Internet Is Fun

Feeling bored? Do you want your face to get smiled instantly. Open you will find the doodle of the day. The title speaks that Internet can be fun. Yes Internet is funny in many ways and also useful in many ways. The use of Internet many ways makes Internet as Fun for the world. 

In childhood days we learn the Transitive Dependency Rule
--->B  B  --->C Then A--->C
In human beings language A is Human being, B is the Resource and C is Internet
For any kind of research and to get the particular resource we opt Internet.
So in a way Human beings automatically connects to Internet.
So Human  ---> Internet
I hope my logic of explaining didn’t confused even non math readers over there.

In a fast running world today, we are running very fast to compete with time to finish the tasks allotted to us or to do list that we have. So in these environments we are winning against time because of Internet. This is all because we are finishing lot of tasks through Internet.

Sometimes I feel that the hikes in fuel prices are controlled by Internet. Don’t you guys accept my statement? Are you guys confused with my statement? Let me explain what I mean to say.

You want to pay your current bill? Get the food from outside restaurants? Want to deposit or send money to other recipients?  Check the online transactions in Bank? Shop something for yourself or for Home to decorate? Want to book tickets in advance for tomorrow’s show .No need to take your bike or car to roam over the streets where you face heavy traffic. You are getting A-Z from Internet. Yes highlight the word Internet. The online system is making your tasks to be finished easily.

You may think or ask how the above facts relates to Internet Is Fun title. Yes even though we are doing some serious things we are finishing everything through Internet in rapid way. Doesn’t your soul feel pride or joy for the things done swiftly? Not only you are getting things done through Internet but also you are maintaining the important piece which is part of life of everybody called as Time Management.

Like the caption ‘Wherever You Go Our Network Follows’ by the Hutch-Essar group(Now Vodafone). Internet is following the human being in many ways.
A few examples to say...
Ask 3rd class kid what he will do when he browse the net. The answer would be Play Games, zig zag his mind with puzzles, watch their favorite cartoons etc. Ask lady what she will do when she is on computer. She says she is trying to find the matching colors for her skirt. Find products for makeup. Watch their favorite serials that they missed yesterday.

How about guys? Play some action movies. Browse their favorite actress wallpapers (of course gals browse actors…).So that they can put it as their desktop background wallpaper. How about our fathers..? They browse for the latest current affairs, listen to classical songs and watch movies. Tweak the financial news section etc. How about our Mother? My God, she will be too busy to find different recipes to cook. They not only watch T.V to get recipes but Internet too. 
 Source Image - the captions based on the title)

Ask a software professional, who is the Father of Software coding? Don’t expect that they answer as James Gosling(Father of Java Programming), Dennis Ritchie( Father of C, Unix) or Watts Humphrey(Father of Software quality) etc. The collaborative answer from everyone would be Google. Ha ha yes I’m true they will say Google. You know in such a competitive world it’s hard to memorize or store the syntax's in software people brains. All software people are Gajinis if you ask me. So the easy way they are getting the code or any syntax for accomplishment of task. Its not any Rocket Science brains behind the application that are running today. For all the things its Google where the rocket science for it is Internet. If there is no Internet there will be no Google and hence the software industry stops.. :) :)

Even parents are making the use of Internet in efficient way to make fun of their children. The hunt for brides and grooms are happening through online portal matrimony.

Source Image - captions based on the title) 

Mom: Beta Rahul ..Tere Shaadi karne ke liye kuch socha ki nahi. Mein ne tumko ek acchi ladki doonda(Son Rahul,did u thought about your marriage, I found a pretty girl for you)

Son: Maa,Mein abhi shadhi karne ka mood mein nahi hoon.Tum ne Shaadi walo ko kab mera photo bheja.(Come on Mom,I don’t want to get married now. I need to enjoy my freedom some more time.When did you send my copies to marriage consultants)

Mom: Nahi Rahul, mein ne tumko mein ladki dekha….( I picked the pretty girl from online marriage portal

Like how the Vodafone’s ZooZoo became a big hit throughout the world .Not just because of its uniqueness and humorous part but the concept which they brought with much Innovation. Today people are becoming innovative not just from outside world but also inside world called as Internet. Internet is making the zoozoo effects to the people. There are still some people who are using Internet in bad ways like morphing, portraying bad image on Good people etc. So if the society throws those kind of  gloomy things in thrash, Internet can have more flavors of Fun.. :)
This is the entry for Vodafone’s Internet is Fun contest. For more details check 


  1. NIce Post!! It truly depict how are life has changed with internet

  2. very insightful take. well penned.

  3. @Ruchita ... Thank You very much...Keep reading..:) :)

    @Maun Vision - Thank You sir...

  4. nice post :) all the best !!
    have a look on this one too and feel fee to share your views..

  5. surely internet changes life and it is one of the most biggest invention made in terms of would nt be the same if it were nt internet or mobile for that matter!

  6. Very nicely penned...and I totally agree with @The Solitary Writer's view.

  7. @Saurabh Chawla
    Thank you for your stop here,Will sure read for sure..Keep reading and All the best for ATB...

  8. @Solitary Writer...
    True dude..Internet changed the world..In the front humans are moving fast to make world move forward,but its back-end making Internet to run the world..:) :)
    Thank you for your wonderful comments


    JNK dude..tnq for u r comments.meants a lot to me...keep reading..:)


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