Monday, April 30, 2012

Heart Melted Gratitude for the Award...

       What can I say..Should I say I feel privileged or I’m honored,elited et al ,like the celebrities say during award ceremonies.Whatever I’m not a celebrity dude to say those high esteem words my self.All in all on a short note I ‘m happy and thank my fellow blogger  Ruchita for nominating for the Versatile Blogger.Want to try out some delicious mouthwatering recipes?Do check  @Ruchita’s  Blog


Unknowingly Blogging has become part of my life. Initially I just thought of writing my musings on cricket,but slowly it shifted to Movies,now I can say  its blend of all flavors and hence the  recipe name I had given to my blog is The Café Adda

Though I was into blogging from past 2 years,my blog connectivity used to be mostly with my friends,family and near and dear.But day by day the way I’m getting much impressions throughout the world,it’s making my soul stronger and stronger towards love towards blogging…:)
Now there are certain rules to be followed;
1. Create a new post(Check)
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.(Check).
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
4. State 7 random facts about you.
5.Claim and post the award pic.

It’s time to pass this award to the fellow bloggers.

1.The blogger  with much portray on arts and avid reader of books @A Homemaker’s Utopia
2.Amrutha’s profession speaks in her blogs in terms of nature and biologist writings of @Bio Milieu
3.Whom he calls himself as the dare devil The Fool and where we get inspired by his wonderful writings  @Lucifer House Inc
4.A very beautiful blog with deep thoughts and her intensive writings on Telugu literature and poets @Rasagna Garu
5.Nabanita is the one who always encourages all my writings ,the person who expresses her life thoughts randomly @Random Thoughts--Naba
6.Shakti Pandit where his awesome ,splendid pics speak more than him @The 365 image project
7.Ranjith:The Person who writes writings, thoughts whole heartedly through his   @A light Hearted Talk
8.The other wonderful blogger purushotham with mix of flavors so called @Sacred Apple

7 Random facts about me….

Other than blogging I’m maniac towards Movies and Cricket.Like to dance(not a perfect dancer but still I try  falthu ki steps…lol. Like to watch social causes and thought provoking movies.

I’m a Food lover.Like to try different recipes and experiment a bit in cooking. 

Trying my best to include reading as integral part of my life. My favorite author is Chetan Bhagat.

I’m a Social animal..Trying my best not to reflect my Shadow on FB and twitter ..:)

The worst of worst I’m bit lazy .

I know this one will be bit foolish but no way I couldn’t get any random thought ..:)
If I hear any political news which leads to corruption and poor development, I feel bad and depressed. The one question which always pounds in my mind .Where’s my country going..? Literally I start speaking explicit words over the corrupted..:) ;)

I’m more connected with friends than relatives. I prefer happy, fun loving life over hatred and don’t believe much of sentiments.
           That’s pretty much about my self dabba. I thank Ruchita  once again for opting me for Most Versatile blogger.I keep my words and try to entertain the fellow readers with my crazy thoughts and writings.Thank You

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aren't We Killing Time?

Before reading the topic just read my Disclaimer...
All statements appearing in this post are for funny(Ofcourse facts)Any resemblances to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Now a days if you want to know about your friend or where he or she is?..There is no need to call that person.Just open your facebook and find his/her status.You will know his or her location or what he/she is doing now.:) :)(Not all ,just saying in a generalized way).

Imagine  how it would be if we don't have facebook.I think most of the addicted people feel mad themselves becaz they don' know what to do.There is a fact that if people are getting bored they login into facebook and if are bored hey logout the same FB.

Imagine a world with no FaceBook.All FB manics hands will be itchy to status,comment or like or share randomly.Their quench for thirsty will not be any water or juices but FB.All guys and gals roam over the street.What's the way they do likes or comments on each other.Here a boy goes to a girl and say's I like you.But what happens next?
A big slap or an expression from them in sarcasm way like Excuse Me.Mind your words.But the thing we should know that(In an avg they feel happy internally as they fell angels and beautiful).

The best way boys are eliminating this is facebook.They indirectly clicking the likes and commenting in a way like wow,so cute,Looking like angel,prety etc.
People r liking for unnecessary things which are of no use.It's not that Social networking is bad.But the way we should use should be in a positive way and also humorous way.

