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The Las Vegas Trip

           If any long week end is about to come,one question wch stuck our mind is What's the plan or Where to go for this long weekend?With much confusions and phone discussions which went end-end between my frends from past 15 days,finally decided to go The City of Casinos 'The Las Vegas' with help of  SanDiego and LA troop :) :).So just want to share my experiences with the readers.                 The view of LasVegas City from Stratosphere tower LasVegas in short             The Las Vegas is most populous city in  state of Nevada.It got the title "The Entertainment Capital of World" after Los Angeles(Initially  titled to LA  bcaz of Hollywood).The Las Vegas city is also referred as "The Live Entertainment Catpital of World" as its famous for gambling,shopping and fine dining esp reputed for Casinos.                 The actual entertainment hub is Las Vegas Strip(Unincorporated Area) located outside city limits of Las Vegas(apprx 4.3 mi

The Big Bear City Trip...........

Hi folks,I think you guyz are bit bored as I always kick my blogs mostly with reviews.So just for a change this time I came  with a kind'a of travel blog.As last week end was a long week end(memorial day) I went to big bear lake.So,just want to share my experiences about my trip to all of  the viewers.Me with my friends Shyam and Manoj started on Saturday from San Diego to Big Bear city  which is a 3 hr drive and 25 miles from city of San Bernardino.                                                   On the way to Big Bear Big Bear lake is a hilly place located in  San Bernardino county  with an altitude of 6752ft.It has a population of 6000.This city is surrounded by San Bernardino National Forest.The roadways to the big bear city are amazing with zigzaggy roads,high mountains with a beautiful view of the scenaries.On my way to the Big Bear,I came across the  sign boards saying you are now at Altitude 1000 ft,Altd 2000,altd 3000...altd 6000 which added more excitement to my tri

Trip to Stinson beach

Trip on- 11/19/2008                                                                                                                           After coming to US, for the first time I had a good trip from past 3months.I along with my friends went to Stinson beach.Firstly I should thank Birthday boy Vishal&Co (for arranging this trip) and Hasti Raju(As he was out for the trip for some circumstances,so I was opted).                                                            Zigzag roads on the way HISTORY                                                                                                                                       Stinson Beach, California is an unincorporated community in Marin Country, California, on