Heart Melted Gratitude for the Award...

       What can I say..Should I say I feel privileged or I’m honored,elited et al ,like the celebrities say during award ceremonies.Whatever I’m not a celebrity dude to say those high esteem words my self.All in all on a short note I ‘m happy and thank my fellow blogger  Ruchita for nominating for the Versatile Blogger.Want to try out some delicious mouthwatering recipes?Do check  @Ruchita’s  Blog


Unknowingly Blogging has become part of my life. Initially I just thought of writing my musings on cricket,but slowly it shifted to Movies,now I can say  its blend of all flavors and hence the  recipe name I had given to my blog is The Café Adda

Though I was into blogging from past 2 years,my blog connectivity used to be mostly with my friends,family and near and dear.But day by day the way I’m getting much impressions throughout the world,it’s making my soul stronger and stronger towards love towards blogging…:)
Now there are certain rules to be followed;
1. Create a new post(Check)
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.(Check).
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
4. State 7 random facts about you.
5.Claim and post the award pic.

It’s time to pass this award to the fellow bloggers.

1.The blogger  with much portray on arts and avid reader of books @A Homemaker’s Utopia
2.Amrutha’s profession speaks in her blogs in terms of nature and biologist writings of @Bio Milieu
3.Whom he calls himself as the dare devil The Fool and where we get inspired by his wonderful writings  @Lucifer House Inc
4.A very beautiful blog with deep thoughts and her intensive writings on Telugu literature and poets @Rasagna Garu
5.Nabanita is the one who always encourages all my writings ,the person who expresses her life thoughts randomly @Random Thoughts--Naba
6.Shakti Pandit where his awesome ,splendid pics speak more than him @The 365 image project
7.Ranjith:The Person who writes writings, thoughts whole heartedly through his   @A light Hearted Talk
8.The other wonderful blogger purushotham with mix of flavors so called @Sacred Apple

7 Random facts about me….

Other than blogging I’m maniac towards Movies and Cricket.Like to dance(not a perfect dancer but still I try  falthu ki steps…lol. Like to watch social causes and thought provoking movies.

I’m a Food lover.Like to try different recipes and experiment a bit in cooking. 

Trying my best to include reading as integral part of my life. My favorite author is Chetan Bhagat.

I’m a Social animal..Trying my best not to reflect my Shadow on FB and twitter ..:)

The worst of worst I’m bit lazy .

I know this one will be bit foolish but no way I couldn’t get any random thought ..:)
If I hear any political news which leads to corruption and poor development, I feel bad and depressed. The one question which always pounds in my mind .Where’s my country going..? Literally I start speaking explicit words over the corrupted..:) ;)

I’m more connected with friends than relatives. I prefer happy, fun loving life over hatred and don’t believe much of sentiments.
           That’s pretty much about my self dabba. I thank Ruchita  once again for opting me for Most Versatile blogger.I keep my words and try to entertain the fellow readers with my crazy thoughts and writings.Thank You


  1. Thanks for appreciating my work. It is still a blog in progress, but it is the encouragement of readers like you that motivates me to write more :)

  2. Thank you Amrutha.All in all the encouragement exists through readers.That's how we reach niche.You deserve this...:) :)

  3. Thank you so much brother for nominating me for the award..I will try my level best to keep my blog alive...Thank you once again..:-)

  4. Congrats, Vajra. And thanks for awarding me.

  5. Hey Vajra!! Congrats.. You do deserve it. And am happy to be your friend.
    Keep doing awesome work !!!

  6. @A Homemaker's Utopia
    Thank You Nagini Sister.You truly deserve the award for u r master piece art and book reviews.I would have missed the world class movies @Satyajit Ray's Apu Triology if I didn't met u r blog.keep the same spirits to inspire the newbies like us...:)

  7. @The Fool
    Thanks a ton and Im grateful to read u r wonderful writings....:):)

  8. @Ruchita
    Im ecstatic and suprised too..Mixed feelings..Thankyou again for the Award Ruchi.Happy to get friends like you.I keep the promise to continue writing with celebration of love and humanity...:):)

  9. Hey! first of all Congratulations for the award. You deserve it for being versatile. with reviews, cricket and music... with a few posts on telugu, farmers, army, trips in the USA (BIG city, etc...)

    I have gone thru your writings... not very detailed as I found most of the stuff about movies... hahaha.... I only had to laugh the way you took it forward and I advise my friends to read your blog before they plan for movies...

    though couldn't comment on all, consider this as a global comment from 02-11-2008 your first to as of now... the content is good and welcoming. If I were to be a fan of either movies or cricket... I would have read your blog twice by now... haha...

    And, thanks for the award you gave me - very kind gesture and nice lines you wrote about my blog. I would be a lot more happier if you could give this award to anyone who deserves it better and finds it encouraging.... Cause, I have got that award a couple of times already.

    All the more, I am going to close down my blog for various reasons, and your kind gesture wouldn't be honoured well if I do that. I request you to pass it on to someone who deserves it. :)

    thanks again and many congratulations.

  10. @KAM OMG Im flying High..This one is one of the best of best compliment I got ever.Great words from the bloggers like you is a big encouragement for us.Coming to the award I will try my best to opt the award to the other enthusiastic,newbie blogger who is floating same like me.The only thing I feel bad is that you are quitting from blogging.It will be a light-less day to the bloggers as they miss your articles and writings...:) :)

  11. Here is my post on the award. Thank you so again for nominating me :)

  12. ముందుగా మీకు లభించిన పురస్కారానికి హృదయపూర్వక శుభాకాంక్షలు! తీరుబడిగా మీ బ్లాగు మొత్తం తప్పక చదువుతాను! ఇందులో నా బ్లాగుని పరిచయం చేయడం, అంత మంచి పరిచయ వాక్యాలు వ్రాసినందుకు నా శత సహస్ర ధన్యవాదాలు! నిజంగా ఇటువంటివి తీసుకునే అంత అర్హత నాకుందని మీరు భావిస్తున్నందుకు కృతజ్ఞతలు.
    నాకు కాఫీ తాగే అలవాటే లేదే:) మీరేమో ఈ పేరు పెట్టారు :(

  13. Thanks Rasagna garu. Naa tapa's chaduvutunanduku dhanyavadamulu. Meeru eey award ki deserve avtharu.
    Enni enno vishayalu mee blog dvara memu nerchukunnam..So meeru truly deserves this award. Coffee eey kadhu tea tagevallu ,neelu tage eey manishi ayina naa blog ki ahrule...:)


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