Something vs. Nothing

"From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing." 
                                                                                           - Jean de LaFontaine

There is always an act of connection with the adverbs Something and Nothing which behaves in its specific way when associated with Individuals aka Human Beings. We sometimes start like there is Something I need to know about the subject which implies the Curiosity of that Something. At the same time the subject can be said as there is Nothing I knew about the Subject. Yes we can bring the Anything factor here but it implies on act of more dominance but the line of my subject is between Something vs Nothing. Let’s start discussing about it.

So to frame about these two adverbs let me bring the nouns first. There lives two people Something and Nothing. Something always fights and creates a havoc with no appropriate reasons. To put in short Something always does something which is of no use. When it comes to Nothing he knew he can act smart to do Something(optimistic) but he does Nothing.

Ok now let's bring the story into reality. Do you really think people should behave bizarre and do something nonsensical when we are talking about the movie PK.?  The hashtag #boycottPK is trending in Twitter to boycott the movie but if you think in the logical way this movie is satirical humor on absurd people who bring faith and fear to people for their own causes in name of Religion. Other incident where people are beaten up by bringing #Caste and #Religion as point of interest. Accepted if it hurts people bring the subject to the Police in form of complaint for justice. Why do we need to do something which doesn't make rightly justified to support the matter?

So what about Nothing?  Yeah many of us do nothing in action mode to make subject Justifiable and acceptable for the purpose of making the havoc in reduced state. We have seen many muted administrators who haven’t done anything except a few for the sake of country pride and they act as Nothing for the sake of Power and Pride. Common man does do anything keeping the fear as state of mind and withdrawn sometimes keeping the life security as state of subject. Yeah this is called as Nothing.

On a same note I read somewhere that in our Country we have two kinds of people
1.     People who lacks courage (Nothing)
2.     People who identify the loopholes and take advantage(Something)

So whatever is the matter Nothing and Something always follow the path towards advantage line to make selfish more of rising than bringing it down. From school days I learnt that Something is the strong impact factor applied in our brains. Our parents/Teachers/Elders say that I should do Something which makes the country Proud. But the fact to be known is we are using this Something more for our self-comfort in wrong path. Yeah I also read that we shouldn't do anything until we know the subject or we are confident enough to that. And so the Nothing factor came into existence.   

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