Robothetical flick - Robo Review

       Robo....this word is revolving all over the world these days (Enthiran in Tamil and Robot in Hindi ). In my case , my tongue and my mind is having all jiglo conversation with each  other with  Robo songs and dialogues right from the day I watched this movie. Furious to know why..? You may say that arey Bhaiyya..Mein already yeh movie dekha bolke..This is for the folks who haven't watched this movie yaar and for the other folks who watched the Robo just hv a time pass reading about this Rajni's Robo.

Movie Name - Robo
Genre - Sci-fi
WorldWide Released On  - October 1st 2010
Released under the Banner - Sun Productions
Produced By  - Kalanidhi Maran
Directed By - Shankar(Turn your page back and try to get his earlier movies like GentleMan , Bharateeyudu , Oke Okkadu , Jeans , Aparichudu , Shivaji etc)
Starring - SuperStar RajniKanth , Aishwarya Rai , Danny Denzogpan ( Claim to fame for his bolly movies 16th December , Kranthiveer , Vijaypath , Officer)
Story  - Shankar , Sujatha and Karky Viramuthu
Music by - A.R Rehman
Stunts - Peter Hein
Sound Designer - Rasool 
Choreography - Raju Sundaram
Dialogues - Sri Ramakrishna
Cinematographer - RathnaVelu (Claim to fame for Telugu movies Arya ,Jagadam and also Tamil's Jayam , Vaarnam Ayiram(Surya s/o Krishna in Telugu)
Editor - Anthony Gonslaves (Claim to fame for his earlier movies Happy,Stalin ,Gajni(Telugu,Tamil and Hindi), Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule,Yem Maya Chesave , Sivaji etc.)
Lyrics  - Suddala AshokTeja , BhuvanaChandra , Vanamali , Kash n Krissy .

Movie ka Story line thoda precise mein....
Story revolves around 3 Characters i.e Dr.Vasi(Rajni Kanth) who is a scientist , Chitti  - Speed  1THtz, Memory 1 Zetta Byte (A Robo Created by Rajni where he makes his looks  similar to him) and  Sujatha(Aish). Dr.Vasi wants his Robo to be given to Indian Military so that this Robo helps in terms of security.Dr.Vasi and Sujatha loves each other.Due to uncircumstances Chitti(Robo) falls in love with Sujatha . He turns into evil and also he doesn't care his Guru Dr.Vasi . So what are the consequences behind Chitti(Robo) becoming a bad boy image feature? Why Chitti falls in love with Sujatha and how Dr.Vasi (RajniKanth) faces the challenges ? This all Questions ka funda ka solutions ke liye juz peep into theaters folks .

Some Extravagant Scenes
1. When One of the member asks to Robo , do u think God exists or not ? Then Robo replies as yes becaz  he was created by Dr.Vasi , whom he feels him as a God ....Wt a hr8 touching response
2.Climax dialogues by Chitti about Human being values and how vengeance is filled in all hearts .
3.Fight in the train and Climax part.Hmm superbly scintillating.
4.The whole setting of Robo world and still goes on........

Hasne ka movements...:) :)
1.When Constable asks Robo to say his address where he responses with his ip address ( Lol)
2.When the Jewellery owner asks to Chitti ,How would you like to pay sir , Cash , Card or Check ?Where our evil Chitti responses as Through GUN ( Ha ha haaa.)
3.During operation , when Chitti(Robo) points to the baby and says as Welcome to World...
4. Chitti's awkward performance where he utters the Scape goat Bakra sound.........(ROFL. ha haaa..Too gudd)
5. When Chitti(Robo) turns like a durga Matha..(Ha ha..) and still hungama  goes on.......
Artist Performances
Super Star Rajni once again proved that he is ultimate ,fantabulous actor.His dual role as Dr.Vasi and at the same time as Chitti(Robo) is Robothetical and Super sonic.
Aish is as cute as the moon and her smile is like stars in sky . All in all an impressive performance.

 Technical Aspects
Not even single loophole can be identified in every field.All the technical fields are ultimate.Picturization  is  perfect.Whether it comes to Editing,Cinematography,Taking,Fights,Music,Graphics every field  has done  good job.Stunts by Peter Hein are superb.Pete u again proved that you are ulti.Movie titles are catchy. Even though lot of the stuff in the movie is graphical oriented,still you feel that its original.That's what Shankar movie says folks.

So how about Music then...?
A.R Rehman music is different and all the beats in the movie are apt according to the situation .Neelo valupu a superb scenic view and frolic and bamboozling effects.Climax song i.e Arima Arima song is machinic.It doesn't hv much dance,bcaz song is on machinery robos. The Setting in this song is like a  nanotic Robo world.First song MaraManishi song shows the simplitude and artistic features of the Robot . Khilimanjaroh song which is shot at Machu Pichu is like koyal ka gaana ko ko koo.....Boom boom Robo ra Song is superb.Choreography in this song is awesome . You may ask why...(watch  the combo dance of 3 folks Rajni , Aish and Chitti(Robo))

About the Director
No need to say much about Shankar folks,he already proved his direction in his earlier movies.He can be now called as SpielBerg  or Christofer Nolan  etc of Indian Cinema(or choose u r holly dir). He blended this movie with all the flavours of human values.This movie for sure a pinnacle of Indian cinema . As of now I am thinking that its Just a beginning.Shankar kudos for your enigmatic and enthralling movie Robo.Some folks are saying that some scenes in this movie are copycat of IRobot etc movies of hollywood. Doesn't matter how pessimist throw negative facts on this movie, But still I can say that Shankar has given a rocking tale to this world. Actually he thaught of making this movie in 90's(Where iROBOT is released in 2004,so need to compare this movie with other holly flicks).All in all thank you Shankar for making this brilliant flick Robo.

In a nutshell
Hollywood flick in Indian cinema .No second thought about this movie .First half is entertaining.Second half is awesome.Don't take a chance to miss the climax.Climax is fantabulous.You folks for sure will get goosebumps.This movie is for sure to be watched in theater folks . Those who married don't forget to take your Children to the movie(They may opt to take Robotics or Artificial Intelligence as their subject in


****     4/5


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