Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Glimpse of Tollywood 2011

Earlier the definition of the Telugu Cinema means an introductory song on our hero,routine story in a way biased to same stories,Crappy action sequences.In simple words old tamarind pickle type of story.But people are changing now.Those days are gone(Not completely but to some extent) Now a day’s director’s are getting the exact pulse of an average Telugu cinema lover.

Just sharing the funny scene from movie 'Neninthe 'depicting how the director was earlier(Doesn't resemble anybody but purely meant for laughs)

This year we have seen some exemplary movies which reflected it’s sun rays to give more foundation in a flamboyant and grandiose way to fuel the life of Telugu cinema.
Following are some movies which defined its mark

2.Bapu’s mythological flick  Sri Rama Rajyam
4.Ala Modalindi
5.100 % Love
6.Oh My Friend
Movies in Good Category                         Above Average
1.Dookudu                                                    1.Mr Perfect
2.Oosaravelli                                                2.Mirapakay
3.Pilla Zamindar                                         3.TeenMaar
4.Solo                                                               4.Panjaa
6.Golconda High School
Coming to Dubbed Movies
Through out the year out of  223 movies which got released,115 were dubbed movies and the remaining (i.e 108) are Telugu Movies.

Some of the worth watching  movies which are impressive are:
Rangam,Journey,Nanna,7thSense,VaduVeedu,Kanchana,Naa Peru Siva(Naan Mahan Allah),
The Dirty Picture,Gambler(Mangatha),Don2 etc.

Every dubbed movie which got released has its own style and mark.Movie lovers are expecting the movies which are different in terms of making,story and presentation. Atleast that’s good that  our movie makers are coming up with some different way to view and entertain the audience now a days.

And some disasters too
We experienced some disaster flicks which proved that movie buffs are not expecting the same old wine in the new bottle kind of movies.Movies shouldn’t be released just to break the records of the existing blockbusters or just to fill your pockets by bringing semi masalaflicks.
To example a few take a look on movies like Badrinath,Shakthi,PVC,Dhada,Veera etc.

To boil down
This is it.Telugu Cinema tasted both Successes and failures in the year 2011.Cinema lovers are accepting the movies if they are good irrespective of language ,cast and crew.Now it’s movie maker’s turn to ponder and come up with movies which are entertaining , inspirational ,artistic and beneficiary to society.
      Letz hope the year 2012 will be more profitable and successful than 2011.

N.B - The movies enlisted above are purely based on my view.Hope nobody hurts or feels based on my view. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Panjaa Review

Released on – 12/09/2011
Preview Screened -  Serra  Theatures,Milpitas,CA
Cast  - PowerStar Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias(Debutant),Anjali Lavania,Jackie Shroff,Adivi Sheshu,Atul    Kulkarni,Brahmi,Ali,Tanikella etc
Direction,Story – Vishnuvardhan
Produced By – Neelima  ThirumalaShetty,Nagesh Muntha,Shobhu Yarlagadda,Prasad Devineni
Written By – Abburi Ravi
ScreenPlay – Rahul Koda
Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja

The Plot
Jay(Pawan) is a hancho dude who plays two shades,towards bad boy side is kind of right hand to to the local kingpin of kolkata bhagwan(Jackie Shroff).The Good boy image on the other side  maintains the horticulture,where he meets our heroine Sandhya(Sarah Jane).Some  unfortunate circumstances leads to ruckus between Jay and Bhagwan.So how Pavan shows his panjaa is rest of the story.

How did the cast exploited?
Power star performed meticulously terrific.New face of tollywood Sarah Jane acted with easy as a bubbly gal socialistic to the society.Chotu(Ali) and Paparayudu(bhramanandam)  shared some laughing movements with Pawan Kalyan .Atul Kulkarni,Jackie ,Adivi seshu and others done well.

Director's part
Vishnu vardhan showed Pawan and movie in the stylish way.The story is routine kind of  but flaws can be identified in most of the scenes.Vishnu took the routine story in different way but he should have used more in proper phase of implementation.
Everybody given the justification in terms of acting but the problem persisted in tha backend on da way like editing,fights,screenplay etc.

How about Panjaa beats?
Music by yuvan is good.Best of the best song in the order Paparayudu takes the first place bcaz of exotic energy levels of Pawan and Brahmi..
Then comes  the title song Panjaa with Pawan's rocking steps and scintillating music.
Kshanam kshanam is similar to ela ela song @Female tonic
Anukoledhuga is also ishq effectic song
Veyra Veyra is a itemish song rocked on the floors by Anjana Lavania.

