India won Border Gavaskar trophy

Yesterday I've watched the 4th test between India and Australia .With 381 as target Aus batsmen Hayden and katich came to bat. During lunch it was 91/3 ,but after lunch Dhoni introduced Mishra to bowl , which made sucess. On his first over he removed hussey.Upto
lunch he haven't made mishra to bowl.After lunch spinners has shown their ability .Harbajam took
4 wickets nd mishra 2. Ishant bowled well ,overall in the series.This time ricky haven't got out in Bhajji's or Ishant bowling.He was runout by excellent throw of mishra.Haddin was caught out by Sachin in mishra bowling.Sachin took his 100 catch ie haddin's catch.Even this test is Laxman's 100 test.And even ganguly's last match is this test.So Dhoni at the end of the match ie on last wicket he asked Dada to do captiancy.Lastly johnson was out in harbajan bowling.Ofcourse he was out as lbw.So india regained the trophy after 6 years.During presentation again Dhoni asked Jumbo to take the trophy..


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