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Sometimes the dreams you may have during the sleep are interesting and fascinating too. Often we forgot most of the sequential events happened in the dream, but remember a few after we wake up. I want to tell you an interesting dream I had (I think I am going to remember this date 11/23/2015). This is the dream about how I got my name as Vajra. Before going into the story let me tell you how I got my name actually.  According to my parents, my tatayya(My Father’s father) proposed the name as Vajra Kanth. It’s my mother who suggested the name to be as Deep instead of Kanth(In Indian Context Kanth and Deep means Light) and so that's how I got the name as Vajra Deep.

Coming to the Subject….I had a Dream
In the dream I saw my grandfather writing on the black board (He was a Teacher by profession) explaining how he proposed my name and how Vajra is related to Gandhi. I don’t really remember the complete dream but I know he also said about the river. The first thing I done after I got up is Google as Vajra and Gandhi. I don’t see any direct relation with these names.  But something astonished me after going through some other websites especially Wikipedia.

As many of you know Vajra means Diamond or Thunder storm. In Hindu mythology, Vajra is also the weapon of Lord Indra.

So how did Lord Indra have the weapon Vajra? 
There were many stories about this, but the major one is relating to Sage Dadhichi.
Sage Dadhichi is the son of Antharvan who created the Antharveda(One of the Vedas of 4 vedas).According to the story Lord Indra(King of all Devas) was driven out of Devaloka(Swarga,Heaven) by Serpent king named Vritra an Asura (Demigod with Bad qualities). Vritra has a blessing that he can’t be killed by any weapon (of Metal or Wood). Losing the hope on the Kingdom, Lord Indra approached Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva indeed couldn’t help and both along with Bramha went to Lord Vishnu to seek help. Vishnu said that only the weapon made from bones of Sage Dadhichi can kill Vritra. That’s how all devas went to Sage Dadhichi for the aid to kill Vritra. Without selfishness Sage Dadhichi sacrificed his life for the Devas so that weapon Vajra can be prepared through his bones. That’s how Lord Indra executed the Seprent King Vritra through the weapon Vajra.

Also India’s highest Military Award Param Vir Chakra is awarded for highest bravery or self-sacrifice. This Award has the replica of the weapon Vajra. Sage Dadhichi had a wife named Swarcha and Son Pippalada. Rishi Pippalada established many ashrams. One of the main Ashram is in a place called Misrikh in Uttar Pradesh. Sabarmati Ashram (In Ahmadabad) was also one of the ancient sites established by Pippalada.

So what does the story enlighten me?
Sabarmati Ashram which was an ancient site established by Pippalada is the same ashram Gandhi used to live during pre-Independence era. This is the ashram which is located in banks of Sabarmati River (This may be the river my Grand Father is talking about in the dream). May be the subject doesn’t have any direct context but indirectly there is a connection with the nouns Vajra and Gandhi.  Don’t you guys felt interesting of what you have read till now? I felt very fascinating about the dream and so couldn’t resist to write down as a memory to be remembered every Year ( Nov 23).  Thank you for coming into my dream Tatayya. Where ever you are in the sky, hope you are shining as a star. And yes I don’t forgot you. I know how I learnt many things from you.  


  1. Fantastic read, Vajra. Its fascinating how some of our roots, friends and family show up in our dreams and teach a few(and warn a few things) and make us prepared.

    1. Thank you chaithu. glad you liked it. Yes true sometimes the dreams that we get may be the thought provoking things.

  2. Vajra deep usual meaning okate bagundi...but god n Gandhi ki relate cheyaku..bcoz I like you more than Gandhi n god(time waste)--- anandkumar

    1. Ha ha...Babugaru chala peddha peddha matala matladutunnaru. .hope our friendship bonds ever... :)

  3. Pedda matalu kadu amma...naku nu telsu, Gandhi n god parichayam ledu ga..adey cheppanu..


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