Movie is gud but lost its pace at some places.Not everybody can get digested
Its not complete full meals  but  just plate meals to most of them.Cant blame flaw in players(cast) ,but can be blamed umpire and pitch(Vishnu vardhan and co) .The ball(verdict) is  in the hands of public

Score – 2.75

Friday, November 4, 2011

మొగుడు సినిమా సమీక్ష(Mogudu Review)

Hi readers,saw Mogudu Movie yesterday.Being myself a movie freak I am coming up in different view on Mogudu movie.Hope you guyz like my approach.Lets get into details.....
పెళ్లి తేది - Nov  4th
పెళ్లి వేదిక-Big Cinemas,Fremont
పెళ్లి కొడుకు-గోపి చాంద్,పెళ్ళికూతురు-తాప్సీ మరియు పెళ్లి పెద్దలు నటకిరీటి రాజేంద్రప్రసాద్,రోజా,నరేష్  etc
పెళ్లి చేసినవారు (డైరెక్టర్) - కృష్ణ వంశీ
పెళ్లి ఖర్చు  చూసుకున్నది  - నల్లమలపు బుజ్జి
మంగళ వాయిద్యాలు మొగించినది - బాబు శంకర్(Debut  music director in Movies)
ఫోటోలు తీసినవారు - శ్రీకాంత్ Naroju
పెళ్లి పత్రిక రాసినవారు(మాటలు)  - భీమ్


పెళ్లి ఎలా జరిగింది?
RamPrasad alias Bujji(Gopi) is lovable and pamper person to his father AnjenayaPrasad(Rajendra Prasad) and 3 elder sisters.ఇంట్లో  పెళ్లి కానీ ప్రసాద్(గోపి) ఒక్కడే కాబట్టి తనకు పెళ్లి సంభంధాలు చూడడం మొదలు పెడతారు. But all matches goes into vein as bujji didn't find his kind of gal.He finds his love in  RajaRajeshwari(Tapsee) only daughter of Chamundeshwari(Roja).All goes in smoother and happy way for the knot.Some incidents after marriage leads to divorce.So how GopiChand sorts out the issues and leads as a Husband is rest of the story.

కృష్ణ వంశి అనగానే కళాత్మక మరియు సృజనాత్మక సినిమాలు గుర్తుకువస్తాయి.అందుకే కృష్ణవంశికి  creative డైరెక్టర్ అనే tag వచ్చింది.తన సినిమాలో పెళ్లి సంస్కృతి,మానవ సంబంధాలు,ఉమ్మడి కుటుంబం విలువలు  బాగా చూపిస్తారు.ఇందులోనూ తన మార్క్ స్టైల్ ని  ఉపోయోగించాడు.The way he showed  the family elements are fine but the way he taught  of showing how a husband should be for every wife is not reliable.There is no connection to show the subject in fulfilled way.ఇంతవరకు కృష్ణవంశి తీసిన అన్ని మూవీస్ లో ఒక్క చక్రం మూవీ  ఒక్కటే ఓ kind of moderate మూవీ అనుకున్న.కానీ ఈ మూవీ చూసాక చక్రం మూవీ దినితో పోలిస్తే చాల బెటర్.

In terms of Acting
Gopichand tried his best to prove himself in family kind of affectionate and sentimental emotional scenes.But we missed his dynamic action mark here.Negative factor in this movie is Tapsee.She acted well but her own dubbing lead to more  pot holes.తాప్సీ నటన చూసి  అర్ధం అయ్యింది ఏంటి అంటే అస్సలు మన తెలుగు అమ్మాయులు టాలీవుడ్ industry లో ఎందుకు లేరు అని?Rajendra Prasad acted with ease as a powerful father.Everybody acted well up to the par.

విందు ఎలా ఉంది?(Summary)
This movie has little shades of Murari,Chandamama and SasiRekha Parinayam.If you guyz watched the above tariler,then almost సినిమా చూసినట్టే.ఈ సినిమా అంత గొప్పగా రాకపోవడానికి కారణం మొగుడు(గోపీచంద్)కాదు కానీ వధువు(తాప్సీ).ఈ సినిమా అన్ని కలయికలతో కూడిన బంధాలు,మమకారాలు,ప్రేమలు,అనురాగాలతో తియ్యదనంగా ఉన్న అన్ని చోట్ల ఉప్పు తక్కువ అయ్యింది. 
        I had lot of expectations on this flick,but Krishna Vamsi didn't mesmerized the audience with his creativity.Bad luck Vamshi and GopiChand.Anywayz we telugu cinema lovers wishing gud luck for forthcoming projects.

ఎంత కట్నం వచ్చింది?(Standard Score) - 2/5

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dookudu Review


Front End Cast
Mahesh,Samantha Prabhu,PrakashRaj,SonuSood,Brahmi,MS Narayana,Vennela Kishore etc
Directed By(Backend)  
SrinuVaitla(Claim to fame for Anandam,Venky,Dhee,DubaiSeenu,Ready,King etc)
AnilSunkara,Gopinath and Ram Achanta
Penned By -  GopiMohan
Music - S.S Thaman
Released On - Sept 23,2011
Satellite Rights - Maa TV(For 5.75 Crores)

Story in precise
           Shankar Anna(Prakash Raj) is a popular face and serving hand to the needy in his locality.Some incidents with mafia don Nayak(SonuSood)and other rivals(Kota and co)makes him to go into coma for 14 years.Ajay is a undercover cop,where during his undercop operations meets the petite beauty Prashanthi(Samantha)who is a fashion designer.So as usual love blooms between them in a regular telugu movies style.So how Mahesh shows his dookudu and takes revenge on rivals for the incident happened to his father(PrakashRaj) is the rest of the story.

How's the Artist's Dookudu?

