Friends Re-visited

       May be Southern Californians will not forgot this date(Sept8,2011).Curious to know why..?Let's get into details....

               It's like 3:15 to 3:20pm where I juz finished my lunch.Being a social animal,I'm chatting wth one of my pal in Facebook.Clock struck to 3:40.Suddenly power down.I'm little bit surprised and confused.Power down in US...?I taught may be my landlord is working on some stuff .To my surprise and  his ecstasy(informal way),power is off throughout the National City(A plc in SanDiego)

                         I then connected to 3G in my phone(To find out what exactly the problem of power outage) and Googl'ed 'Power Outage in National City'.I saw a link having info saying that a cab driver hit the current pole at 12:40am in Harbinson Avenue street in NationalCity ,which made  2300 San Diego Gas&Current customers into dark for a while,where some got restored at 3am and the remaining by 9am.I falsely fooled myself thinking that may be the maintenance guys are working again for proper setup of a pole.But.damn..I  am  wrong..

               The bombshell is that,power is gone through out San Diego County,Orange County,Baja California and the funny part is that even  in Mexico too(Becaz SanDiego is border to Mexico,whr itz juz 15 miles literally frm NationalCity).The wherefore for this outage is because of a 500kilo volt high voltage line between Arizona and Sandiego was disconnected and hence the havoc throughout the SD.

                    The outage made 1.3 million SD Gas and Current Co customers into dark.All in all it's US,so everything is customized and electrified(In a way everything is dependent on power).So problem's got started.No cooking,Most of the gas stations didn't have backup(generators),Internet off,no transactions,can't buy anything in the shops thru debit or credit cards.The good thing is everybody realized the nature of the problem and maintained calm and composure supporting and providing helping hands to others.The funny part is that most of them given Ice bags for free)and I heard that in one place taking this one as opportunity charged more for ice bags....:)

                     Coming to my side,as today is Thursday me and my frend Manoj decided to go to Sai Mandir.I have been postponing for longtime to go to temple,so taught of going today for sure.But when we went over there even Mandir got closed.Ohh God..even God couldn't bear this of our desi's realized the problem thinking wt to eat for dinner,so most of them took togo(parcel) from Indian restaurants(Cash only).Luckily we had only $20 cash in my frend's wallet.So we took the items what we want from Panjabi Tandoor.Thank's to Paji and co as they know the importance of hunger and hence given extra food than what we want.As we were near to our frend's(Nandu and Rahul) home,went over there.In this way got a chance to revisit.As usual fungama and masti continued in never ending way till 11pm.

                 Luckily power regained its power by 10pm in some areas and 2am in rest of the areas throughout all counties.Thanks to SD gas and county co and Govt officials.May be it's blackout day for most of them,but living without power is something different people over here faced.That's common to us,so no comments from my side,all in all I came from India.We faced this issue most of the times.But facing this type of experience(Not juz  2 or 5 mins but almost 7 hrs in my plc) for the first time in US made me something kind of fun and nice experience.

Moral - Sometimes too much advanced technology leads to problems that's what we faced today.Bygones are bygones let's hope the Govt take precautionary steps and alternatives in near coming future.

I thank my frend Rahul who suggested the title Friends Revisited for this post....:) :)


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