Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Review

Movie Name-->Rama Rama Krishna Krishna
Released on - May 12 2010
Watched premiere on May 11 in Serra Theatures, Milpitas , CA
Sri Venkateshwara Creations
Produced By
Shirish Laxman & Dil Raju
Directed By
Srivaas (Lakshyam Fame)
Music By
M.M Keeravani
Lyrics By - Ananth SreeRam
Ram , Priya Anand (Leader fame) , Bindu Madhavi (Avakaya Biryani fame) , Action King Arjun, Nazar ,Vineeth (Vikramarkudu villian) , Brahmanandam ,Srinivas Reddy, Gracy Singh(Guest Appearance) etc .

Rama Krishna(Ram) is a village junkie who jollies with mischevous things who'z da son of Nazar who seems to be Village head of Gandhipuram . As by the village name ,nazar wants his village to follow Ahimsa rule and wants his son to be in disciplaned manner. So Rama Krishna does the same thing like behaving like a Rama in front of his father and like krishna behind him. Ashok Deva(Arjun) is a Mumbai Don who comes from Mumbai along with his sisters and gets settled down in Gandhipuram peacefully due to some circumstances he faced in the Mumbai .

Priya(Priya Anand) who is the sister of Arjun always quarrels with the Ram as she always
finds him in the negative images whenever she sights him in the village ,and same with the RAM. In some certain situation these fighting pals goes to Mumbai ,where Ram helps Priya in the family matter. In Mumbai , Ram faces some problems with Vineeth(Villain) in Mumbai .
So , How Ram escapes from the Mumbai and comes back to the village ?Why Arjun comes to Gandhipuram? How love blossoms between Ram and Priya is rest of the story .

Other Factors
SriVaas comes up with the same old wine in the new bottle . We can't find nothing new in the movie . Screenplay is timid ,Songs in the movie are quiet good ,but some songs featured in the movie comes in unnecessary situations . Songs like Rama Rama Krishna Krishna , Tu Go jilla makes you guyz to go back to the history ,where you will realize that these beats are already played in earlier films . Lera Chanti song is fine ,as it is shown well which is based on Sankranthi song .As this movie is Keeravani's 200th movie ,so there are lot of expectaions on him ,but his music haven't reached up to the mark ,expect some songs like Oola Oola , Count Down and Lera Chanti ,because most of the tunes you listen in this movie are the tunes he played in his earlier movies.
Coming to the performances in the movie , Ram acted well in the movie ,but in some areas he over acted than what the scene wants . Priya Anand's acting is simple and fine . Vaas showed Action King Arjun in a very dominant way , but ,even though we can't feel that much of heroism in him . There is no need to have Bindu Madhavi character in the movie as its useless . We should'nt expect much from Brahmanandam as comedy is not enoughly shown .

All in all ,Rama Rama Krishna Krishna is a family entertainer .Movie is average, that wt I can say.If you guyz feel bored in the home, and you guyz don't have any other options other than this movie , then Go for it just for TIMEPASS .

Rating -->**1/2


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