             As usual Mahesh's performance is natural and superb,bole tho ek dum jakaas.Samantha's role in this movie is like a comet.Her character doesn't have much importance in this movie.Prakash Raj's acted well but in some scenes its like out of acting exception.SreenuVytla's mark comedians Brahmanandam and MS Narayana has given out standing humorous performance.Sonu bhai as Mafia don played well,but director could have extended his  villanish look in a funnyway(like dubai seenu character).Others are okay okay.

Music Review
            Music is minus for this movie.Film has total of 6 songs composed by Thaman.In terms of music he is going in Chakri way.(In most of the movies,music will be in similarish way other than 1-2 songs).If you don't believe my fact listen to his earlier movies music like Anjaneyulu,Ragada,Kandireega.This movie can be added to above pool.

       Mahesh's khaleja dancing steps are best than this movie steps.Choreographic movements are same in most of the songs.Of all DeThadi song is best with some diff steps by backsiders.Then comes the title song and Guruvaram  in better positions.Adara adara is shadi type band baaja song similar to okkadu's Attaranitiki song(Costumes and steps of Prince).Puvai puvai song played by tollywood shilpashetty(Parvathi Melton) and Chulbuli comes into good category.All in all,if music could have been better it can be an  added advantage to movie's success.

In terms of direction
         SreenuVytla is known for his comedy flicks.Like how actor  MuraliMohan in real life believes in land and hence he is the real estate successor,Sreenu Vytla believes in comedy in his movies for success(May be my comparison is bad..but adjust this time....:):) ).Screenplay and direction has regularish vytla mark.Dialogues penned by him are catchy.Other than draggy narration and extra sentiment, credit goes to him for ornate style of direction.

In a nutshell

       The movie is complete out and out family entertainer.Even though it has lengthy narration and over bounded sentiment,comedy overshadowed all the other elements.What ever the rating this movie I give will be applied specific to extraordinary comedy elements and Prince performance.Once you watch the movie and step out of the theature,you may be in copacetic(Satisfactory) way.That's for sure I can say as per my opinion.

          Hope all the readers liked the way I executed and penned the review.Thank you 

Rating -  3.25


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chupke Chupke

In recent times I heard much about the Amitabh Bachann and Dharmendra starrer comedy flick 'Chupke Chupke'.

First time I came to know about this movie was through Deccan Chronicle.I'm a regular reader(most of the times) of DC fundamentals which posts the trivia and G.K questions every week in Sunday Chronicle.The question one of the user asked in the DC fundamentals about Chupke Chupke is
"Apart from Sholay which is the other comedy flick where the duo Amitabh and Dharmendra acted together and released in the same year 1975?"(ofcourse the answer is Chupke Chupke)

Next time I heard about this movie was through 'R.K's Open Heart with Nagarjuna' which telecasts in  abn channel.Nagarjuna said that Balakrishna was keen to act in Remake of Chupke Chupke in Telugu with me.In-fact he also sent me CD to watch the movie.This multistar flick is in initiative process and may be it starts it's full fledged process after Balakrishna's SriRamaRajyam if everything goes well.(The Chupke Chupke movie topic came,when RK asked Nag,whether he has any plans to act in multi starrer movies esp with BalayyaBabu because in earlier days both their fathers i.e N.T.R and A.N.R acted in most of multistar  flicks).

As a movie freak I was so eager to watch this movie(after above incidents stuck in my mind) and at last watched this movie yesterday.I enjoyed the movie.Especially the performances of Dharmendra who acted as Professor Parimal alias PyareMohan illahabadi and Amitabh as Prof Sukumar and the scape goat in this movie everybody acted very well,Dharmendra overshadowed everybody with his fabulous acting skills.Though it's remake of  Bengali movie 'Chhaddobeshi',it's one of the best Bollywood classical ever(which I came to know after research.).

Some interesting facts about this movie(Got from wiki)
1.Hrishikesh Mukerjee(Director/Prodecuer) wanted new actors to play roles of Amitabh and JayaBhadhuri.

2.In one of the song 'SaReGaMa' ,Md.Rafi missed one of the stanza and as he was not available during dubbing session ,it was KishoreKumar(The other singer in this song)who sang the additional stanza.

3.Jaya Bhaduri was pregnant during this filming,so most of the scenes shot on her were taken carefully and also to be noted that she acted in very few scenes through out the move.

I guess most of the readers know about this movie long back ago and I'm the only one who missed this classical movie.But I'm just writing this post so that movie lovers like me will not miss this movie...:) :).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friends Re-visited

       May be Southern Californians will not forgot this date(Sept8,2011).Curious to know why..?Let's get into details....

               It's like 3:15 to 3:20pm where I juz finished my lunch.Being a social animal,I'm chatting wth one of my pal in Facebook.Clock struck to 3:40.Suddenly power down.I'm little bit surprised and confused.Power down in US...?I taught may be my landlord is working on some stuff .To my surprise and  his ecstasy(informal way),power is off throughout the National City(A plc in SanDiego)

                         I then connected to 3G in my phone(To find out what exactly the problem of power outage) and Googl'ed 'Power Outage in National City'.I saw a link having info saying that a cab driver hit the current pole at 12:40am in Harbinson Avenue street in NationalCity ,which made  2300 San Diego Gas&Current customers into dark for a while,where some got restored at 3am and the remaining by 9am.I falsely fooled myself thinking that may be the maintenance guys are working again for proper setup of a pole.But.damn..I  am  wrong..

