My Weird flight incidents

  Hii guyz , vanakkam . Hw r u guyz ? hoping that andaru(Evrybody) chilling life.This time I am coming up  with topic something refreshing and something  humorous . All this topic is pertaining to my journey in the flight . Chalo  guyz , letz get into it and see what happened to this fantoosh guy.

During my first journey in the flight,where I am about to leave  from India  to US, initially I travelled from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,Hyd to Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport,Mumbai in domestic flight. As itz my first flight journey , I  felt much happy and at the  same time I was quite tensed. To be frank, I am unable to put my seat belt tighten , itz a foreigner who helped me out in this factor . I was seated in the middle.To my other side there is a desi. May be he taught in his mind  in this way "Manodu ippude erra bus digi flight ekkutunnadu kavachhu ani (may be dis guy just nw got down from Red bus (RTC bus) and travelling in the flight for first time).This  is the first  time I where   became . 
Chalo letz go for the second incident
After getting down in Chatrapathi Airport , nw itz time for me to get into Jet Airways International flight  which will be going to arrive in San Francisco Airport . I think I am the last 10 or 11 person who is getting into flight.  Once I entered the flight I approached to my seat , I found a pillow on my seat . Unknowingly , I had a following conversation with the lady , who was next to my seat in the board .
 Me : Excuse me
Lady : Yes please
Me : May I know whose this pillow is?
Lady : Hey , its for you man .
(Because I don't know that Air Hostess provide Blanket and Pillow to every passenger in the board , and I asked about the pillow to lady because I didn't saw any pillow or bed sheet in the domestic flight which I traveled initially)
Again bhakra , and this time in front of a lady . Lol....Om Bhakraya Namaha...

Naku ardham ayindi meerantha kinda padi navestunnaru ani (I know that u all guyz are laughing like anything ) Konchem time tisukoni , unko sanghatana gurinchi chadavandi ( Take some time to go for the next incident)
       Recently when I went from San Jose to Atlanta , I was the last guy who went  for check-in for Delta Airways. When I approached for check in , the airport officials said  that , they couldn't allow check-in bag i.e 50 lbs bag as they said that,if I had come just before 1 minute , yes , juz before 1 min then I had a chance to check in my bag . Just 1 minute changed whole life.That's why we should feel that every second in our life is important.Apart from this u guyz also need to  enjoy the life to the fullesttttttt and make every second so happy. 
                         The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it
                                                                               - Richard bach
Hope you guyz had fun time reading this blog
                                                                     Mee Nestham Vajra


  1. hahaha
    om bakrayaya namaha!!!!!!!
    very well said..
    nice1 thanx for sharing..[:)]

  2. @Smruti and @Shashi

    Thank u guyz

  3. depu too much rasav kadha
    keka .......

  4. enka sari bhakra avakudaa chusuko................................................

    thnx for sharing MR. BAKRA

  5. LOL... Quiet a humorous one ... cheers!

  6. @Vijay
    Thankyou Vijay...Keep reading..:)


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