Panjaa Review

Released on – 12/09/2011
Preview Screened -  Serra  Theatures,Milpitas,CA
Cast  - PowerStar Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias(Debutant),Anjali Lavania,Jackie Shroff,Adivi Sheshu,Atul    Kulkarni,Brahmi,Ali,Tanikella etc
Direction,Story – Vishnuvardhan
Produced By – Neelima  ThirumalaShetty,Nagesh Muntha,Shobhu Yarlagadda,Prasad Devineni
Written By – Abburi Ravi
ScreenPlay – Rahul Koda
Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja

The Plot
Jay(Pawan) is a hancho dude who plays two shades,towards bad boy side is kind of right hand to to the local kingpin of kolkata bhagwan(Jackie Shroff).The Good boy image on the other side  maintains the horticulture,where he meets our heroine Sandhya(Sarah Jane).Some  unfortunate circumstances leads to ruckus between Jay and Bhagwan.So how Pavan shows his panjaa is rest of the story.

How did the cast exploited?
Power star performed meticulously terrific.New face of tollywood Sarah Jane acted with easy as a bubbly gal socialistic to the society.Chotu(Ali) and Paparayudu(bhramanandam)  shared some laughing movements with Pawan Kalyan .Atul Kulkarni,Jackie ,Adivi seshu and others done well.

Director's part
Vishnu vardhan showed Pawan and movie in the stylish way.The story is routine kind of  but flaws can be identified in most of the scenes.Vishnu took the routine story in different way but he should have used more in proper phase of implementation.
Everybody given the justification in terms of acting but the problem persisted in tha backend on da way like editing,fights,screenplay etc.

How about Panjaa beats?
Music by yuvan is good.Best of the best song in the order Paparayudu takes the first place bcaz of exotic energy levels of Pawan and Brahmi..
Then comes  the title song Panjaa with Pawan's rocking steps and scintillating music.
Kshanam kshanam is similar to ela ela song @Female tonic
Anukoledhuga is also ishq effectic song
Veyra Veyra is a itemish song rocked on the floors by Anjana Lavania.

Movie is gud but lost its pace at some places.Not everybody can get digested
Its not complete full meals  but  just plate meals to most of them.Cant blame flaw in players(cast) ,but can be blamed umpire and pitch(Vishnu vardhan and co) .The ball(verdict) is  in the hands of public

Score – 2.75


  1. The movie is gives diff feel to telugu audience, u guys need masala movies,if surya acts in this movie it will be hit in tamil & telugu.I can say movie is not great but not worse as the reviews.In AP caste and star based reviews.


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