               The bombshell is that,power is gone through out San Diego County,Orange County,Baja California and the funny part is that even  in Mexico too(Becaz SanDiego is border to Mexico,whr itz juz 15 miles literally frm NationalCity).The wherefore for this outage is because of a 500kilo volt high voltage line between Arizona and Sandiego was disconnected and hence the havoc throughout the SD.

                    The outage made 1.3 million SD Gas and Current Co customers into dark.All in all it's US,so everything is customized and electrified(In a way everything is dependent on power).So problem's got started.No cooking,Most of the gas stations didn't have backup(generators),Internet off,no transactions,can't buy anything in the shops thru debit or credit cards.The good thing is everybody realized the nature of the problem and maintained calm and composure supporting and providing helping hands to others.The funny part is that most of them given Ice bags for free)and I heard that in one place taking this one as opportunity charged more for ice bags....:)

                     Coming to my side,as today is Thursday me and my frend Manoj decided to go to Sai Mandir.I have been postponing for longtime to go to temple,so taught of going today for sure.But when we went over there even Mandir got closed.Ohh God..even God couldn't bear this of our desi's realized the problem thinking wt to eat for dinner,so most of them took togo(parcel) from Indian restaurants(Cash only).Luckily we had only $20 cash in my frend's wallet.So we took the items what we want from Panjabi Tandoor.Thank's to Paji and co as they know the importance of hunger and hence given extra food than what we want.As we were near to our frend's(Nandu and Rahul) home,went over there.In this way got a chance to revisit.As usual fungama and masti continued in never ending way till 11pm.

                 Luckily power regained its power by 10pm in some areas and 2am in rest of the areas throughout all counties.Thanks to SD gas and county co and Govt officials.May be it's blackout day for most of them,but living without power is something different people over here faced.That's common to us,so no comments from my side,all in all I came from India.We faced this issue most of the times.But facing this type of experience(Not juz  2 or 5 mins but almost 7 hrs in my plc) for the first time in US made me something kind of fun and nice experience.

Moral - Sometimes too much advanced technology leads to problems that's what we faced today.Bygones are bygones let's hope the Govt take precautionary steps and alternatives in near coming future.

I thank my frend Rahul who suggested the title Friends Revisited for this post....:) :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Las Vegas Trip

           If any long week end is about to come,one question wch stuck our mind is What's the plan or Where to go for this long weekend?With much confusions and phone discussions which went end-end between my frends from past 15 days,finally decided to go The City of Casinos 'The Las Vegas' with help of  SanDiego and LA troop :) :).So just want to share my experiences with the readers.

               The view of LasVegas City from Stratosphere tower

LasVegas in short
            The Las Vegas is most populous city in  state of Nevada.It got the title "The Entertainment Capital of World" after Los Angeles(Initially  titled to LA  bcaz of Hollywood).The Las Vegas city is also referred as "The Live Entertainment Catpital of World" as its famous for gambling,shopping and fine dining esp reputed for Casinos.
                The actual entertainment hub is Las Vegas Strip(Unincorporated Area) located outside city limits of Las Vegas(apprx 4.3 miles),where we can see many large hotels,casinos and resorts.19 out of 25 largest hotels in terms of room count are located in this area with a total of over 67000 rooms(As per wiki info).
This strip came into limelight for its the beautification with wonderful architecture,dazzling look of hotels and amazing panoramic view of city during nitetimes from Stratosphere tower.

                          The Bellagio's Waterfall Show


No.of Dudes  - 11
San Diego troop- 6(NandKishore,Rahul,Shailenderji,Manoj Joshi,Sumit Kapur including me)
LA troop- 4(Ranjith,Santhosh,Srinivas,Anil)
BayArea - 1(Prasad Kulkarni)
Route - San Diego via Los Angeles to Las Veges
Total no.of Miles - 407miles  
Journey Time - 6 and half hours with no traffic and 8 hrs with traffic
Lodging - Imperial Palace

So how the journey began?
We started on my birthday(2nd sept friday) 10PM from San Diego leaded by Nandu bhai.. :).We drove via LA as we had to pick up our new pal(Nandu frend Prasad from LAX airport).
Reached finally to the the roshini ka shahar at 5Am(Sat).
The City welcomed us with the 50 yrs Las Vegas Sign 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' board which is located near to Mandalay Bay Hotel .
Places visited
                 Out of many we covered only few casinos.Every casino has its own unique style in terms of look and architecture.The Venetian Casino is exceptionally beautiful in terms of classy view of building and surroundings,paintings,beautiful wall carvings.When you enter inside Paris casino you feel as if everybody are playing outside bcaz the upper layer is totally covered with blue sky view kind of ceiling.MGM Grand casino is fabulous which has Lion Habitat and Movie theme style.The Bellagio's Waterfall and The Mirage's Volcano shows are highlights in this trip.The Volcano show started in the year 1989 by The Mirage Hotels,but we should say thanks to $25 million dollar redesign in year 2008 wch added icing to the existing cake.

