Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Karate Kid Review

Movie Name - The Karate Kid
Genre - Action/Adventure
Director - Herald Zwart 
Producer - Will Smith,Jada Pinkett Smith,Ken Stovitz,Jerry Weintraub
Cast - Jaden Smith,Jackie Chan,Taraji P Henson etc
Released On - June 11 , 2010
Watched At - Amc Theatures , Mercado

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vedam Review

Hello bloggies , here is my  review on Vedam  . Hope you guyz like it .
Movie : Vedam          
Banner : Arka Mediaworks
Story,Screenplay,Direction  : Radha Krishna (Gamyam Fame )
Producer : Prasad Devineni and Shobu Yarlagadda
Cast : Allu Arjun , Manchu Manoj , Manoj Bajpayee , Anushka ,Deeksha Seth , Lekha Washington , Raghu babu, Satyam Rajesh etc
Music : M.M keeravani
Fights : Ram Laxman
Watched At : Imc6 Big Cinemas , SanJose , CA
What's the story all about?
Vedam connects with 5 diffrent people having their own problems .
1.Cable Raju ( Allu Arjun) is a cable operator from slums and he makes Pooja(Deeksha Seth) a rich lady to fall in love with him, so that he feels that he can live happily in the future .
2.Vivek Chakravorthy(Manchu Manoj) is a upcoming futuristic singer,where he has the dream to become a Rockstar.
3.Saroja(Anushka) is a whore who works in the brothel house for the need of the money.
4.Ramulu(nagayya) is a wool weaver (chenetha karmikudu) from sirisilla . He wants his grand son Ramu to get good education and study. 
5.Rahamuddin Qureshi(Manoj bajpayee)gets biased because of being a muslim.So he wants his family to shift to sharjah so that he feels that he can live happily over there.
              The phenomenal factor for all the above five person's is money. So will those guyz gets succeeded in earning money.What are the twists they face in their life? Will those guyz achieve their destination is rest of the story.
Gundelu Pindesina Incidents
1. When village patel takes away ramu from the school (As Nagayya(Ramulu) unable to pay debts , so Village patel takes his grandson ramu from school  to work under him)
2. When Allu Arjun absconds money from Nagayya and when he returns back with the money.
3.Conversation between Nagayya and his daughter in the law in the train regarding kidney operation where Nagayya responds as 'Em chesina mana ramu gadi chaduvu kosame "
4.Conversation between Anushka and Posani in police station.
5.When RMP doctor in the village falsely deceives Nagayya through phone.
6.Allu Arjun playing with little girl in the hospital.
7.Manoj Bajpayee's Kuran incident at the end.
8.Anushka and Doctor conversation regarding operation in the hospital.
Anandanga Navvukune Kshanalu
1.When Allu Arjun utters the word 'denamma jeevitam'
2.When Allu responds to Satyam Rajesh as 'dabbunollu navvaru raa ani' (when satyam asks  Allu that why people here  is so moody)
3.Brahmanandam and Anushka conversation in the train etc.
Artist Perfomance
Allu Arjun has given a enthralling perfomance as a slum guy . Kudos to his perfomance. Manoj as a rockstar done well according to his role.Its a daring act for Anushka to act as a prostitute and its like a cake walk for her to act in that role.Our bolly buddy Manoj bajpayee once again proved that he is a good performer . Nagayya has given some engraving and mesmerizing experience to the audience with his excellent role as Ramulu.
Other Departments
Director Krish has created a latest trend in the tollywood through this movie. He focused on the real facts of  different people who are facing today.How different  people distinguishes each other in the present society is  shown exactly in this movie.Music my M.M Keeravani  is mheeta .
My Opinion
This movie is story of Human Transformation . No doubt this movie surely gonna change the trend of our telugu cinema . A sure watch for all hunks . 
Rating ---->  3.5 *** 1/2

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Weird flight incidents

  Hii guyz , vanakkam . Hw r u guyz ? hoping that andaru(Evrybody) chilling life.This time I am coming up  with topic something refreshing and something  humorous . All this topic is pertaining to my journey in the flight . Chalo  guyz , letz get into it and see what happened to this fantoosh guy.

