Why Shreya Ghoshal is my sister..?

Its almost 2 months I didn't updated the blog.
Was busy bee these days and that's the reason I couldn't concentrated over my blog status(yes u guys are right.I am busy in updating statuses in Facebook and Twitter...:) :)  
This time I want to write on the lady who don't need much introduction ,the Singing Sensation,the oo la la gal,the diva my beautiful sister Shreya Ghoshal.Don't be awww,confused or surprised about the title or what I said that Shreya Ghoshal is my sister.You will get to know about it very shortly.

The word Shreya has all the meanings that means to the music world and which she deserves too. 
Shreya means Lucky.
Not only to Bollywood but she is lucky to all the woods movie makers in India(Her singing exposure to Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Bengal etc apart from Bollywood says that).

Shreya also refers to 'Beautiful and Most Talented'
Of course she is beautiful.She broke many young hearts all over the world with her melodious songs and rhythmic voice.
Don't you guys believe me?
Check her twitter followers..:) :) About 9 lakh followers in twitter says that.She is talented too(She bagged National awards(4),Filmfare(4),IIFA,South Filmfare(4),State Awards etc)
Some examples to say why she is Talented?
  • Winning National award for 2nd consecutive year at age of 25 is the rarest achievement.
  • Apart from this Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland declared June 26 2010 as Shreya Ghoshal Day for her contribution to Music.Point to be noted that Rabindranath Tagore,Swami Vivekananda were the only other 2 Indians who achieved this title.
Shreya goshal is the name which crawling ,gulping,sensing and humming most of the times when I think of listening to songs.Like every fan of shreya even I'm a maniac crazy listener  for her songs.May be my liking gone beyond the other fans love.I try to update and download all the songs which Shreya sings.
Are you guys against my statement?
Best example for the people over there who are against my statement is my Mobile.My iPhone background display picture is Shreya Goshal.Check the following picture.

Some space in my hard disk is dedicated to ShreyaGhoshal songs.I even writed DVD specific to ShreyaGhoshal Songs.You people need to believe now.These are just the samples to say...:) :)

This overish crazy on shreya made a weird incident which happened in my dream.May be my other friends(who also maniac listeners to Shreya Songs)and  God was jealous about my lunatic mania towards shreya goshal singing.I got a dream that Shreya is my sister where she is tying rakhee for bondness of sister and brother love.Believe it or not I got the dream for twice.
May be some people over there whistle blow about my fact but it's true.Whats the need for me to make Shreya goshal as my sister(As I already have two sisters,I don't want to put more and more burden on my head...lol).Like the wonders in the world I think this one is weird dream of wonder getting same dream twice.
For the first time I  neglected about the dream(Because I don't want Shreya to call me Bhaiyya...he he he..)But getting the same dream again is weird dream(I need to accept now ..:) :).Everybody was humming with the song,Why this Kolaveri?May be I'm only the one humming Why this dream?...lol.Whatever happened I felt happy for the weird dream.At-least she met me in dream as a sister.Hoping to meet her in real time.
                                  Shreya didi are you listening me...?
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  1. abey saala,bahut badhiya hai ;-)

  2. U r over-reacting abt SG..Anywayz its ur feelings on SG....Gud mate Gud article keep it up:)

  3. hahaha.. i feel sad abt you.. but anyways good one though..


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