in the movie. The adventurous trip you experience dreaming into the ride to Mahishmati and Kuntala kingdoms is interestingly can't be explained factors for me until you watch it. 

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep
                                                                                                                 – APJ Abdul Kalam
S.S Rajamouli proved his dream come true for this bahubalian years (For me 5 is Bahubalian years😂fictionally) project. It’s hard to isolate his vision and storytelling process.  What more does he need now other than a good sleep to realize that he has made a good movie and what more I need now other than good sleep as well(Oh no..It’s already 2 AM now) having that sense of satisfaction that this movie is pride to Indian cinema. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

10 Reasons Why Bahubali The Conclusion Should be a Must Watch

When the Bahubali Part 1 The Beginning got released the movie won accolades internationally. It was a Hype in Telugu Cinema and Hope in other languages before the release. But, after the release the Hope and Hype became the History as you all know. Its more of eager to watch for many viewers for part 2 of the Bahubali series. The wait is finally going to over as the Conclusion is slated to release worldwide on April 28, 2017.

So here are the 10 reasons I feel  why the Part 2 Bahubali The Conclusion should be a must watch. 

1.    Bahubalian Years, An Inspiration to know about.
Not just the Captain of the Ship (The Director S.S Rajamoulii) but the whole family devoted their time and worked for Bahubali from past 5 years. Wait, are you saying freaking 5 years journey for this movie? Yes of course  

2. Define the term Dedication?
The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. Synonyms – Commitment, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Diligence etc.  Now the noun Prabhas can be the synonym to Dedication. The reason is simple, for the past 5 years the lead actor in Bahubali (As Bahubali) Prabhas didn’t acted in any of the other movies and the sole purpose is dedication to this yagna. Wait, He didn’t acted/signed in any other movie for Bahubali sake? Dude you got to be kidding right? No, I am not

3. Art brings beauty to the scene

Art has no form. In the Bahubali part 1 we did see the architecture of Mahishmathi Kingdom and glimpse of Kunthala Kingdom (Devasena).It’s interesting to see now how Art Director (Sabu Cyril) shows the architecture style of Mahishmati as well as Kunthala kingdom as there will be more emphasis on these kingdoms in the conclusion and both should be unique in own style. Bang on!

4. Madness of Music

M.M Keeravani music is always a melodious harmony. During the first part of Bahubali the audio review started with negative effect but became a tremendous hit later. The music is just not music, it’s more of situational and goes along with the story and so the BGM too. Did you remember the background music in the Part 1? Especially that particular scene where Bahubali helps the flock of people while lifting the heavy statue of Bhallaladeva. Instant goosebumps for that BGM(Listen the BGM below).

When the movie is about mythology you tend to see the recitations of Hymns and at some instants you will also able to identify the idyllic phrases in the songs.

అంత మహా బలుడైన
అమ్మ వోడి పసివాడే
శివుడైన భావుడైన అమ్మకు సాటి కాదంటాడే 
Heysaa, Rudrassaa, Heyssara Bhadra Samudrassa …

The Music is not just cacophony but insane. I am so eagerly waiting to listen the BGM chords in part 2. Don’t you? 

5. Prequel book released for this fictional movie
Have you heard of a fictional book released after the release of the movie? At least I didn’t heard of this kind of scenario in Indian Cinema. Pitching the character of Sivagami by Ramya Krishna itself was a great sense of pride to her. The dynamics of her character speaks about her character in the Part 1of Bahubalii. But, when the Book in the name of The Rise of Sivagami is released on her, what more pride she can felt? The infinite pride movements? Noted Author (Claim to fame for his books Asura – The tale of vanquished, Ajaya – Roll of Dice, Ajaya - The Rise of Kali) is author for this book and the book is on the bestsellers stack. 

6. One of the biggest  motion Picture

During the release of the Bahubali part 1 this is the biggest motion picture in India. When you look at the combination of part 1 and part 2 this one is the expensive movie made in India. Whopping of ~450 Crores were spent to make this Movie (200 crores for Bahubali part 1(The Beginning) and 250 crores for Bahubali part 2(The Conclusion). You sure expect the high in production values and magnificent sets for such kind of expensive file.

This image is an example of amazing VFX work done in Part 2

7. The Visual Effects (VFX) man

When you are making such a periodic drama, there is no escape for you from Visual Effects. Some of the live action shots are manipulated to achieve the scope of the image with greater visualization. The best part sometimes is that you don’t even know which part of the scene is VFX and  even though if you identify the scene to be VFX still the praise not goes down when such kind of grandeur  film is made. Around 36 VFX studios throughout the world took part in the VFX processing’s. Almost 2226 shots were part of VFX related according to VFX Supervisor KamalKannan. Around 1000 technicians worked hard for 18 months on VFX. The Cinematography (From Senthil Kumar) is on par with VFX. Seriously, my anticipation factor is high here to see how the VFX part looks.

8. War Sequences of Course!
We discussed about the VFX, Art, expensive film etc. Being said that this is also a fictional mythological drama, so you expect something more dynamic and thundering. Also the 45 minute war sequence in the Bahubali part 1 was spell bounding and impressive from the director S.S Rajamouli. You will have that looking forward and expectation enigma to find out how the war sequences in part 2 will look like. 

9.  Most favorite question
This seems to most favorite question for many. Why did Katappa Killed Bahubali? Whether you are in Classroom/Market/Salon/Office or even in political meetings this WHY about Kattapa killed Bahubali raised many times. We can get the answer in the Conclusion. No Bahubali 3 Please.

10. What more reason do you want if you are a movie freak?
When you already knew that the Bahubali Beginning is a major success in box office and also Part 1 does connected to your heart, when the movie of such grandeur Bahubali – The conclusion is releasing after 2 years and being cinematic lover what more reason do you want to watch this film? With 5 more days to go for the release, this movie already cogitated me from past month (after the theatrical trailer release) with keen interest to watch.

So tell me , what are the other reasons you may have(I missed here) if you want to watch this magnum opus Bahubali The Conclusion ? Please feel free to input your comments below the reasons you have. 
Pic Credits - All the images are captured from google images and official Bahubali website 
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