During my first journey in the flight,where I am about to leave  from India  to US, initially I travelled from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,Hyd to Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport,Mumbai in domestic flight. As itz my first flight journey , I  felt much happy and at the  same time I was quite tensed. To be frank, I am unable to put my seat belt tighten , itz a foreigner who helped me out in this factor . I was seated in the middle.To my other side there is a desi. May be he taught in his mind  in this way "Manodu ippude erra bus digi flight ekkutunnadu kavachhu ani (may be dis guy just nw got down from Red bus (RTC bus) and travelling in the flight for first time).This  is the first  time I where   became . 
Chalo letz go for the second incident
After getting down in Chatrapathi Airport , nw itz time for me to get into Jet Airways International flight  which will be going to arrive in San Francisco Airport . I think I am the last 10 or 11 person who is getting into flight.  Once I entered the flight I approached to my seat , I found a pillow on my seat . Unknowingly , I had a following conversation with the lady , who was next to my seat in the board .
 Me : Excuse me
Lady : Yes please
Me : May I know whose this pillow is?
Lady : Hey , its for you man .
(Because I don't know that Air Hostess provide Blanket and Pillow to every passenger in the board , and I asked about the pillow to lady because I didn't saw any pillow or bed sheet in the domestic flight which I traveled initially)
Again bhakra , and this time in front of a lady . Lol....Om Bhakraya Namaha...

Naku ardham ayindi meerantha kinda padi navestunnaru ani (I know that u all guyz are laughing like anything ) Konchem time tisukoni , unko sanghatana gurinchi chadavandi ( Take some time to go for the next incident)
       Recently when I went from San Jose to Atlanta , I was the last guy who went  for check-in for Delta Airways. When I approached for check in , the airport officials said  that , they couldn't allow check-in bag i.e 50 lbs bag as they said that,if I had come just before 1 minute , yes , juz before 1 min then I had a chance to check in my bag . Just 1 minute changed whole life.That's why we should feel that every second in our life is important.Apart from this u guyz also need to  enjoy the life to the fullesttttttt and make every second so happy. 
                         The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it
                                                                               - Richard bach
Hope you guyz had fun time reading this blog
                                                                     Mee Nestham Vajra

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golimaar Review

Hello Bloggies. I am here to write the review of Golimaar as Reviews dena padtha hain humara bloggies ke liye .
GopiChand as Ganga Ram , Priyamani  as Pavithra  , Nazar , Roja Selvamani , Ali , M.S Narayana , Kelly Dorjee  , jeeva etc
Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Directed By 
Puri Jagannadh
Produced By
Bellamkonda Suresh
Music by
Released On  27th May Thursday
Watched At  Big Cinemas IMC6 , San Jose  , CA

GangaRam (Gopi Chand)  is a orphan who has a dream to become police from childhood .  With his sheer success and hardwork Gangaram becomes Encounter Specialist. His target is to eliminate the gangs of Khaleel ( Kelly ) and Talwar . Pavitra is a event organizer who hates boys always , as its comes from her mother Roja . So , how pavitra falls in love with tough cop and how GangaRam Succeeds in eliminating the bad boys is rest of the story .
Artist Perfomance
Gopi Chand as tough cop impressed well with his extraordinary performance .His dialogues like   'Dhamki Dena Padtha hain' and pre interval dialogue is mind-blowing. Priyamani as Pavithra is impressive,but sloggy at times .Costumes haven't suited to Priyamani . May be puri taught of giving some dominant role to Roja ,and he had given the same to Roja, but  still we feel that something is missing from her role . Roja and Priyamani given their own dubbing in the movie. Others has done well according to their roles. Ali's character should have been extended .
Other Departments
Puri has came up with the same old story . We can say this movie as Pokiri 2. But , even though he framed the story very well . He shown heroism very well in the movie. Cinematography by Shyam .K . Naidu is brilliant . He worked in all Puri's earlier films . Editing was done by Marthand K Venkatesh. So , no need to find any patches from Marthand.Chakri's music is not much impressive. Background music looks similar to Pokiri.Only 2-3 songs are fantastic like Salaam Police,Golimaar title track. Nidraosthale song is the copy cat of song from Hollywood flick Desperado. Mumaith Khan debuted as a singer in this movie where, she sang theenmaar song .   
My Opinion
Movie is totally a commercial flick and don't know how this movie reaches to movie freaks . But ,I enjoyed this movie very well full to masti bcaz of GopiChand's exquisite performance.Police wale ne yeh movie toh  dekhna padtha hain .
*** 3/5
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