                The Mirage Volcano Show

             The NewYork casino by name has NewYork theme with NY exchange style directions inside.The Flemingo's casino is one of oldest hotels.The place we lodged "The Imperial Palace" has mirror look to Chinese theme and the other specialty of this Casino is that most of the hotel rooms have balconies which is rare in LasVegas and also it is one of the economic values hotel along with Stratosphere and CircusCircus.Along with amazing 360 degrees view of the city from Stratosphere we can also  have scintillating 3 rides where all the rides are on  the top of the tower having the height of 1149ft(350m).On Saturday we didn't saw most of the casinos and places but we covered most of the casion's and places on Sunday..thanks to the MonoRail Transport.

                     Paris Avenue                  

Khana Khazana for belly?                                      
          Coming to dining ,we had our lunch on Saturday and Sunday in Indian restaurants(Tambha(Punjabi) and Bombay Cuisine respectively).Food is gud in both places.We Had our dinner in Mexican(Chipotle) and Italian(Pizerria Pizza) respectively on Sat and Sun.Finally we kicked off from LasVegas on Monday something like 11-12sh pm.The negative side in this trip is weather.The temperatures are too hot here (The factors behind hot whether is basically Nevada is a desert area and now its almost end of summer season..).Not to forgot we had a very good meal in Bilal restaurant(India/Pakistan cuisine)in LosAngeles. The negative part from my end is whenever  I go to any restuarants,I taught of having abstemious food but after looking over the menu and the varieties it  makes me to become a gluttonous food eater..:) :)

Lessons learnt.. :)
1.Whatever may be factors,visiting LasVegas at-least once is life worthy.
2.Becaz of high temperatures we couldn't covered much on 1st day,so better to go to LV in any seasons but best to go in seasons other than summer....(In my pt of view..)
3.If got a chance or planned again for sure will visit LasVegas

           All in all I had a awesome and wonderful vacation time after long gap.Got a chance to get introduced to new friends thru NandKishore and Ranjith.The most essence part in this trip is that I met my close pals Nikhil and Sandeep after 2 yrs.I thank each and every one who coordinated and cooperated for making this trip successful.Hope you guyz like my way of explanation...Thank You...Bye...

Info friend - Wikipedia and LasVegas trip ...:) 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Big Bear City Trip...........

Hi folks,I think you guyz are bit bored as I always kick my blogs mostly with reviews.So just for a change this time I came  with a kind'a of travel blog.As last week end was a long week end(memorial day) I went to big bear lake.So,just want to share my experiences about my trip to all of  the viewers.Me with my friends Shyam and Manoj started on Saturday from San Diego to Big Bear city  which is a 3 hr drive and 25 miles from city of San Bernardino.

                                                  On the way to Big Bear

Big Bear lake is a hilly place located in  San Bernardino county  with an altitude of 6752ft.It has a population of 6000.This city is surrounded by San Bernardino National Forest.The roadways to the big bear city are amazing with zigzaggy roads,high mountains with a beautiful view of the scenaries.On my way to the Big Bear,I came across the  sign boards saying you are now at Altitude 1000 ft,Altd 2000,altd 3000...altd 6000 which added more excitement to my trip.This place is the first Mountain recreation area in Southern California.

Once you enter the city you will be welcomed by bear kinda of statues and you will see amazing reservoir  'The Big Bear Lake' having the length expanded about 7 miles and 2 miles in width.For the first time in the US I have seen more lodges than motels.

                                                          The Big Bear Lake

Before writing my experiences in the Big Bear lake,let me share you guys the  history of Big Bear Lake.

So how did Big Bear got it’s name?
Big Bear was  earlier referred as Yuhaviat (Pine Place) as Serrano Indians Tribe(people of Pine),who are Native Americans lived here long back ago.Benjamin Devis Wilson a American/Mexican statesman and politician was assigned a task to find the Native Americans who stole the ranchers(horses) in yuhaviat ranch places.So on his way with a troop of 22 members ,he came across lot of bears.So he divided all his troop in to 11 pairs for hunting bears,which made them to gather 11 bear pelts and similarly while returning back they gathered 11 more bear pelts and hence he referred this place as Big Bear .

                                                         The Cable Ride
Big Bear city was also a gold rush place during 1861-1912 period.William Holcomb while hunting the grizzly bear(A type of brown bear ),he found a quartz(rock)flecked with gold.No sooner the  info was leaked by him, the place referred as Holcomb Valley became popular for Gold Rush.This place was famous for boxers in 1990's for trainings.

Sight  Attractions
Summer attractions - Fishing,Mountain Biking,Hiking,Zippling,Sky Chair Ride
Winter Attractions  - Sking, Snow Boarding
Ski Resorts -Snow Summit and Bear Mountain

                                                    The Pirates Boat

So how the Schedule went?
Saturday Afternoon- Fishing Boat Ride
4-6Pm -Took a power nap in the hotel ,then we went to kinda of adventurous ride in the car in evening.Driving down the hills and in the windy mills area is superb.
Dinner time? It's in the Nepali/Indian cuisine The Himalayan Restaurant.Had Nepali food for the first time.Its good especially Nepali special Momo.Thanks to Manoj.(As my friend Manoj is from Nepal, he felt more excited than - Bowling and pool.
Sunday Morning - Cabling Ride
Afternoon- Pontoon Boat Ride then Shopping.You can see wide variety of gift shops over here(if you want to propose to anybody,juz get a beautiful gift from here and propose...he he he)
Lunch Time? Had our lunch in Teddy Bear Restaurant(since 1944 in that place).Food is awesome.
we kicked off our trip in the evening with  good photo snaps and shopping and finally said bye bye to the Big bear.

