Andari Bandhuvayya Review

MovieName-Andari Bandhuvaiyya
Banner-Filmostav & Utopia
Direction & Screenplay By -Chandra Siddhartha(AaNaluguru fame)
Produced By -Chandra Siddhartha and RK(Angrez fame MAMA)
Released On - 14th May 2010
Cast - Sharvanand , Padma Lakshmi , Naresh , VijaySai , RK(mama) etc
Watched At - Big Cinemas Imc6 ,San jose .

Hi bloggies , hw r u guyz ? Hope evrything is fine . I am back again here to share my review on Andari Bandhuvayya .Chalo guyz feel free and have fun reading the review.

So what's da story?

Nandu(Sharvanand) is a youngistan who comes from Village to Hyderabad for Job . In the office he meets padma(Padma Lakshmi) who is a niggard(miser) . As by the movie name , nandu wants to help others who are in the need , where he gets the helping nature from his father(Naresh) . So what are the consequences he faced , while helping others is rest of the story .

Hmm , So how artist's performed their roles?
Sharvanand has done right to his role as a youthie , where his acting looks natural and great. His potrait in this movie is similar to old man character of Rajendra Prasad in Aa Naluguru . Day by day he is going high in the sky by choosing diffrent subjects ,where he proves that he can fit in any type of the roles .
Padma Lakshmi's(Paddu) acting is natural ,where director had given her special character as a misery gal, where it makes you to laugh in some scenes .

1. Music sounds good .Kudos to Anoop Rubens . Especially songs like Jigi bigi Chilaka , Nandamaya , Roju roju ninne . Suryudu evadante song which makes you to humm(Of course it varies from person to person ) .
2.Hero's introduction scene , where hero comes in auto .
3.Krishna Baghvan's pranks .
4. Love chemistry(lol) between Nandu and Paddhu while imitating NRI guy.
5. All the characters of Village people and village's artistic beauty .

1. Hero's helping nature in the movie , where most of the incidents are too far beyond than the present in this realistic world .
2. Dubbing voice for Pragathi ( Paddhu's Mother ) is dumb , it would be better if she had her own voice( Of course her role is limited).
3. Expected some comedy from M.S Narayana , but haven't .Now a days we are seeing M.S Narayana in serious roles.

I am unable to get some more con's in this movie ,and if you guyz who watched this movie and felt that so and so are the con's in da movie , juz feel free and share u r comments .

So , what's my opinion about this Movie?
This is to inform that , all the movie freaks who wants to enjoy the movie which is not commercial ,and the people who are selfish(including me) in the present society , please do watch this movie , just for a change in your social behavior .

Rating--> 3.25/5


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