Hii guyz...,I'm bak again after a lng time.Yest I watched Leader screened in Big Cinemas in SanJose.Here is da review of leader.
Cast--Daggubati Rana(Debut),Richa Gangopadhyay(Debut),PriyaAnand(Debut),Suhasini Maniratnam,Suman,Kota,Subbaraju,Gollapudi etc.


Director->Shekar Kammula

Music-Mickey J Mayer

Wt'z all Leader about?
The story goes around ArjunPrasad(Rana), who is son of late CM(Suman),where his last wish is dat he should become CM.Then itz Arjun's turn who faces da challenge.Hw he becomes CM?Hw he faces da tasks and problems from others who tries for da hot seat,Hw he reaches da target to eradicate corruption free state is rest of da story.

Even though Rana is debutant,he acted in such a way dat as if he is experienced actor.Suhasini Maniratnam who plays da mother of Rana ,has done well to her role.As usual Kota fitted in da role as party president.
Shekar Kammula ,once again proved dat he is remarkable director.HE showed da scenes very well in each and every aspect.Screenplay is exqusite.He included da real facts that every common man is facing against da ruined politics in India today.Background scores and da music of Micky's is perfect according to da scenes.Songs like Vandemataram,Sirulu pongina,Maa Telugu talliki makes u goose bumps and makes u to get inspired nd fills u r heart with patriotism.


If you are true Indian,and wants to change da ruined Politics in India opt for dis movie,Itz a wake up call for all Youngistans .A must watch for all da folks.



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