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Why Shreya Ghoshal is my sister..?

Its almost 2 months I didn't updated the blog. Was busy bee these days and that's the reason I couldn't concentrated over my blog status(yes u guys are right.I am busy in updating statuses in Facebook and Twitter...:) :)   This time I want to write on the lady who don't need much introduction ,the Singing Sensation,the oo la la gal,the diva my beautiful sister Shreya Ghoshal.Don't be awww,confused or surprised about the title or what I said that Shreya Ghoshal is my sister.You will get to know about it very shortly. The word Shreya has all the meanings that means to the music world and which she deserves too.  Shreya means Lucky. Not only to Bollywood but she is lucky to all the woods movie makers in India(Her singing exposure to Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Bengal etc apart from Bollywood says that). Shreya also refers to 'Beautiful and Most Talented' Of course she is beautiful.She broke many young hearts all over the world with her m