Farewell to DADA

On delhi test it is JUMBO ie kumble who retired from tests.Now it's dada who retired from test cricket .He played his last test against Australia in kanpur.
We can say saurav as most splendid cricketer with grudgeness in his voice.
He debuted in tests in 1996 against England.He shots towards off side are exquisite.
He can be said as "God of off side". On debut match he scored a century becoming the third
person to score a century in debut in Lords after Harry Graham and John hampshire.
In the 2nd innings he agained scored century ,thus becoming the 3rd person to scored century in both innings in debut.After that he did'nt look back and played memorable innings.
In 2000 he was handed over the captiancy.He was a successful man as a captian over Azaruddin and sunil gavaskar in tests.He is active in the field, dare-devil to others , rigidness in his captiancy.During his captiancy India reached to final in 2003 world cup.In 2004 he has a poor form , and he was expelled from the team due to some circumstances between coach and captain.All critics said that it would be better if he gives retirement.But Dada does'nt care about the critics.He struggled a lot and fought back . He answered all his critics through his bat.He had a good form in tests.So he thaught it's right time to give his retirement and so he announced his retirement. On his last test ie against Austalia he scored 85 in 1st innings and
0 (bad luck ) in 2nd innings.
On the last day , ie on 10 th wicket , dhoni asked Dada to do captiancy. Who can miss his game tactics and his shoutings in the field during captiancy. His movements in the field made us to remember his captiancy days.Once India won the watch , It was little master Tendulkar who directly came to dada and hugged him.
Farewell to The Royal bengal Tiger DADA


  1. farewell to ganguly in a unique way!!! nice post

  2. his last test was in nagpur but not in kanpur.
    he didnt score successive centuries in his first test,but his century in second innings was in his third test.
    make corrections in your post,we are the hard core fans of our DADA


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