What's gone wrong in T20 World Cup?

Hii Guyz , you all guyz seems to be disappointed because of poor performances of our boys in ICC T20 worldcup which was held in west indies . So actually what's gone wrong in all of the matches,we can consider the following factors
1.Poor Selection 2.IPL Parties 3.Most of the players doesn't have good fitness. 4.Lack of commitment in the team.
4th can't be considered much ,but all the other 3 factors are for sure ,the reasons behind the failure of our boys .
Dhoni confessed that this is all because of hectic schedules in the IPL ,without any rest .
Sunil Gavasker , thrown away the Dhoni's statements just as a pranks . He said that , what about the other teams like SriLanka ,which is also part of IPL , and why do they entered into Semis? But regarding the Captaincy ,Sunil confessed that Dhoni is still one of the best skippers in the world .

Anil Kumble also rightly stated that ,IPL is the main reason behind the failure of our team .He said that as the franchises in the IPL put pressure in the IPL on their players to do well , and so players felt much pressure in the IPL , so once they came out of the IPL , they felt that as if they got freedom , where they will not face any pressures in the Indian team .

Coach Gary Kristen also said that the main reason is IPL and also some of the players in the team doesn't have good fitness . Among the 11 , eight players are unfit to play and he even said that he has the good fitness ,that the players who are unfit to play.He was also disappointed by the selection panel , where the team was selected in the absence of him.

All in all the main culprits for the failure is Selection and IPL parties .We do have better players ,who done well than the players who got selected . Ravindra jadeja haven't performed well at all , and in place of him , we can opt for Robin Uthappa . Yuvraj singh wasn't in the form from past few days . So the team shouldn't be selected based on the celebrity , but should be selected based on the performances . Irfan Pathan can be opted in place of Nehra , he can put his hands both on bat as well as ball.Yusaf pathan also haven't performed well ,so as he is a hard hitter , we shouldn't blindly take him into consideration .We can opt Virat Kohli or A . T Rayudu as they have done well in the IPL tournament with good strike rate.

You guyz may analyzed our boys poor fielding in lots of the matches . So the fitness factor can be also taken into consideration . Our Women cricket team is far better than boys , they atleast reached into semis . Even though they lost to Aussies , they had given tougher game against Aussies in semis.

In a Nutshell , the main reasons behind the failure is Selection and IPL . And that was the opinion of almost every fan of Indian Cricket team . Guyz you can express your views and opinions about the team selection .


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