My experiences
My first expression after seeing the place is like wow.It’s a natural hot spring place with beautiful scenic mountains and lake.If you capture any scenes with your camera,it can be a desktop background.The pontoon boat ride was amazing.Fishing boat is good for adventurous guys but I felt little bit scary initially but  it’s ok later on.Missed the Pirates Boat ride,Mountain biking  and the Snow Summit Sky chair ride due to windy on that day.Sunday is amazing day for us as we have experienced all the three seasons on the same day.In the morning it’s so windy having 3 degree centigrade  and in afternoon its snowy for 20-25 minutes and then as usual sunny.Even though I missed most of the best attraction rides and sight places,my quench for entertainment satisfied.Its a good place to visit for adventure rides.
 So this is how I enjoyed my long week end.Freezed my arms after a long time.Hope you guyz liked my variety kind of travel blog.Will come again with different blogs in future..till then ..Good Bye...

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mr.Perfect Review........

Cast – Darling Prabhas,Kajal , Tapsee,Kala Tapasvi ‘VishwaNath’,Prakash Raj,Nazar, Brahmanandam etc.
Producer – Raju
Direction – Dasarath ( Santhosham ,Sambharam Fame)
Music – Devi Sri Prasad
Dialogues – Abburi Ravi
Under The Banner – Sri Venkateshwara Creations
Watched at – Reading Cinemas , San Diego

Inka Katha loki velthe
Vicky(Prabhas) is a easy going tension nahi lenaka person and  don’t care attitude person when it comes to the profession.Divya(Kajal) is a bubbly happy go person,who thinks her village as a small world.The mannerism and way of talk with others by Prabhas and Kajal is different from each other.There enters the other character Tapsee who is the copycat of Vicky’s(Prabhas) mannerism and attitude.So the rest of the story is  whom will prabhas choose as his partner and what are the consequences he faces when meeting with the two..?

About  Direction
Dasarath is the face of family stories (like his earlier movies like Santhosham and Sambharam).Hmm,Ya your assumption is right.This movie belongs to flavour  of family stories.He shot the scenes very well and attached to the limited dialogues like 20-20 cricket without over bounding the sentiment.

Who is Mr.Perfect in acting?
Definitely it’s Darling Prabhas.He acted very well  in the movie in such a way that as if he involved in the character.Prabhas is going like venkatesh way in choosing the family stories(like Darling earlier).
Kajal, as cute as ever as usual  deployed the role of Divya with ease.The duo Prabhas-Kajal once again proved that they are the darlings of Andhrites.The other cutie Tapsee acted well as a maverick kinda and don't care about the world person.Credit to Dasarth for right selection of tapsee in this character.She has given her own voice for dubbing in this movie movie for the first time.Prakash Raj , Vishwanath and others involved well in their characters.

Music is by D.S.P alias Devi Sri Prasad is super.All the songs are good and rhythmic.
1.Fisrt song 'Rao gari abbayi'  is story telling about diff generations.Very pleasant and rocking.
2.Aggi Pulla and Ningi Jarapaddha is of maska chaska way with mix of chilipiness and hungama.
3.Chali Chaliga sung by Shreya Goshal is as sweet as Shreya’s voice.
4. Dol Dol is dola re dhani with much shaadi band baaja depicting the liveliness of wedding.
5.Light Teesko is really tension revealed and masti karneka song .
6.Akasham baddalina is really like Break the tempo.Prabhas and Tapsee performed well in this
song with some different kinda of steps.
7.Badulu Tochini is senti and touching in a regular way of devi sri prasad’s earlier songs.

In a Nut Shell....
In today’s world every body is Imperfect.But every body (most of them) thinks that they are Perfect by mirroring their image with others .So what exactly the  Mr.Perfect(or Miss is ..?So if you guys want the prefix Perfectionist to your name, then step into theaters.Itz a refreshing  cool family entertainer in this summer.
 Rating - 3.5/5

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank You Anna Hazare

          Many of the younger generation and the children yesterday just know about Gandhi and his Ahimsa movements during India's Independence through History and textbooks.But,we found a new face of Gandhi in India today.Ask who is Gandhi to the Youth and children today and one word which comes out is 'Anna Hazare'.Most of the youthies don't know about the Anna hazare till yesterday(even me too)and the limelight of Anna's Success and History came to be known through's Anna's hunger strike for LokPal bill.

    Anna Hazare a 73 year old chap started his fast for a better  and efficient LokPal Bill  to be drafted in the parliament having a committee to be formed with 50% of Civic Society and 50% of  Sarkari ka aadmi .An initiative from a Social Activist made a wake up call  to  India to stand on the shoes of Anna Hazare for a better and transparent bill.

