The Sunshine Girl

Train number 12604 Chennai Express from Secundrabad to Chennai is expected to depart from platform no -6

Run boy run is what I am saying myself from past 3 mins after hearing the announcement from outside the Railway station. The way I am running is like Marathon 5k run.  I may lose in Marathon but I won with my late time to get into train.

Once I sat on my allotted berth, I realized that the sun shine which not sparked outside, but sparked in front me. This is all because of a beautiful sunshine girl who sat in front of me. She was drinking water, while I am like aww with my mouth open looking at her like a statue. She saw my weird and pagal looks and gave me a typical bewildered look. Do you want water is what the question came from her…? Hello Mister….I am asking you only are you thirsty? Do you want water sir?(Thank god she didn't welcomed me as bhaiyya…lol)

I came out from my shock and said yes ye…I’m thirsty, where my words started stammering automatically. Lady: I know this is summer and moreover I am observing you from 1 min you are running like mad dog to catch the train. She handed the chilled water bottle to me.
My quench for thirst was satisfied, but my quench for heart didn’t satisfy

Me: This is Deepesh Premal. Nice to meet you 
The Lady: This is kyra .Same here ..:) :)

Me: kyra ..very sweet name(The problem with boys is that even if the girl say her name as yadamma or surpenaka(Devil name) still we say wow. Sweet name….:) ). For a while I went into dream for a duet...:) :)


Silence aroused for 10 mins don’t know what to speak, how to start any topic. I picked a book to read, it’s  love guru Chetan Bhagat’s 2 states. To my sudden surprise and coincidence Kyra also started picking the book named 2 states from her bag. At last silence broke through Chetan Bhagat’s book. Ohh wow so even you like to read  Chetan Bhagat’s books is what the question came from Kyra.

Me: Yes, I like his books a lot. After all his stories have cupid love stories and movie appeals. So what do you do kyra ?(is what the question I added from my end)
Kyra: I am a Teacher in primary school. My subject is Science. How about you Premal..?
Me: I am a tension engineer.
Kyra: Tension engineer, what kind of profession it is mean are you Psychiatrist..?
Me: Ha ha.. No I mean I am a software engineer.
Kyra: Ha ha..Now I got you .why you said that you are Tension Engineer.(When she smiled  I could see the Rainbow in her face…)
Me: I have one question, can  I ask you Kyra..?
Kyra:Yes please..
Me: From my childhood I experience and what  I heard in generalized way is that its always English teacher who looks pretty. How come a science teacher is so pretty..?
She started blushing again. Oh my God not again. My heart is dancing more than my smile.
Kyra: So you traveling to Chennai?
Me: Yes I am going to visit my sister..How about you..?
Kyra: I came here to meet my sister..:):)..Now I am going back. Then she started about her experiences in Hyderabad, How she enjoyed the Hyderabad food and the must see places she visited.

The so called typical train conversations are going on like a rapid fire where I ask One line question and in reply she bounces back with essay type answers with her nonstop blah blah glib talking about her likes in Music, Vacations and food etc. Lot of selling vendors moving from compartment to compartment to sell food, drinks, snacks etc,But I am so busy that I am keep on looking and listening to Kyra's bubbly talk. At one time even I didn't cared when TC came and asked me about the ticket. I am so deeply involved in her conversation and at-last TC had to shout like a politician in Assembly. He gave me a serious look  while checking my ticket(After 3 hrs train stopped at Warangal Station, could hear the people selling chai and samosas  etc)
The Train started moving again and at last I got a chance to talk from my side about my likes and dislikes etc. At one movement she realized the dinner time and opened her Tiffin box . She offered me chapathis and while eating she started the health benefit class this time. What to eat ,what not to eat, which food has high protein etc .
Me: Now I came to know , why you are into Science..OMG so much of health info.(Again the close up smile from her). 
Finally its yawning time she went into sleep. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Someone turned off lights in my compartment and that's how I finally closed my lids. Next morning while we are up..seems that we reached Chennai. With much disappointment I had to get down from train. I thought of talking to Kyra but all my guts went into vein. Went to my sister place with disappointment.
After couple of days I went to Marina Beach to overcome the hot temperatures with cool breezes. By the way Marina beach is the 2nd largest beach in the world which has wide variety of sand foreshore. At one side young children are playing in water, at one end newly married writing their names in their sand,  even though in these much sounds and hungama I felt like tranquilized where I can sense only two. One is the physical effects of the shores silencing sounds and the other is virtual movement I started thinking of Kyra..:) 

Like every Bollywood movie(Or whatever wood you like), In a cinema style I could see Kyra who  sat 20 foots away from me who was in intensified mood looking over the lovely flowing waters. My heights of ecstasy was in a such a way I jumped into sky with joy filled in my heart and shouted  Eureka ,Eureka I found her again..(Like Archimedus who shouted Eureka.. ). As I shouted like a lion, the children beside me who are in play mood suddenly scared and so Kyra.

