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Internet Is Fun

Feeling bored? Do you want your face to get smiled instantly. Open you will find the doodle of the day. The title speaks that Internet can be fun. Yes Internet is funny in many ways and also useful in many ways. The use of Internet many ways makes Internet as Fun for the world.  In childhood days we learn the Transitive Dependency Rule A  --->B  B   ---> C Then A ---> C In human beings language A is Human being, B is the Resource and C is Internet For any kind of research and to get the particular resource we opt Internet. So in a way Human beings automatically connects to Internet. So Human  ---> Internet I hope my logic of explaining didn’t confused even non math readers over there. In a fast running world today, we are running very fast to compete with time to finish the tasks allotted to us or to do list that we have. So in these environments we are winning against time because of Internet. This is all because we are finishing lot o