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India Ranked 2nd in ICC tests

The Indians celebrate their series victory, India v England, 2nd Test, Mohali, 5th day, December 23, 2008 After series win against England India moved up to Rank 2 in the ICC test ratings with 118 points after Australia who is ranked 1 in the ICC test ratings with 130 points.Alternatively after the magic win of South Africa against Australia in Perth test  made SA to move to 3rd position with 117 points.Now the question is who is going to move down Aussies down.. Whether India or SA...,future decides it. The following is Updated as of Dec 23 2008 Rank Team Matches Ratings 1 Australia 34 130 2 India 43 118 3 South Africa 37 117 4 Sri Lanka 28 108 5 England 41 103 6 Pakistan 19 100 7 West Indies 25 81 8 New Zealand 30 81 9 Ba

Tribute to all heroes

It's really tragedic incident in mumbai on 26/11/08 when terrorists attacked on mumbai.Not only mumbaikars got angry ,but whole India,indeed we have to say that whole world got angry. How many times we the innocent people bear such kind of bloody incidents. We don't know when ,where blasts going to take place...yesterday there were blasts on banglore,hyderabad, jaipur etc, today they attacked on Mumabi...Where it happens in future? Whom should we blame for this incidents? Everybody point their finger onGovernmant.Ofcourse they are, everytime begging for votes,quaralleing with opposition and not concentrating on development.That's the reason why our country is still a developing country but not developed country.Indeed we should point our finger to ourselves for this incident.If we choose right person who always stands on public,then we may not face such kind of incidents. I don't know why always new govt blames on opposition for development and vice versa.In every