Here I need to bring something about status in FB. Now a days most of them are updating status which are worthless.They are pasting their physical life on Facebook wall.A few instances to say..Just now ate idli(For that 100 likes,150 comments),Entered into shopping mall,checked in to Theature,Restaurant etc.Writing random thoughts over physical regular thoughts are meaningful and welcomed.

I am not completely non fevicolic about the statuses we update..Becaz even I do update statuses.;) :).I am only saying that we should utilize it properly.We know that present Government don't care about what Opposition says or the social issues from People.The best way we can teach a lesson to the non listeners is FB or Twitter.Bringing Revolution in the society is by circulating the social content to the youngistans and world to bring awareness to everybody makes them to bow their heads down with regret or to do the things which people want for the better society. 

The reason behind this piece of social networking story is myself.I’m a timeline to facebook(In a way I’m addicted sometimes).Hence this post got evolved.So I am just expressing my views based on what I observed and what I heard.So to all the facebook or other social networking animals like me there is no any hurting’s to feel your wall or tweets.So happy posting in a better and optimal way :):).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Shreya Ghoshal is my sister..?

Its almost 2 months I didn't updated the blog.
Was busy bee these days and that's the reason I couldn't concentrated over my blog status(yes u guys are right.I am busy in updating statuses in Facebook and Twitter...:) :)  
This time I want to write on the lady who don't need much introduction ,the Singing Sensation,the oo la la gal,the diva my beautiful sister Shreya Ghoshal.Don't be awww,confused or surprised about the title or what I said that Shreya Ghoshal is my sister.You will get to know about it very shortly.

The word Shreya has all the meanings that means to the music world and which she deserves too. 
Shreya means Lucky.
Not only to Bollywood but she is lucky to all the woods movie makers in India(Her singing exposure to Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Bengal etc apart from Bollywood says that).

Shreya also refers to 'Beautiful and Most Talented'
Of course she is beautiful.She broke many young hearts all over the world with her melodious songs and rhythmic voice.
Don't you guys believe me?
Check her twitter followers..:) :) About 9 lakh followers in twitter says that.She is talented too(She bagged National awards(4),Filmfare(4),IIFA,South Filmfare(4),State Awards etc)
Some examples to say why she is Talented?
  • Winning National award for 2nd consecutive year at age of 25 is the rarest achievement.
  • Apart from this Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland declared June 26 2010 as Shreya Ghoshal Day for her contribution to Music.Point to be noted that Rabindranath Tagore,Swami Vivekananda were the only other 2 Indians who achieved this title.
Shreya goshal is the name which crawling ,gulping,sensing and humming most of the times when I think of listening to songs.Like every fan of shreya even I'm a maniac crazy listener  for her songs.May be my liking gone beyond the other fans love.I try to update and download all the songs which Shreya sings.
Are you guys against my statement?
Best example for the people over there who are against my statement is my Mobile.My iPhone background display picture is Shreya Goshal.Check the following picture.

Some space in my hard disk is dedicated to ShreyaGhoshal songs.I even writed DVD specific to ShreyaGhoshal Songs.You people need to believe now.These are just the samples to say...:) :)

This overish crazy on shreya made a weird incident which happened in my dream.May be my other friends(who also maniac listeners to Shreya Songs)and  God was jealous about my lunatic mania towards shreya goshal singing.I got a dream that Shreya is my sister where she is tying rakhee for bondness of sister and brother love.Believe it or not I got the dream for twice.
May be some people over there whistle blow about my fact but it's true.Whats the need for me to make Shreya goshal as my sister(As I already have two sisters,I don't want to put more and more burden on my the wonders in the world I think this one is weird dream of wonder getting same dream twice.
For the first time I  neglected about the dream(Because I don't want Shreya to call me Bhaiyya...he he he..)But getting the same dream again is weird dream(I need to accept now ..:) :).Everybody was humming with the song,Why this Kolaveri?May be I'm only the one humming Why this dream? happened I felt happy for the weird dream.At-least she met me in dream as a sister.Hoping to meet her in real time.
                                  Shreya didi are you listening me...?
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