Aren't We Killing Time?

Before reading the topic just read my Disclaimer...
All statements appearing in this post are for funny(Ofcourse facts)Any resemblances to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Now a days if you want to know about your friend or where he or she is?..There is no need to call that person.Just open your facebook and find his/her status.You will know his or her location or what he/she is doing now.:) :)(Not all ,just saying in a generalized way).

Imagine  how it would be if we don't have facebook.I think most of the addicted people feel mad themselves becaz they don' know what to do.There is a fact that if people are getting bored they login into facebook and if are bored hey logout the same FB.

Imagine a world with no FaceBook.All FB manics hands will be itchy to status,comment or like or share randomly.Their quench for thirsty will not be any water or juices but FB.All guys and gals roam over the street.What's the way they do likes or comments on each other.Here a boy goes to a girl and say's I like you.But what happens next?
A big slap or an expression from them in sarcasm way like Excuse Me.Mind your words.But the thing we should know that(In an avg they feel happy internally as they fell angels and beautiful).

The best way boys are eliminating this is facebook.They indirectly clicking the likes and commenting in a way like wow,so cute,Looking like angel,prety etc.
People r liking for unnecessary things which are of no use.It's not that Social networking is bad.But the way we should use should be in a positive way and also humorous way.

Here I need to bring something about status in FB. Now a days most of them are updating status which are worthless.They are pasting their physical life on Facebook wall.A few instances to say..Just now ate idli(For that 100 likes,150 comments),Entered into shopping mall,checked in to Theature,Restaurant etc.Writing random thoughts over physical regular thoughts are meaningful and welcomed.

I am not completely non fevicolic about the statuses we update..Becaz even I do update statuses.;) :).I am only saying that we should utilize it properly.We know that present Government don't care about what Opposition says or the social issues from People.The best way we can teach a lesson to the non listeners is FB or Twitter.Bringing Revolution in the society is by circulating the social content to the youngistans and world to bring awareness to everybody makes them to bow their heads down with regret or to do the things which people want for the better society. 

The reason behind this piece of social networking story is myself.I’m a timeline to facebook(In a way I’m addicted sometimes).Hence this post got evolved.So I am just expressing my views based on what I observed and what I heard.So to all the facebook or other social networking animals like me there is no any hurting’s to feel your wall or tweets.So happy posting in a better and optimal way :):).


  1. So what you say is use social networking in a right way, rather concentrating on unnecessary stuff..

    Good one!!!

  2. Thank You Bharathi..:) :)After all why we should use the social networking sites..

  3. Awesome Post!! well description of FB addiction.... No doubt we should use social networking in promoting awareness instead of giving updates about your own life

  4. Let me share one thing. I was one of those addicts. For past few weeks I have so much time because I hardly login to FB now :)
    Towers and Shadows

  5. @Ruchitha Thank You for u r comment:)That's true..Awareness is more imp than updating much abt our life..

  6. @Captain Awesome That's nice.Hope at-least a few change after they read this post or u r comment..:) ;)

  7. Hi Vajra,

    An award waiting for you @

    Please accept it as my appreciation for your good work!!



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