But after seeing me, she started laughing and that's how we met again. This time I didn't lose her. We went again into those blissful conversations and she took to me to all the for sure attractions of Chennai. I couldn't bear the hot temperatures but this sun shine girl is so happy..she didn't cared of the hot summer. 
Me: How could you manage this hot summer
Kyra: The secret behind this is Lakme's Sunscreen.

Enough is Enough, finally the dare question came from my heart to mind..
Me: Can I Marry you? 
Kyra: What..Are you mad(This one is the common answer girls say when this question arises.  They give a weird look as if they say No..:) :) )
Me: Yes my heart was mad for the first time I saw you in the train and thus how my heart became abnormal..but your smile made me normal.
Kyra:  I already gave my heart to you during our first visit in our
Me: So  weird. How come you like this monkey..
Kyra: Keeping facts into existence we human beings come from monkeys ..he he he.Got it..
Me: Oh come on Sun shine girl.Not again...Don't start your science classes again..
We started moving forward to enter into restaurant.......
The Turning Point
When I am back in to my home in Hyderabad , My mom said that she looked a beautiful bride for me.Pelli cheusko raa vedhava..Ammayi kundanapu bomma laga untundi is what my mother said.(Marry this pretty girl idiot..She looks like an angel)
Me: No amma..Please don't raise the marriage matters again.
Mother: Her name is Kavya Ramani. Her name is as beautiful as her picture. Check this picture beta.
Me: No amma..i don't want to marry any kachara kavya or rubber ramani .
Mother: Can you tell me one reason behind your rejection. You will say Yes after looking her picture. Look here..
When I saw the pic of her, I was astonished. I felt so happy. Its none other than Kyra..the beautiful Sunshine girl...Ohh science..So u didn't revealed your real name aah..And I went into dream mode
Mother: What happened..Do you like her not..?
Me: When are we going to the bride's house to meet her..? I like to marry her is what  I responded...
My mother is on cloud 9 , but she don't know that I am already flying high..

After 4 days I am  again at station(with my Parents) and I could hear the announcement again
Train number 12604 Chennai Express from Secundrabad to Chennai is expected to depart from platform no -6
This time I reached the station early( Because parents have Good time management skills over children)

I'm on my way to meet the SunShine girl...Good Bye...:) :)

All the gif images are from Google search and video source is from Youtube...

This post is inspired from IndiBlogger Contest sponsered by Lakme....


  1. Very sweet Post... I like the climax in it.. Visual effect is also very nice... All the best for contest

  2. Thats a sweet post to say the least !

  3. @Ruchi Yh I tried to connect my visualizations with my story...Hence visual effects...:) :)
    Tnq for u r warm words...

  4. @Rahul...Tnq for u r wonderful words..Keep visiting...:) :)

  5. nice story dude,did u find your kyra by the way

  6. Hi Vajra,I wish you will find a beautiful girl (in my painting) as bride..:-))..All the best..nice post..:-)

  7. superb post dheepu,seems like a real story.

  8. @Siddu..Thank you ra...Hunt will be anyways in coming days..let's see...:) :)

    @HomeMaker Utopia...Thank you nagini garu..I hope I'll get kundanapu bomma...:) :)

    Thank you sister..

  9. Hehe, Nicely Told. Lovely story, train conversations and then the end.
    All the best for the contest Vajra.

  10. Quite an experience to read the post. Thoroughly enjoyed the style.

  11. @DS Thank You ..Glad u like my post...Keep visiting...:)

    @Neeraj Kumar
    Thank You very much sir for your golden words...

  12. It was like watching a highly passionate drama. How beautifully, you have presented...

  13. @HariMohan... Thank You sir..Keep visiting

    @Panchalibolchi Thank you for u r wonderful comment madam.I tried my best to frame this post as drama Glad you liked my post.

  14. It is really nice:) I thought it is your real story, but at the end I realized that it is a not true, just your imagination. Hope your name is same as in the story:P Nice:):)
    All the best:)

  15. @Chinni..

    Thankyou for u r grateful words. I tried my best to make this imaginary story kind of real one. Ha ha..meeru akkade pappulo kalesaru:)..My name is not the same one wch I mentioned in this story. :) :)


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