Khaleja Review

Movie Name - Khaleja
Release Date- Oct 7 2010
Cast - Prince Mahesh ,Anushka , PrakashRaj , Kota,Sunil, Ali ,Rao Ramesh, Tanikella,SubbaRaju ,Raghu Babu etc.
Story,Screenplay and Direction - Trivikram Srinivas
Producer - Singanamalla Ramesh and C.Kalyan
Music - Mani Sharma
Stunts - Peter Heins and RamLakshman
Choreography - Ahmed Khan and Prem Rakshith
Lyrics - Rama Jogaih Sastry and Sirivennala
Editing - SreekarPrasad(7 time National Award winner for best editing.Mahesh's Pokiri is also edited by him)
Cinematography-Yash Batt (Winner of the prestigious 2007 Kodak Award for Excellence in Cinematography) and Sunil Patel(Sunil is claim to fame for his bolly movies HumTum ,Salam Namastey, PyareMohan , Meri Yaar ki Shadhi hain , Bachna yeh hasino etc )
Previewed in  - Reading Cinemas , San Diego
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Story Line in Precise....
Alluri SeetaRama Raju alias Raju is a Taxi Driver.Unaccidently he meets Subhashini(Anushka) where he always gets funny problems(we enjoy da incidents, but to Mahesh its dabbulu bokka) in one or other way with her.Due to some circumstances Mahesh and Anushka goes to Rajasthan.Unfortunately there Raju(Prince) finds a village who are in need of help. In Rajasthan he will face with  all weird experiences. So why he needs to go Rajasthan , hw he sorts the problem of village folks is rest of the story .

Laughing Movements
1.When Prince says Mocha enduku..dabbulu bokka..rendu coffee tisukovachhu kadha  ani anushka ni adigannapudu(Idi kuda coffee ney ani waiter nunchi
2.Mahesh's Mannerism and way of his talk lik Deniabba jeevitam...Bhaiyya , etc....Superb....
3.Devudu odarustunnadu...(Confused...Get into batha chaltha....)
4.Adhi entii gumastha ani when Mahesh annappudu,Its not Gumastha  ..Barishta ani Sunil
5.When Mahesh says to Anushka as 'Enti pant vesukovadam marchipoyava ani..ha haaa...
Inka ilanti fun and frolic hungama dialogues masttu unnayi...Itz better u guyz watch in the theature folks..

That's fyn dude..Mana Artist Performance ela undi? Hmm...Akkadike vastunna folks...
1.Mahesh acted superbly.His voice asset in this movie is totally different.He is the positive therapy to this movie. Dialogue delivery is awesome. His looks , style and mannerism says that he is for sure plus point for this movie. All in all extraordinary performance.
2.Coming to Anushka ,she is ok'iesh kinda of a way in this movie.Her acting is juz simple and sweet or in the other way she is appeared in this movie just for a glam doll role.
3.Prakash Raj plays a villian role in this movie. There is nothing much he involved frm beginning to climax . His climax part bad boyish acting is gud.
4.Sunil,Ali,Brahmanandam and co  folks ka comedy is good.Prince conversaition with comedy folks makes us to involve in ha ha haaaaaa or lol (if computarish basha mein bolo tho) 

Negative fades....
1.Prakash Raj's character is not involved much apart from Climax part.
2.Mahesh's introduction is simple(Its cool..but some hunks  may expect more...)
3.Some dialogues of Rao Ramesh's reflect with  MagaDheera and Indra.
4.Village people treating Prince as God (Its looks awkward..Of course Trivikram finely deviated the path ,by  making Hero contrary statements on this factor.As he is helping them,they treat him as a God. )
5.Climax part's knife scene .

Technically khaleja kaise hain?...Woh tho balo..?
Trivikram Srinivas direction is perfectly amplified with all blend of mixtures.Dialogues are impressive and humorous, esp Prince  dialogues.Cinematography by Yash and Sunil is superb.Stunts by peter heins and Ram Laxman is quintessential.Its like classy and massy way of fight.Picturisation is perfect.

Music Band......
Money Sharma once again showed his magic mantra in this movie.Konni konni songs his earlier songs lo vinattu anipinchian,still it feels gud.Choreography is cool and lovely,but not that much great in a wholesome(Akkadakkada we still feel that beats ki inka steps baga vastayi ani)Ahmed khan choreography is not that much great..He'z ok..PremRakshith Chimpesadu.First song Taxi taxi is also refreshing.Andulo kuda steps superb untayi... Piliche pedavula paina is like a classical kinda of  raaga .Sweet and perky. Last song dance ayithe ultimate ,Prince eeraga teesadu  i.e for MakaTika Song(Ofcourse mana Prem Rakshith kadha choreography).SadaSiva is devotional mixed with fusion. Sunday Monday and Bhum Bhum Shakalaka songs are ok.Costumes and concept is superb in those songs.Kani inka inka baga cheyachhu.

In a Nutshell..Cinema verdict enti ante..
First half is entertaing.Full to full comedy.Second half starts with slow pace.Akkadakkada borish(not exactly..bole tho)Mahesh is the positive asset for this movie.His character in this movie is unique and different compared to his earlier movies bhaiyya.Kaniyyu Deeniabba bhaiyya. dialogues tho.Don't go with much expectations folks.All in all its a feel good movie.Trivikram movies pakka slow poison type(Turn your page backwards and think about his Nuvve Nuvve,Athadu and Jalsa).So expect chesina ,cheyyakapoyina ,this movie is mazaa karne ka aur hasne ka kinda of movie.All in all to step into theatures...Juz go for Prince Mahesh's magic and masti.......

Rating -  3/5


  1. utter flop it for Mahesh........


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