Inception Review

Movie Name - Inception
Genre - Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Drama/Thriller
Released On - July 16 , 2010
Director - Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Fame)
Cast - Leonardo Dicaprio , Marian Cotillard ,Ken Watanabe , Ellen Page(Juno fame) , Callian Murphy, Dileep Rao etc
Watched At - Ultra Star , San Diego

The Plot
Cobb(Leonardo) is a specialist,android,intellectual in extracting the ideas from other minds through the method of Inception .The movie is the process of planting Ideas in other minds , hence by the name Inception.Here the guys are made to go into dream , where they have the chance to create a new world or they can go to their yesterdays life  in their dream where ideas are extracted by making to think through sub conscious mind .Some disaster incidents makes Cobb to stay in the dream world . He has the desire of coming back to real life where he wants  to meet his children . Fate comes to him through Ken Watanabe a businessman,who approaches Cobb to implant Ideas on his rival Jr.Fischer(Callian) so that his empire will be isolated .So through the help of  young architect(Ellen Page) and other skillful hunks , Cobb decides to go forward .
So will Cobb succeeds with the project?Does he succeeds in meeting his children is rest of the story. Highlights in the movie are the 3 dimensional fight,One Skyscraper embedding into other Skyscraper as a single building.Dream with in a dream etc.We should applaud Nolan for coming up with this wonderful subject on Inception.This movie is totally different from the movies that we have watched in the past .This movie surely going to be one of the Top 5 Hollywood Blockbusters.This movie surely gonna top list in list of Oscars. 

A Scintillating , highly entertaining Sci-fi Movie . So never take any second chance to watch this movie . Just kick into the theatures when ever  u have a chance .

Rating - *****


  1. goodo vajra..
    not watched it yet..
    will try to see it know..


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