Trip to Stinson beach

Trip on- 11/19/2008                                                                                                                           After coming to US, for the first time I had a good trip from past 3months.I along with my friends went to Stinson beach.Firstly I should thank Birthday boy Vishal&Co (for arranging this trip) and Hasti Raju(As he was out for the trip for some circumstances,so I was opted).
                                                           Zigzag roads on the way
HISTORY                                                                                                                                      Stinson Beach, California is an unincorporated community in Marin Country, California, on the west coast of the United States. The population of the Stinson Beach CDP (Cesus Designated Place) was 751 at the 2000 census.It's near important attractions are Muir woods National monument, Muir Beach and Mount Tamalpais .It has a long beach with occasional opportunities for surfing, although the water is cold and fog is common throughout the year.
Hilly Area in Stinson Beach

Stinson beach is about 2hr drive from sunnyvale where I 'm located through car.Stinson Beach is about a 30-minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge. On our way to stinson beach we faced a 10 mile distance road in zig zag way.My mind deviated to my home country when I saw such zig zag roads on My way to SriSailam with my family.On my way to trip I came across companies like ,Oracle etc in SFO.

The flowing water sounds,beautiful sunshine,foggy clouds,whispering sounds of birds,beautiful scenaries made me to fly in the air.We had fun there by playing cricket in the beach.We all friends gathering in the beach made me to remember the Happydays song "Oh My Friend".
On my return to home I was experienced to see the fabulous and magnificent Golden Gate bridge. Joy filled my heart on this blissful day which my mind went into tranquility state after visiting Stinson beach. Overall our trip ended with fun and pleasure.


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