             The Janthar Manthar Avenue in Delhi  rocked up with Songs and Chantings of Raghupati Raghava RajaRam,Vandematarm.,JaiHind,Bharat Matha ki Jai etc.The place is so patriotic in such a way that  everybody's nerves crossed the scales of Patriotic heights,whether it comes to a  rich or poor were united and supported Anna Hazare.Not only in Delhi,but all over India's voice raised against Corruption and support for Anna Hazare.

     After a long gap we are seeing such a scintillating and patriotic movement in India against corruption war.Sab Netha Chor hain in India(There are many who are  honest,but the political disease and the environment made them to bow their heads and low down thier voices).Thanks to all the middle class and the youth who raised their voices and supported Anna Hazare.

So what is LokPal Bill....?

After 98 hours of Anna's hunger strike,Government finally accepted the LokPal bill draft having 50% of civic society and 50% of government officials.Sarkari wale said that the bill draft would be expected to be issued in the parliament in the coming Monsoon session(let'z wait and see...Aug15th is the Deadlock(technical mein bole tho..)given by Hazare Saab to Govt..If not by that date,then again Andolan...Wtch out guyz.......).

Because of Anna Hazare's Hunger strike = Hazare log ka United Support all over India made the Government to come down from their political power and got bowled through Hazare's Ahimsa.All in all its a People's victory.

        Everybody point's the word 'Corruption' but no one cares and  fights against Corruption.Thanks Anna  Hazare for your great efforts and hardcore nature against the cunning and money eater Sarkari.We should also thank Anna's back end soldiers like RTI activist 'Arvind Kejriwal' a Ramon   Magsaysay awardee, Fearless Lady who's inspirational to most of the women in India 'Kiran Bedi',Swami Agnivesh,Art Of Living Guru Sri RaviShankar etc. 

     Above all lets Thank to  the India for coordinating and supporting Anna Hazare.Lets hope this Lokpal bill changes the face of India in the coming days.This Anna Hazare movement proved that its the Voice of the Youth which awakens the sleep of the politicians.Apart from Cricket World Cup,India tasted  the success of Anna Hazare's  Lok Pal Bill.Thank You Anna Hazare...Long Live Hazare...Yeh joh des hain tera.Swades hain tera......Jai Hind

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Thanks to the youtube users - kabirngo and rathinavneet87

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TeenMar Review

Released On - April 14 2011
Cast - PowerStar Pawan,Trisha,Kriti Krabhanda,PareshRawal,SonuSood,Ali etc
HandsOnDirection-Jayanth Paranjee(Claim to fame for Bavagaru Bagunnara,ShankarDada MBBS,Takkari Donga,Premante Idera etc)
HandsOnMoney - Ganesh Babu(Stepped into the shoes of production ..claim to fame for his earlier prodo Anjaneeyulu)
Under the Banner - Parameshwara Arts
Dialogues - Trendy Trivikram Srinivas
Music - Mani Sharma
Cinematography - Jayanan Vincent (Claim to fame for his earlier movies like TakkariDonga,OmShanthi,Raja Kumarudu ,Premante Idera etc)
Premier Show Screened - Reading Cinemas,San Diego


As this one is the remake of the Bollywood  Flick ‘Love Aaj Kal’,so story is replica of the same.
'Arjun palwai Uddham lo gelichinavadu..Micheal Velayudam Uddhaniki velthunnavadu....'
So through this statement..I think most of the readers can analyze about the story...
 In short mein  bole tho
      Micheal VelaYudham is a chef in Capetown who falls in love with Trisha.But he doesn’t believe in long term relationships and hence breaks the love with a cheerio.Trisha goes to India for her career in Art restoration,where she falls in love with local chap,a young politician(Sonu Sood) and the same with Micheal who falls in love with the foreign girl(Donah).Micheal meets the Naradha kinda of person SenaPathi(Paresh Rawal),where he explains the classical story happened 30 years ago of  his friend Arjun Palwai(Sri Ram ka avathar) to Micheal(Sri krishna ka story sticks in the mind of Micheal about the long love relationships and commitments.So the rest of the story is how Micheal get backs his love..?

Artist Performance
       PawanKalyan is back in form.He has given 100% performance to his character as a Happy going jolly Micheal and  unruffled and revolutionary Arjun Palwai like surface of water.The Present and Classical cuties  in the movie Trisha and Kriti Karbhanda  respectively involved well in  their characters with Charishma. Paresh rawal as SenaPathi is superb where the conversation between Micheal and Paresh is cool and funny.

        Music by Swara Bramha ‘Mani Sharma’ is rocking.Initially the music revolved with negative talk ,but you guyz know about the Mani’s Music Magic,where the music slowly spreaded like a poison. 
      ChiguruBoniya song is Catchy and Chirpy.The Voice of viswa is amazing.The classical youthie song ‘Vayyarala’ sung by Karunya is strings attached  to classical love. Barbi Bommaki song is jazzy and rock and roll kinda with  pawan’s rocking  steps .Sri Ganga song sung by HemaChandra and Saindhavi is highlight of the movie.Don’t know about others ,but for me the most liking song  is ‘Sri Ganga’ which mixed with serenity and divinity.Aala Bhale is almost similar to Love Aaj Kal song ‘Chor Bhazari’ is flicky and flingy.The last song  'Gelupu Thalupule..' sung by Sri Ram Chandra is calm and spirited.

