KITES Review

Hii guyz , back again this time to fly kites in the sky . Letz see hw kites flies in da sky (lol).

Director - Anurag Basu ( Life in a Metro , Gangster fame)
Produced By - Rakesh Roshan
Music By - Rajesh Roshan
Under Banner - Film Krafts Productions Pvt Ltd
Cinematography - Ayanka Bose(Tashaan , Dostana fame)
Cast - Hrithik Roshan as J , Barbara Mori as Natasha , Nicholos Brown as Tony, Kabir Bedi as Bob, Kangana Ranaut as Gina(Guest Apperance) etc

Jay(Hrithik) is a green card holder in US where he teaches dance classes and at the same time
works as a temporary husband to others for da sake of money.In the dance class , Gina(kangana) a ameer ladki falls in love with Jay . As money plays vital role for Jay , he gets ready to engage with Gina . Unfortunately he falls in love with Natasha(Barbara) a mexican gal who is going to get engage with Nicholas Brown (Tony) . The kites of love blooms between Jay and Natasha . So , what are the consequences they face after they love is rest of the story .

1. Love chemistry between Jay and Natasha
2. Hrithik dance in introductory song
3.Some funny dialogues between Jay and Natasha like 'Mein Ullu ki Patti hoon(Where Hrithik responses to Barbara , when she asks how do we call I love You in India) , Lakshmi ji jab darvaza kat katathi hain tab mein bathroom mein Shower letha etc

1. We will not see much stunts in the movie .
2. I have listening this kind of story for donkey years(From Longtime) .
3. Director should have shown the beautiful essence of Mexican beauty more and more .
4. Songs are in low spirits .The only song which rocks in da sky is Zindagi Bol Ki .
5. We will see most of the conversation in English and Spanish . There is scarcity of hindi dialogues in the movie . So , Mass audience will not stand on the same ship .

Don't know y Hrithik took 2 years for this movie .The movie can be done less than one year .

My Opinion
Pathang Udha in da sky with high expectations and much hype , but patang kat gaya

Rating --> 2/5


  1. exactly ...raaa... what u said....i wasted my money and time for this movie...

  2. Thankz Srinu . Ohh I pity u mama

  3. Common dont talk like a moron. this movie is from a different genre altogether.We shud appreciate that this is the first time an indian movie is in the TOP 10 in the US. Yeah this is not for the B and C centre audiences in india. But the fact is its worth the effort the team has put in. I would say anybody who enjoys different movies will love it. This is not for the guys who like masala Indian movies

  4. @Sandy
    Wt u said is absolutely right , but the director should have done it better . This movie v'll be liked to persons those who r in love ,bcaz da only positive factor in dis movie is love , datz da reason u liked

  5. Superb Review Filme Matter Naiye

  6. Thankz Naresh fr u r compli...

  7. vajra thts excellent review buddy......

  8. kite to kat gayi..
    but review hit hai..


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