In an Nutshell
    It’s Pawan Kalyan’s energy and execution which made this movie to be good.Trivikram's Dialogues were icing on the cake to the Pawan Kalyan's performance.Its a feast to all Pawan Kalyan fans and to the movie lovers.The talk will be of  mixed responses because of Love Aaj Kal effect(who already viewed gets struck to the original flick).Overall its a one man army show.So go for Pawan Kalyan....

Rating - 3/5

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time for the Celebration of Cricket......


If we ask our father or yesterday's youth(Ofcourse Gen Next too...) like what's so important about year 1983.. The first and last thing comes from an Indian is that it's the year,where Kapil Devil's won the Cricket world cup.If we ask same question in future ,like what's special about 2011,the answer would be same,that India won the World Cup and emerged as World Champions after 28 years,(I hope no one will  answer  that 2011 is prominent for 2G scam,CommonWealth Games Scam

Even though Cricket's birthplace is England,but this game was so mad in India in such a way that may be sometimes Britishers feel jealous...Yes,we give a separate and special place to the game of Cricket than other games(ofcourse that's bad too...).If we ask a little kid to list out 5 games you play mostly, in an average mostly he would list from 1-5 the word or in the other ways if we ask a Little kid What is Cricket?The kid may answer as Sachin Tendulakar.....No wonder guys.So this is what Cricket in India.Cricket in India is  Religion and Sachin is God.

    Sachin Tendulkar, gets a victory lap around his home ground

         This is the day(2nd April,2011) where every Indian Cricket fan's celebration reached to the esteem with ecstasy and emotions filled in the hearts.What a game we have experienced in the finals.Thanks to the Gautie  for his sensible (97) and Dhoni's smashless innings(91*).The duo Gautham and Kohli innings also played vital role to build the good partnership after the lose of 2 early wickets of Big Guns(Sachin and Sehwag).They brought the game back from Lankans and as well as  brought back faith to all Indian fans.
             Thanks to the duo for such a cementish stay in the crease in such a pressure situation.Yuvi's coolish 21 with precarious play of Dhoni made us to cross the victory.And also we should thank Zaheer for his wonderful bowling through out the tournament.All in all its a team effort.
     Sachin Tendulkar takes a victory lap along with daughter Sara and son Arjun

       Yes,this world cup is for sure to the God of Cricket 'Sachin' yuvi said.What a special occasion this world cup was for the little master and also for the Indian blues.For 21 years it's Sachin who carried the burden of cricket,It's time for us to take the burden from Sachin , Says Kohli...Wow..wt a Sayin..clap clap....The greatly Sangi said that , we played exceptionally good..But it's one best team who deserved for the win.Thanks Sangakkara for such a spirited statement.
         An emotional Yuvraj Singh is embraced by Suresh Raina
All in all I am overjoyed as every Indian Cricket fan.Couldn't control the emotions after the win.I have enjoyed this match to the fullest.What about you guys...?Let's keep the same faith in future and hope we do reach more and more mile standards in the game of Cricket...Hope you guyz liked this post..If you have concerns and comments.. u r welcome to get in the team......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week Days Connectivity with a Software Techie

        In today's world , the mankind is so connected to advanced technology  in such a way that he is not having enough time to spend with his family or friends or children(all in all relaxation time or what ever you may call),and in most of the cases only  weekends are relaxation hubs for connectivity.I for sure believe that most of them will connect to my statement.
Sometimes  my mind makes me to knock with a question like 'How are these 7 week days are connected to a Human Being?

So following are the funny connections I made to a Software Techie to week days , have fun reading
1.Moody Monday 
Monday Morning will be moody as  weekend gets completed and everybody needs to get set for work.Moody day in the office,obviously that's true for most of the men.

2.Talkative Tuesday 

The Guy just starts to talk with colleagues  and will connects to work.(Before leaving from office he feels that everything is good to go and may be there v'll be no issues regarding his work(Guyz you are wrong,Come to office on wednesday, you will know what happens on that day!
3.Wedding Wednesday
(Curious to know with whom..?
Go Ahead......
 OK..So here you are..Welcome dude.This is to inform that you are offered with bunch of Issues(Please highlight the word 'Issues' you will be having a  wedlock with Issues on Wednesday.
 4.Thirsty Thursday 

Hmm..You feel thirsty on this day for solutions.So once your solutions are quenched , here you are..Thursday will be Thundering Thursday.

On this day a techie can be connected to two ways depending upon yesterday's work.
Funny Friday(If all your issues are solved ),will have a good team lunch

 Else Freaking Friday (If Issues havn't solved,which makes you to think like How issues need to be solved )
 So what about WeekEnd's  Dude..?
Weekends will be dependent upon Friday.If Issues are solved by Friday then both Saturday and Sunday will
be Sunny  

 else will be Sad Days (Becasue he needs to work in the weekends which spoils all his masti and hungama)

In a nutshell to end with,it's not that as we have issues everyday ,so we are ruined....Naah.If you feel in that way just believe and follow 'Swami Vivekananda's Quote 
'In a day,when you don't come across any problems, you can be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path'
 So that's it guys, I hope the above funny funda made you to get refreshed and relaxed from your

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